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Sunday, June 13, 2010

~Change is Good~

Hello Everyone,

I know it's sure been awhile since I've blogged here but I was just wore out, working and watching kids all week too. The babysitter is better now so I'm down to just two days a week and working three days a week...I got sick too, nothing serious just a cold and stomach virus. Not at the same time thanks goodness:) I was burning the candle at both ends as my mom would have said:)

I've come to a decision though...I'm changing my decorating style, yes it's time, I took the whole month off to try to make up my mind about it...not a very easy thing to do. For one thing I hated, yes hated, leaving you and the world of prim but I'm been decorating in some form of this style since 1983 and I feel if I don't do it now at the age of 59...I never will. I started a new blog... Something Nice and Pretty the other day if you would like to come by and visit me please do I'd love to have you, nothing much on there just one post but it does show you what I can do with a can of spray paint:)

Thank you to all that asked about me...Linda, Lisa, Pam, Teresa and Carolyn, I'm doing good and sure miss you all.

Have a wonderful night where ever you are!



  1. It's so good to hear from you Rondell! I have thought about you and wondered where they heck you were!


  2. Rondell, it's so good to hear from you! I've missed you for sure! I'd love to visit you in your new home on the web!

    (And just to let you know, because you were rooting for me before, I've re-started my weight loss journey and as of the end of April have lost just over 23 lbs! I have a link on my blog to a new blog if you're interested)

    Hugs, Kimberly

  3. Rondell~

    Change is good! I am glad to see you back and I will be sure to check out your new blog!

    I hope you have a great week!


  4. Hi Rondell, I think you're right, there does come a time in everyone's life when a change is in order. I've so enjoyed seeing your prim home and look forward to seeing all the changes. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Hey, Glad to hear from you....be careful burning that candle at both ends....it does not take long to burn your self out.....I know! With all your good stuff .....I can not imagine changing completely.....but you have to do what makes your heart happy! I can't wait to see what direction you are going in! Have a great day! Beth

  6. I think a lot of us in blogland have been changing our decorating tastes recently, change can be good,I will come check out the new blog, and glad to hear you are feeling better:)

  7. I stopped by your new blog and just let me say...you are wicked with that can of spray paint! LOL
    I love the black and the aqua together! I see the change has definately been good for you. It looks so nice and airy.
    I will miss you in the prim world but plan on following you in your new world...you have always inspired me.
    Talk to you soon!

  8. So glad to see you post again! Change is good. I have struggled with this for a long time. I am 35, so I haven't been decorating as long as you. I am drawn to pretty blogs with light colours and girly things. Every time I think about changing I feel guilt about how much I have spent getting my home to look primitive. UUGGHH!!! Still I think that there comes a time when it is important to change things up. Can't wait to see what you do in your home. Oh, and if you decide to sell all your prims, I am driving down from Canada to be the first in line!! :)

  9. Sad to see you leave prim world, but best of luck and I'll pop over to the new blog. I'm also in Canada, and was thinking of driving through PA in Aug.. are you selling off your things soon? I've only been prim decorating for about a year (but country for almost 20) so don't have as many things as I'd like. I'd love to see what you have, if you could send me an email I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

  10. How do I find your new blog??


  11. Hi Rondell...welcome back...I will be off to see your new blog shortely.
    Oh what a job making a decorating change.....it would take me forever to do a change, let alone the cost....so I'm stuck with Colonial.
    Hope to see all your changes soon.

  12. great to see you post!!
    i, too, have been swinging toward a decorating change. been going through it now for a few months. i still like the rustic ( primitves to some), but i have elimnated sooooo much. i am getting close to the 50 mark too so i think its time to get a revamp . :)
    now, off to find your new blog. :)

  13. Change is very good!!!
    About a year ago I decided that I needed a change in decor also. I wanted to get more color. So I got brave one weekend and painted my kitchen AQUA. I love it! I still love the worn out, chippy look. But I really love the fresh look of whites and colors. I'll be following your new blog to see what you are doing with your makeover.

  14. It sure is really great to hear from you :)

    Good Luck on your new journey of decorating! I know it will look great :) We will miss you in primland...

  15. So glad to hear from you again! You have really been missed. Can't wait to pop over and check out your new blog. I know whatever you do will look fabulous. Just glad you're back! Have a great week, Dawn

  16. Hey Rondell! We just want you to be happy, so if that means changing from prim, so be it! I'm happy for you and will visit your new blog in just a minute.
    YOU are the reason people love you, not just for your decorating (although that's wonderful too!). I look forward to seeing your new style.
    Have a great day!

  17. Well I will miss you terribly in the prim world. You have always been a huge inspiration to me. I stalked your blog long before I started following it. Haha! I'm happy that you've made a decision on your decorating style. All that matters is that you surround yourself with things you love. I'm gonna miss you here but I'm gonna follow your new adventure. Spray paint? Sounds like I will still get inspiration from you. See you over at your new blog! =]

    Best wishes on your new decorating adventure!

  18. Hey, Rondell!! CHANGE!!! Scarey!!! HAHAH!!! Enjoy!! Give us the link to your new blog...I can't find it!!! Hugs, Trudy in Colorado

  19. Hi Rondell~ It's so nice to see you posting again. I'm sure your new changes will be beautiful as always. I can't wait to see your new blog.
    What on earth are you going to do with all your prims?? I'll send you my address for consideration. hehe!
    Take care of yourself.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  20. I'm glad you're feeling better! I will miss all your prim displays, but like you said change is good. Part of my house is prim and the rest is ??. I'm glad we did the Harvest swap together last year. I'll have to check out your new blog.

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  22. Nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by.

  23. Thank you for popping in to see me. I had hoped you had started blogging again.
    Be a sweetie,Shelia ;)

  24. Hi Rondell! Oh, I'm so glad you stopped by. I hope your doing well and all ready for Christmas!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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