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Sunday, June 13, 2010

~Change is Good~

Hello Everyone,

I know it's sure been awhile since I've blogged here but I was just wore out, working and watching kids all week too. The babysitter is better now so I'm down to just two days a week and working three days a week...I got sick too, nothing serious just a cold and stomach virus. Not at the same time thanks goodness:) I was burning the candle at both ends as my mom would have said:)

I've come to a decision though...I'm changing my decorating style, yes it's time, I took the whole month off to try to make up my mind about it...not a very easy thing to do. For one thing I hated, yes hated, leaving you and the world of prim but I'm been decorating in some form of this style since 1983 and I feel if I don't do it now at the age of 59...I never will. I started a new blog... Something Nice and Pretty the other day if you would like to come by and visit me please do I'd love to have you, nothing much on there just one post but it does show you what I can do with a can of spray paint:)

Thank you to all that asked about me...Linda, Lisa, Pam, Teresa and Carolyn, I'm doing good and sure miss you all.

Have a wonderful night where ever you are!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

~Happy Mother’s Day~



You were my mother and my friend,
Which was unusual.
Somehow our characters still blend:
Your wisdom and my will.

I turned, and you were there for me;
I spoke, you understood.
I felt cared for, but also free;
You loved, and I was good.

I'm fortunate that I was born
To someone just like you;
I love you still. Though you are gone,
You live in what I do.


Have a wonderful day with your families, we all so deserve it don’t we? For me it’s a day of bittersweet memories but laughter and hugs will be mine tomorrow with the kids and grands♥

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been watching Samantha full time plus working and frankly ladies and gents I’m tired.;) The babysitter had her gall bladder out and is in the hospital so I’m sure I’ll be having another week or so of getting up at 5:30 AM and then going to work at 2:00 PM…believe me I just fall in bed at night.LOL

Love you all,



Monday, May 3, 2010

~Lamps and Sydney~

I’ve been busy lately cleaning, it just never seems to get done what with working and watching the girls…Michael and Jennifer came home this weekend so that’s what started me on a cleaning spree before they got in on Friday. In the picture below I had an old, wooden box full of prims that I just didn’t want to use anymore and it was getting out of hand, everyday for months I was going to take it all down in the basement where I have to keep things I don’t use anymore and everyday I didn’t do it. LOL Well, Friday I finally did and I don’t know why I didn’t do it alot sooner because it really opened the space up between the Hoosier and the shelves.

The other day I was in Ollie’s, which is right next door to the Dollar Tree where I work part time, and they had this patriotic lamp for $5.99…now I’m trying to get away from the patriotic only because I seem to acquire to much of it and I end up selling it at the yard sale we have in August soooo what do I buy? a patriotic lamp… but I’m taking it back on Thursday when I work that afternoon. It just doesn’t look good to me, I like the idea of a lamp there but I think another type of lamp would go better.


The very bottom of it is black and I thought that for $5.99 I’d just spray it all black but it might not turn out right and I’d be stuck with it soooo back it goes along with a lampshade that I bought for my standing lamp between chairs in the livingroom. I’m having a real hard time with that because the lampshade has to be one that goes over a glass chimney piece, don’t see those to often.


Like I said I like the idea of a lamp here but just not this one:)



We had a busy weekend what with the kids coming home for the weekend plus Sydney’s first Holy Communion…she was beautiful in her white dress and veil, here she is with Uncle Chris…btw he turned 30 April 11th…my baby:) We also had beautiful weather this past Saturday so it all went great!!!



I’ve also started to work on my front porch Stush bought me something for it that I’ve always wanted so when I get that done I’ll be sure to post about it and of course have pics.


Also a big Hello to my newest friends thank you so very much for stopping by to read my craziness:) I appreciate it:) So have a great evening everyone where ever you are♥


Monday, April 26, 2010

~APP Magazine and New Necklace~

If you haven’t heard by now A Primitive Place is publishing a PRIM magazine and the premiere issue is due out in August…I can’t wait to get my hands on it. lol So click HERE to get your subscription and find out about a giveaway…you won’t be sorry:) Don’t you just love the cover?

APPcover5JPEGeangleditjpg6Nothing much going on around here, so dreary and rainy here in W. Pa. I even took a hours nap today:)

Saturday at Samantha’s party I received a necklace Michele had ordered for me for my birthday from Lisa Leonard Designs it’s just like the one below except my granddaughter’s names are on it…love it and I think it will look great with a tan this summer:) So check out her website I have her on my sidebar, I’m very pleased with mine:)


I hope everyone is having a great evening where ever you are!


Friday, April 23, 2010

~Friday Already?~~

It’s Friday already, this week flew by didn’t it? So much to do but so little time, Samantha will be done with preschool next month so maybe I’ll find more time to get some things done around here, still have to do the flower bed out back but figure I’ll do it in May when we start planting flowers aroung here:)

Here is the sampler with the painted black frame, it was a little tricky doing the inside but I did it:) It’s now hanging in my bedroom and looks good in there since I tweaked the room.


I also did some tweaking in the entryway, took out the chair and stand with the drawers and put the black bench in and primmed it up:) The crock on the right on the floor Stush bought me for my birthday:)


After I took Sam to school I went to Gw I hadn’t been there since last Friday so it was time.LOL This is a tin pineapple wall decoration that I plan to hang outside by the front door, it’s a bronze color which is okay but the brick on my house is brown so I doubt it will show up very well even if I paint it black which I probably will end up doing:) Cost $1.29 :)


Also found this old bottle for .99 and I’ll be adding a label to it:)






Well tomorrow is Samantha’s fifth birthday and this is what Grammy bought her…


Felicity the Colonial, American Girl Doll. Last year Sam and I were looking at the catalog and she said she liked her because “ Here dress is pretty” won’t she be surprised when she opens it up, I can’t wait to see her face:)


Here are the accessories, mop cap, purse and the necklace plus a brush for her hair!

We also got Alex one for her birthday in March, I got her Rebecca and she took her to bed with her that night:) The dolls are expensive but when you hear that they are that thrilled to take it to bed with them… then they are worth every penny spent:)

Friday’s here so tonight brings going out to dinner with friends, Linda and Mike…Mike sat behind me in math class in highschool and not to long ago he told me he used to copy off of me…I was thrilled because no one has ever told me that before.LOL

Have a wonderful weekend prim friends…where ever you are!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~Whatcha Working Wednesday~

Hello Prim Friends,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beautiful spring weather we are having. I’m just so happy to see the sun shining every morning when I wake up…life does go on. I want to thank each and everyone of you who took the time out of your day to comment on my last post and to keep me in your prayers, I read them with tears in my eyes…ALL of you made me feel so much better telling me that no, I wasn’t crazy just human:) Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart♥


I’ve been keeping busy tweaking and taking Samantha to preschool then heading on to GW, I didn’t today though because her dad was picking her up so I’m came straight home to get some things done here. I will show you what I found for $4.00, Monday, at first I couldn’t believe that it was hanging there in the fabric section…a cotton ticking throw!!! This pic below shows it on my new, white bedspread (I’ve been tweaking my bedroom) I wanted to show you how white it was before I put it in the washer with some tan Rit Dye!


I thought it would come out alot darker but it took the edge off of the white, I might try dyeing it again just haven’t made up my mind yet…you all know how that can be! So I decided to place it in my stepback cupboard, for now anyway:)

100_2737 t

First I had it this way but then decided I liked it better…


This way!


I also just started as you can see, working on this sampler I bought at the consignment shop, I think it needs two coats of black so I’m off to finish it…I think it may end up in my bedroom:) I’ll show it to you when I’m done with it, peeked by pulling the tape up to see how it looked with the black next to it and I like it sooooo much better than the green :)

100_2742  We

Well, that’s about it around here, oh, I lost another two lbs just by excersing and eating more protein, just taking it slow and easy:)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and stop byLeslie’s My Country Hometo see more great Whatcha Working on Wednesday’s!

Have a great day friends where ever you are:)



Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Don’t Know if I Should Post Today~

I don’t like to post when I’m feeling down, just don’t want to bring others down with me I guess, but I think in a way that’s why I started this blog two years ago so that I could or my kids could go back and see what I had to say…you see back in February friends of ours daughter died at the age of 28, I won’t go into how or why she passed away it doesn’t matter now , a beautiful girl. Her parents were devastated and it took me a while to get over it. Well, last week another friend of ours son drowned in the Alleghenney River while fishing with a friend and the friends dad, they got to close to the dam and the water took both Brian 28 and the friend’s dad, the friend managed to swim, we think he was somehow thrown clear of the turbulent water.  Brian was  married and they would have celebrated  their 2nd anniversary next month, so young and so sad!!!  You see my mom buried my brother and my sister buried her daughter and I’m scared…am I next? Am I crazy? Stush has even asked me what’s wrong!
Well, that’s what has me down ladies and gents and I’m trying to get over the sadness of it all so bear with me, posting today is a step forward, I just haven’t wanted too. I also think my birthday got me down too although I try really, really hard not to let it do that to me:)


As you know I always go to a consignment shop once a month, it’s located across the street where I get my hair done and I always manage to find something to come home with me, I found this large sampler for $14.00, it’s not an old one but while looking at it I thought it would look better if I painted the frame black (of course) and maybe apply some coffee stain to the sampler part. The back of the sampler is cardboard and I hate to take it off because it is framed so nicely but I’d like to darken it up if I can.

100_2685 I

I found this 5x7 picture at GW for $1.99, sorry it’s not a good photo of it, it’s really neat and I already have the frame painted black and distressed.


Also at GW Wednesday, I found this pewter porringer for $5.99…I think GW is getting smart:)

100_2683 a

and here is the bottom of it, a neat find at GW I think":)


I always look in the glass case for the designer purses and I hit the jackpot while there, I found a new Vera Bradley purse for $9.99, made me feel good because I was wanting a new purse for summer and finding a designer one for such a good price was even better:)


That’s about it blog friends, sorry it’s a not so great post but I do hate to be away to long. Thank you to my newest followers and also to my older friends I so appreciate you stopping by for a visit. Have a wonderful evening wherever you are♥