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Monday, April 27, 2009

~Pop-ups and Sam's Birthday~

Hi everyone hope you are having a great start to the rest of the week which will fly by as most of them have been doing:0

On my last post I had a comment from a lady that said that sometimes when she clicks on my blog she gets a porno pop-up, she doesn't have a blog so I thought I'd try and answer her this way on my blog:) I have no idea why, one thing I'm not is computer literate everything I do know now I learned since I started blogging:) I'm also not into porn anything.LOL I do get pop-ups when I click on some of my favs and this is what will be on while I read some blogs...sorry it's blurred but it is the last line there in yellow saying Pop-up blocked. Chris installe d this for me and I have no idea how he did it so maybe you could try and find out more about it. I do have Norton protection so maybe it is included in that. I know I never get pop-ups anymore and it's great, I hope this has helped somewhat:) We went to Samantha's birthday party yesterday...she was one happy little girl, this is her and Alex:)
The big pool isn't opened yet so they bought them this one to play in because it was so hot out!

Her princess birthday cake!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles:)

Opening gifts!

Not much is going on...my house is a mess, Stush will start painting tomorrow. He's doing the ceilings in the kitchen, keeping room and painting the walls and ceiling in the livingroom, diningroom and entryway plus hallway!
My stepback cupboard is still in the garage no use bringing it in until everything is painted and cleaned:)
Have a great day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

~Crafting This Morning~

What a beautiful day huh? It was also a busy one for me as usual but I did find time to craft this morning...I finally did the covered fabric boxes and found out they are so easy to do! I followed the directions for the first one I did then didn't even have to look at them for the last two:) I think they came out just great...I guess I still need to distress them but for now I'll leave them as they are, what with all the dust in here yuck!!! Here is what the bottom of the three looked like before I covered it, found it at GW for .59 and I already had the other two so I just went ahead and did it:) My next project is the covered books that Char did the tutorial on :)
After I was done with that I went to Sydney's art show at her school...this is the girls with Sydney's friend Sydney, yes she has the same name, how fun is that when your seven:)

Samantha is pointing to Sydney's drawing of a turtle, Sydney had titled the drawing Myrtle the Turtle! You see when Sydney was born Michele called Sydney, Mildred and when Samantha was born she called her Myrtle the turtle , nutsey I know but cute. So that's why Sydney named the turtle Myrtle:)

Here are two that I thought were just wonderful...both done by 11th graders!

When I saw this one I thought it was painted but on closer inspection I saw that it was made of string... wow, what alot of work that must have been!

After the art show we went to Walmart then home to more dust...can you tell I'm tired of it already and he hasn't even started painting yet.lol
Tomorrow is Samantha's birthday party for the adults, in June, Michele is letting her have her friends over for a luau by the pool;).
I hope everyone has a great Sunday it's supposed to be another gorgeous spring day! It was so nice to see everyone out and about their homes getting them and their yards ready for summer:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

~Preparing to Paint~

What a mess I came home to yesterday after watching Samantha (she had a wonderful time BTW) I knew Stush was going to paint but he didn't tell me when he was going to start preparing for it! There was spackling dust all over everything and I had just dusted and vacuumed the day before:( Wood shavings on the diningroom table because he decided to move the light fixture over to the middle of the table...such a mess to wipe off so we could eat! Don't worry I didn't complain at all to him I'm so thrilled that he does things like that, he is a very handy man...in fact I called him Handy Manny!LOL It's just the shock of it I guess because I am a clean freak and almost freaked when I saw the kitchen sink covered in dust and shavings there too because we are going to get a new light for over the sink:) I want a punched tin one!

When I dropped Samantha off at preschool I zipped over to GW and found these wood candle holders, I'm keeping the one in the middle:) and the other two I'll be selling at the National Pike Road Days that I think are held May 16th and on over the rest of the weekend. My friends asked if I'd like to sell and we are doing it at an old train station that my friend's husband owns. We will be on the long porch so we will be protected from whatever the weather will be on those days:) There are yardsales all along the Rt. 40 so I hope to sell some stuff that I just don't need anymore!

Here are the candle holders...I'm doing them in black and paid $2.59 for all three.
Found two picture frames for .99 a piece I've been looking for the one on the left and was happy to find one. They will be painted black also:)
Some commented on wanting to know how I removed wallpaper...the last time I used a steamer that I borrowed from Michele but Stush still had to sand some glue off, we were in Home Depot when he asked the paint dept. associate what he recommended to remove wallpaper. He said this was good so we shall see, it's a gel so hopefully it does the job.

Here is a pic of above the sink...I asked him to take out the wood valance and take down the flourencent light fixture that was from the 80's. I so can't wait to get a punched tin light there:)

Above the diningroom table, the ceiling slants as you can see.

So after the painting is all done I'll be spring cleaning which I had to do anyway:)
Have a great weekend if I don't get back on here tomorrow:0 Thanks also for the sweet comments on my stepback cupboard oh, Sandy had asked if Stush had a pattern for it , no just showed him a picture and he went from there...he's a keeper.LOL

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi everyone,
Well, this is what I've been working on, it seems like forever.LOL It's still out in the garage, Stush has to do more work on it such as cut out a place for a cord to go so you won't see it when I put a light on it also the bottom part with the doors will house my CD player and my CD's, I really can't wait because I've missed it since we got the flat screen TV, it's been put away:) So what do you think? I'm pretty satisfied with it... being it's the first big piece of furniture I've ever painted and stained. The pictures make it look lighter and I tried to take it with the garage door opened and closed but really didn't make a difference. I truley can't wait to decorate it:)
Here is a side veiw of it, Michele really liked it so I know it's nice:)

I really don't know if I should put a second coat of water down stain or not, I may try it just to see if I like the blue darker...I'm okay with the tan part.

Linda from Behind My Red Door helped me on this...thanks Linda, I would have just gone ahead and used the stain as is...I didn't know to water it down so the comment that you gave really helped:)

I've been picking some things up to decorate it with...I'll show a picture as soon as we get it moved in the house, I'll even show it before next Wednesday okay?

Remember this brass, pineapple candle that I got at the rummage sale? Well Linda helped me again and recommended I find a paint that would make it look like pewter and I did.Yesterday Stush and I when to Home Depot and bought paint for the livingroom and diningroom, hallway and yes, the entryway too. I'll be tearing down the wallpaper in there and I dread it but if we don't do it now we will be doing it in a couple years or so...better to just do it now is what I told a reluctant DH who said to me "you just put that wallpaper up!" LOL.

Here it is...doesn't it look like pewter? I was very pleased with how it turned out!!!

Sorry the pic is a little blurred but you can still see the name of the can of spray I used called hammered and it was $6.97 a can. When I saw how neat it came out I kept thinking how this could work on bowls, plates or what ever:)

Hey, this could even work on light fixtures too!

When we got home a package was waiting for me, Chris had given me an Ebay gift card for my birthday so I've been having a little fun on ebay. I won this neat grunged pillow with a patch even for out on the porchswing, I think , it's made out of an old feedsack and stuffed with rags:)

That's about all I've been up to blogging friends, if you want to see more stop by Leslie's My Country Home to see what others have been up too:)
Tomorrow I take Samantha to preschool, it's her birthday and she is so excited, she gets to hold the flag and is taking ice cream cups to school for her birthday treat and also gets to hand out the napkins...she has a thing about passing out the napkins.LOL
Have a great evening.

Friday, April 17, 2009

~Rummage Sale This Morning!~

A busy morning is what I had...I had Sydney and Alex to put off to school, feed them breakfast, remind them to brush their teeth, brush Alex's hair. I had to have Sydney to school by 8:50 and Alex to hers by 9:30 sharp as she was going on a field trip! So after I dropped Sydney off I noticed a church on the way to the school was having a rummage sale and I thought hmmmmm I have to stop there after dropping Alex off:)

This is what I found and all for $5.45...a Santa cookie cutter for .5, two Little House on the Prairie books for .10 a piece for Sydney. For Alex and Samantha two story books for .10 a piece also two books for me:) I found the quilted placemat that everything is laying on for .10 I'll use it on my table outside for the summer:) Next the electric pineapple candle which is brass but should I just paint it black to update it? Also the pineapple wooden spoon:) Loved the flag tile for .60 don't know what I'll do with it yet though. The most I paid is for the cross stitch which was $2.50 they had a whole table full of cross stitched items but I like this one the best.
Here is a better pic of it which I'll coffee dye and frame in black for a shelf sitter it's very small.

Also found a 100% wool jacket, creme colored for .50 to cut up for a pennys:0

Well, I have to run time to pick up Alex...have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Good afternoon blogger friends,
Here is what Stush made for my birthday...a stepback cupboard!!! This is how far I've got with it what with Easter and birthdays plus the weather keeping me from doing more. I wanted to show it to you all done but to be truthful I'm actually afraid to continue on it, this is the biggest piece I've ever worked on and I don't want to ruin it if you know what I mean:)
My plan is to paint it blue with the dark walnut stain over it as you can see I've already stained it then did the wainscoat back a tan color, just really dry brushed it.

This is a better pic of it doesn't make the tan look lighter like in the pic above...Maybe someone can help me here I just don't know what to do next...I'm leaving the wood between the shelves the stained walnut but I don't know if I should paint the top and insides of the cupboard tan or leave it stained. Should I paint the blue on to cover it all or should I sort of dry brush it on then stain all over again? Like I said I don't want to ruin it, I know the look I want just never did it before and Stush put alot of time in doing it...I've wanted one since 1983, dreams do come true:)

I finally finished one of Betty's designs... she posted it on her blog which always gives me a thrill to see my work on there.:) Betty has such a sweet giving soul what with all the free designs she gives, believe me I so appreciate it especially with the way things are here.

I'm working on another one of Betty's designs which I can only do during the day just can't see to do them at night that's why it took so long to do the other one but I did get it done for Easter just had issues with my camara and couldn't post a pic of one:) This one I think I'm going to make into a little pin keep...I'm doing it on 22 ct that I bought at JoAnn's for .99 on sale!

I guess it's also time to put the Easter bunnies and grunged eggs away for another year but I think I'll leave the blue eggs out that I bought at the Rusty Angel...I just love them.
I also need to do some tweaking after the Easter things are put away:)
I wanted to thank each one of you who left a comment on my last post about Chris...he works so hard as manager for Best Buy, I know how hard because I worked retail and the schedule is just so draining especially around any of the holidays ...just so tiring. I do miss him though, I had a hard time when I moved here because I felt like I was abandoning him even though I knew he wanted out on his own...sometimes it's so hard being a mother .lol I got over it though and he calls me practically everyday and I wash his clothes for him saves him a trip to the laundry mat and money plus it also makes me feel needed:)

I'll be putting these little piggys on my selling blog which has suffered because of Easter and birthdays.
Stush cut these out for me and I painted and stained them!

This one is painted Butter Pecan over walnut stain then stained again...

On the other side I painted it black so it gives you two decorating choices:)

This piggy I did with the Butter Pecan then stained...

The other side of it I left just stained...so I have two for sale and both have cut marks and are cut from a thick piece of wood.

I'll give the measurements and price on my selling blog as soon as I get to posting them:)

It's so rainy here and chilly but Thursday thur the weekend is supposed to be in the 60's and close to the 70's. I really try to understand the need for the rain but boy is it hard after the winter weather to not want to feel the warm sun again:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

~Easter and Birthdays~

Hi everyone!

I can't believe Easter and birthdays are over, you can tell by the cake that there were more then one of us celebrating a birthday:) Wonderful cake too, Nick brought it from Bethel Park... so good! Michale was home too and it was so wonderful to have everyone all together.
These two came in their Easter finery and corsages:) Anxious to have the egg hunt and get into their baskets.

Reading their Easter cards and opening the baskets!

Posing all together but you can see Samantha is more interested in the baskets:)

My son Chris...Christopher Ryan to be exact, was born on April 11, 1980 weighing 10lbs and drinking 8 ounces in the hospital.lol He was such a nice size that the nurses used him for a model to show how to bath them:)
Chris and I lived together for about five years after the divorce each of us working retail and hardly ever seeing each other because of our work schedules. But we halfed the rent and he paid mostly everything, I bought the food and paid the electric. Hard to believe that four years have gone by. There came a time though that I knew he wanted to get out on his own and not live with mom anymore, I had met Stush and we had dated for a long time. I told him to go that Stush would help me but Chris said" I can't do that".
Well, it all worked out, Stush and I got married and Chris has his own place...I remember the day I finished cleaning our apartment after everything was moved out, I stood at the door before I shut it for the last time and looked at the empty rooms and cried...I'll never forget those years that my son stood by my side and helped me and wouldn't leave until he saw me settled...he's my baby and always will be:)

I'm working on what Stush built me for my birthday present, I can't wait to show you. The weather hasn't been good for doing any work on it but I'm trying to get it done for WWWednesday. It's chilly here and supposed to rain starting tonight and rain tomorrow but Thursday and on into the weekend is supposed to be in the sixties and I honestly can't wait:)