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Thursday, October 29, 2009

~Craft Show Finds & Playing in the Leaves~

Hello Prim Friends! I know I've been gone a while but it's just because I've been working and watching the girls. I've been so tired at night that I couldn't even post all I wanted was bed.LOL

Here is what I found at the craft show Sunday, I just love this nice sized candle mat, the lady that was selling these had so much more that I was torn between this one and the runners with the snowmen on them so I ended up getting this one and Michele bought the black wool runner with the snowmen:) I think it looks so nice with my battery operated, crow candle on it! I was very busy looking for prims so I found this pine cone greenery and put it on this picture just to show you.
LOL Here is a closer look at it, has little clumps of snow on it:)

I fell in love with this bowl holder and for $15.00 I bought it for my kitchen counter, I was looking for something new for the kitchen and was really surprised that I found it, usually I don't!

I had it this way at first but felt it needed a little something more and that's when I added the crow candle!

These are willow branches I also bought and I added the lights, I might keep them out for Christmas, I already had the lights from last year and I'll have to get more because I always put them on my mantel.

Now Monday I watched these two, they are both getting so big it seems, they loved playing in the leaves. They raked up piles of leaves then jumped in them and it was such a pretty day to do it :)

So sweet but keeps Grammy busy that's for sure!

Sydney will be 8 in a couple weeks...where does the time go ladies? Yes, I let them play with my baskets, they are full of leaves, I know they were ready for bed that night:)

While I was in the kitchen Sydney came in and asked me to show her how to stitch...and she did so well for the first time and loved doing it. She drew her pattern then had me show her how to stitch...Samantha at four, just didn't understand the concept of starting from underneath and going back down with the needle, so I had to explain that at four years old Sydney didn't understand either and when she was seven I'd show her again and that seemed to satisfy her for now.

Do you know how many times I had thread a needle that day? At least twenty times but it was fun knowing Sydney is old enough to remember things now and I hope she remembers me showing her how to stitch one day:)
Stush also took me to a sweet little log cabin Tuesday and the next time I go I'll be sure to take the camara with me...it was full of prims and antiques...so neat!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

~Just This and That~

Not much that I'm doing around here, I helped Stush winterize the boat and put the tarp over it then left to pick up Samantha and Sydney. While I wasn't needed by the boat I took two more pics of the outside, here's a close up of what is on my front porch. This tree is in the front yard and I swear it turned gold over night, it's beautiful and so tall I couldn't get it all in the picture.
I have been stitchen though and I'm almost done with it, it's from Primitive Betty's designs...just love her designs!

Ahhh yes, my stepback, I really do love this piece.LOL

It's something that we both worked on for my birthday, now I'm thinking SETTLE BENCH. lol We keep are CD player behing the cupboard doors. Also Stush had drilled a hole in the back so the cord wouldn't show:)

Kris over at Simply Prim mentioned that she had bought a clamp on magnifying glass for cross stitch at JoAnn's. Well, I had a 50% off coupon and before work I ran in and bought one, I haven't used it yet because for the stitcherys I don't need it but to work on osenberg or linen I really need it...so wish me luck with that! Oh, and if you go looking for one they aren't located in the cross stitch section but in the notion part at least at our Jo Ann's they are.

That's about all ladies...welcome to my newest prim friends, I do have a question, in the follower section how do I get to your blog when I click on your picture?
Also, do any of you have any ideas for my husband and I to dress up for Halloween? I have tried and tried to come up with some ideas and I'm drawing a blank. We have already been a doctor and nurse, policeman, convict and pirates, would love to have some ideas:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~Pictures of the Outside of My Home~

Hello blogging friends!
Yes, it's finally Indian summer here in Western Pa and it's about time...so far no snow for us:)

I've been waiting for the sun to come out so that I could take pictures of the outside of my home. No cornstalks or hay bales this year, Stush's truck was broke down so couldn't haul any home from the farm he gets them from and I told him never mind... I'll survive without them this year! So I did the best that I could and I'm happy!
This is our home an 80's long ranch, I would have did some things different if I had built it with him but that wasn't meant to be so I'm thankful for how it is now! With my camera I couldn't get a close up of the whole place there are two bedrooms to the right that I couldn't fit in. Stush put window boxes up for me a couple springs ago:)
This is a closer look at one...the orange looks great against the brown brick and don't pay attention to me there with my bathrobe on, good thing we don't have close neighbors I'm sure they would think I was crazy unless she was a prim lover too:)

For the newbies on my blog...Stush built this for me to have them put the newspapers instead of the green plastic that was there. The stars are really getting rusty aren't they?

I found this nice sized rusty tin pumpkin at GW for maybe .59 and hung it by the garage door.

Yes, summer is officially over, the boat is out of the dock, so sad especially after such a nasty summer, we didn't get much use of it this year hopefully next summer will be better! This is also a picture of the beginning of the driveway...

and this is the very beginning of the road to get to the driveway:) We are up in the wooded area and own two acres of it...I love it here, it's beautiful in any season!

I hope everyone is having wonderful fall weather today, I work 2 to 7:30 but that's okay I enjoy it!
Sunday Michele and I are going to a craft show at the Washington County Fair Grounds...Michele said the first day it was so crowded you couldn't move so hopefully it will have thinned out by this Sunday:) I'll be sure to show you my prim finds!

Friday, October 16, 2009

~My Tart Swap Came Today~

Happy Friday everyone!
It's crumby weather here in western Pa, cold and rainy, not my type of weather at all! When I got home from getting my hair done there was a package waiting for me from Tarrah from The Pottery Shed and oh, boy the smell when I opened the box was just wonderful! You can imagine opening a box of 12 prim tarts...they are just wonderful there are soy ones too plus Yankee Candle ones all in prim bakery fragrances:) Love them Tarrah, thanks so much! Here's how anxious I was...Tarrah said in her note that she had picked up these Wax Hershey Kisses tarts, (she lives in Pa too) on her travels well, I didn't have my glasses on and thought it said treats so I eagerly cut open the bag and yes, stuck one in my mouth and started to chew...believe me they don't taste as good as they smell. LOL Am I crazy or what?
So now I'll be sure to wear my glasses whenever I open a package from now on:) Stop over at Tarrah's blog...her husband makes gorgeous pottery!
Thanks again Tarrah, I really enjoyed this swap with you

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi Friends,
What a cold, rainy day ... I picked Samantha up at preschool and had a sweatshirt on but really should have had a coat too, I was froze, I do not like this type of weather at all, although I do like to wear my boots and jeans. LOL

Well, this is what I've been working on, the little cabinet/cupboard that I bought at a craft show. Yep, I painted it black, distressed it and applied the brown shoe polish, I was going to use the walnut stain but it's to cold for me in the garage and it wouldn't have been dry enough to post today so I went the shoe polish route!
I love it alot better black and looks great in my bedroom with the crocks on top!

Here's another pic of it, the larger crock I won on a forum and the smaller one I had bought at The Country Store.
I even applied the shoe polish to the tin and it sure made a difference, made it look alot more aged then it was.

This is what it looked like before I started...black paint, isn't it wonderful:)

I had redid this find from that consignment shop across from my hairdressers and finally got it hung beside the black shelf above my couch...love it!

I was just sitting here thinking...the shelf cost me $8.00 and the wood pineapple $2.00 ( that I painted) total...$10.00 for both, what an inexpensive prim display!!!
Leslie from My Country Home hosts WWW so stop on over to see what other prim lovers are doing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

~Tweaking Again, Pinkalicious & 1st Hockey Game~

Hi blogging friends!
I hope your Monday is being a good one, mine is, I'm off from everything soooo I'm doing laundry...all the bedding and blankets because it's quite chilly here in Western Pa. we had a frost warning last night but when I got up this morning I didn't see any...it will be here soon enough though! I see that Denver Colorado got some snow, Michael will be going there to visit friends and to go to the Steeler game so I hope it's nicer weather there that weekend.

I wanted to show you the top of my fridge, I know you have seen it before but not with this fabric that Lisa from Blacksheep Prims sent me, I had admired it and so she surprised me with two and said she was leaving it up to me to stitch the date on like hers or not...so I did and I love it! It looks so primitive there, thanks again Lisa:) This is in my entryway, I love white pumpkins!
I also bought another battery candle light, I just love them, I buy one everytime I go to The Country Store and I hope to get enough to help with the Christmas decorating around here. So far I have four!

Sunday I went with Michele and the girls to see a play called Pinkalicious Sydney and Samantha never moved the whole show they were so interested in it, they have the book and Michele says it's about worn out and that she knows it off by heart! A cute play!

You can see how crowded it was with mom's, little girls and Grammy's:)

Now last Wednesday I went to my first Penguin hockey game and I so loved it! My daughter, hubby and Sydney went plus Uncle Chris, Stush and I.
It was also Sydney's first time there too, she was so excited as you can tell by the pics!

This picture is right before it started and I love the music they play for the opening of the game!

Here she has the tickets!

Grammy and Sydney!

We caught the mascot as he was going to the elevator and he stopped to take a picture with Syd. Of course we didn't want that man in there but what are you going to do,LOL

Well, I'll be back for WWW... tomorrow I work then not again till Saturday, I'll be working more starting the beginning of November, hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next month. Yikes!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

~40th Class Reunion and Some Tweaking~

Hi everyone,
I've been gone I know just didn't feel good, then Wednesday came down with a sore throat...just run down I guess, I wasn't sick just no energy. I feel better today thank goodness !

Last Saturday I went to my 40th class reunion, yes, 1969 was a longggggggg time ago.LOL But I had so much fun and got to see classmates that I haven't seen in years, literally 40 years! This is the girl that I ran around with since 7th grade on, she lives in New Jersey and boy, it was so nice to finally see her again and everyone else. Wish we had had more time to talk:) Maybe in five years when we will be having our next and having it for two days that year:) That morning Michele and I tried another craft show we only had Samantha with us so we got to look but as far as craft show go it was terrible but I did manage to buy this cabinet for $15.00, it's actually lighter then what the picture shows. I'm painting it black of course.LOL
Here is a closer look I'm going to put a hanger on the back and hang it on the wall in the bedroom or bath, I think the black will look good on it!

Remember when I bought this picture with the Declaration of Independence from The Country Store? well, I hung it here above my PC and moved the flag one under the bowl rack, like it better:)

This is my entryway wall and those branches are old bittersweet, I hate to throw it away so I stuck it up there on my peg board:)

Got my paycheck today and of course The Country Store is on my way... so I stopped and only had about 15 minutes to look because I had to pick up Sam at preschool. I found this garland of bittersweet she had it laying on a table but I thought right away about my mantel and how it would lighten it up more. Love it and I'll have it for some years to come!

Here is another pic sorry it's blurry... I don't realize it until I post them but I think you get the idea:)

I'll be back, I have more pics to share, TGIF hey? I have Monday off from everything, LOL with nothing planned, Michele is off work so no kids to pick up or get on the bus and I can also sleep later. I work tomorrow 9 to 2:30 then nothing planned there either, I need a weekend of doing nothing:)