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Monday, November 30, 2009

~Wow, Thanksgiving is Over?~

                     It flew by didn’t it? Now we are on to Christmas, just very hard to believe.

All of my fall stuff is down and put away for next year and I’m slowly but surely

putting things out for Christmas but with having company until today and working

more now since the shopping season began last Friday it’s kind of hard getting to it.

I’m off tomorrow so I plan on doing a lot more, I work from 5 to 10:30 today so that

leaves out doing anything Christmasey.

I did get my tree up and the lights on plus I bought the faux popcorn at The Country

Store…took 7 9ft strands to do this tree but I finally got my popcorn garland that I

have wanted it seems forever:) No ornaments on it yet, hopefully tomorrow!


This is on my dining room table…I’m going very simple this year, just greenery and my

battery candles…I just don’t have the time, I’m not even bringing the boxes up from the

basement just going thur and taking out what is prim to use. Although I will bring the

the boxes of tree ornaments.


I saw this on someone’s blog…sorry, you can hardly see the tree but I had the same one as

her, can’t remember though who’s blog but she had it sitting on a firken and I loved it!


 A little greenery on the iron candle holder on the mantle:)


That’s about all friends, I’ll be doing more tomorrow and I can come back on to post more

for the first of December!!!

I still have to learn more about live writer, and for those that asked…just type in live writer

.com in the address bar and it will take you there where you can download it!

Thanksgiving was great everyone was here, I was so stuffed! I made four pumpkin pies and

the turkey plus stuffing and I can’t forget the deviled eggs:)

Michael left for home Saturday Jennifer and Jeremy just left a little while ago.

Now I need to get dressed for work, I hope you are all having a great Monday and are

decorating your little hearts out.lol


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~Happy Thanksgiving~

thankscatimage  Just came on to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

  I’m so thankful for all of you out in blog land, you have made my time at the PC so

much fun and I’ve learned so much by following the great tutorials or just by emailing

and asking questions. You are all the sweetest people out there and worth your weight

in gold…May God bless you all!


Monday, November 23, 2009

~Still Having Fun~

wreath07003 012

is what I’ve been doing for the past half hour, still don’t have the lights on the tree yet but the tree is up:)

Update: The lights are on the tree and I’m sitting here having fun!


~Learning Live Writer~

Wow , baby is this something or what? Totally confused but I’ll figure it out one way or another.LOL

Chris came to pick up his clothes and drop off the Epson ink for our printer. Of course, I grabbed him and dragged him to my computer and said “ show me what I’m doing wrong with live writer” and in a couple minutes he had it up and running for me, I so wish I knew the computer like he does…he clicked on things I didn’t even know I had on here.LOL I knew he would be able to help it’s just getting him here and having the time to help:) As you can tell I’m happy.

No pictures this time, I still have to learn how to go about that. What I’m doing is putting up my tree and listening to Christmas music, I guess I’m into the holiday spirit, I knew once Thanksgiving week was here I’d want to at least put up my tree! As you can see I switched to a different font…hey maybe I’ll even change my background to a Christmas one.LOL Maybe not because I just have to much to do, in a half hour I have to go and pick up Samantha and then Sydney off the bus.

Were having pizza today for dinner because I want to do everything at once it seems while I have the day off, I don’t know what I’ll accomplish but it will be something, now I have to figure out how to publish this.

Have a great one everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

~Hitting GW Alot Lately~

Hi everyone,
I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday, I work today 5 to 10:30 so I decided to start painting the things I've found at GW so I can finish them tomorrow or Monday because I'm off both days:)

Here's is a pineapple welcome plaque I found at GW for .99 I don't know if I should paint around the edges black or not, what would you do? I don't want to ruin it. I also found this pewter candle holder it's a nice size and I don't think some people that work there no what somethings are worth because this was priced at .99... but better for me:) I bought the battery operated candle at The Country Store for $3.00... it barn red and no herbs on it, she was telling me that some people were complaining that the herbs on the bottom from turning it off and on were coming off and ladies were liking these better. They look great for Christmas:)
I found these two jars with wooden lids for .99 a piece, now before I would have past these up because of the painted tulips on the front of them but since reading Sarah's blog All Roads Lead Home, I grabbed them up and took off the tulips with fingernail polish remover. As you can see the left one I had already started on then remembered to take a picture for you to see! The paint came off easily and so did the price tags, sometimes you had to rub a little more but all in all very easy to do. I'm going to use them for Buster's dog treats, right now they are in a plastic containers on the counter...not very pleasing to a prim girl like me:) So these will work out far better, the wooden lids are drying now as I type this. Thanks for the tip Sarah!

I also found this set of wooden bowls all four 1.25 I'm giving them a coat of black paint then paint them in colonial colors, I need more of them for, as I call them "fillers":) Also bought some frames for my stitchery's that I'm working on, at the bottom of the picture are the wooden lids to the jars.

I needed a candle sconce for my bedroom so I found this one for 1.99 and it had a candle gripper already down in it which I was pleased about.

I've been going to GW more lately because I am on the look out for a chandelier to paint black and hang in my diningroom, the one I have isn't throwing alot of light with the new light bulbs I bought from The Country Store, there are only three lights on the chandelier I have now and I need more.
I'll post how everything turned out in a later post okay?
Have a great day no matter what you are up to today!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday...Thursday~

Hi blog buds!
Well, I'm a day late for WWW but that's the way of things for me lately but I'm not going to be upset about it because that's the way things are right now in my life and it won't be this way forever so I'm taking the work and watching the girls one day at a time:)

I finally got this spoon rack done, Stush cut it down for me and I love the way it turned out... except for not being able to find my envelope of labels, I've looked high and low for them and just can't find them...I hope I didn't throw them out by mistake. So instead of a label over the heart I just put a piece of black checked homespun, the three spoons are all old ones although I may take the 2nd from the left out and put a shorter one in. I also had fabric coming out of the bottom but it looked like to much fabric so out it came!
This is where I am right now, my little blogging corner of the internet, some day I'd like to paint the china cupboard and the wash stand but that will have to wait till at least spring.

I redid my counter in the kitchen corner with a handmade drawer that I had found a couple years ago at the Meadows Antique Fair for $5.00, the handle on it is on the right side because the bigger cutting boards wouldn't fit, I have other cutting boards but they are being used on my stove board and new shelf stand I had just bought.

Now I'll do a little bit of Grammy bragging.LOL
Michele went to Sydney's conference at school and the teacher said their isn't one thing negative she can say about her, she is in second grade by the way, the teacher tested all the class and Sydney is reading at 7th grade level and doing 4th grade level math...huh? I remember 2nd grade and we were bringing in grocerie products to play store/LOL
Anyway I'm very proud of her...she loves to read like her Grammy♥
Have a great day everyone, rainy here in PA and I work 5 to 10:30 this evening...I hope I make it:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

~Country Store Finds and GW~

Hi prims!
It's beautiful here in Western Pa and it's going to be 66 today although I work 2 to 7:30.
Yesterday I had a great time with my daughter, we met a Eat n Park right after she dropped Samantha off at preschool, this doesn't happen to often without the girls because Michele works and me too:) It was a relaxing breakfast then off to The Country Store we went, Michele never gets to go because taking two little ones in there is hazardous to the store.LOL These are what I found, of course I had seen them before but since Kris at Simply Prim( well, blogger won't let me add her url so whats new?)gave a tutorial on making the clove studded oranges I wanted to try them but couldn't find the styrofoam oranges. Checked at the Dollar Tree and they had oranges but I just couldn't see how it would be easy to put the cloves in on the type of oranges they had sooooooooo I bought these three and I just love them they actually feel like real oranges they also had cloved studded lemons too! I took a pic with the flash of them... and also without, the tin star greenery I bought at JoAnn's, buy one get one free;) The clove oranges look so prim in a wooden bowl!
We also stopped at Peebles (I think I spelled that right ) I did buy myself a new purse and I also remembered looking at this Christmas ribbon, the neat thing about it is that it's flannel...neat huh? Reminds me of the newest version of Little Women when they show their wreaths done with flannel bows:) I only bought one roll of it because it was pricey, maybe I'll get a couple bows out of it.

Oh, almost forgot, I bought three prim light bulbs and the Christmas candle rings...I took off the shades and now have it like this! I'm on the look out though for a chandelier at GW to paint black.

When Michele had to leave to pick up Samanth I went on to Gw, not much there but I did find this pineapple mold, is it going to be neat or what? When ever I get to make it that is.LOl

Last Wednesday, I think it was, I stopped at a yard sale and for 3.00 I bought this spoon holder thinking Stush could cut off any fancy scroll work on it and I'll somehow cover up the heart and also paint it black. I hope to have it done for WWWednesday:)

Well, I better get ready for work, have a great Saturday just can't believe this beautiful weather we have been having!
As always I love reading your comments so stop by and leave me one I always read them!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Happy Veterans Day everyone! Thank God for them!

Yesterday I went to Sydney's Veteran's Day program, it was special for us because she was chosen to speak a few lines, a first for her and for us.LOL She did so well! Here she is speaking... Waiting her turn to speak...
and singing, yesterday was her birthday also she turned 8:)

Sunday we all celebrated her birthday and as you can see Michele had to cover Samantha's mouth so she couldn't blow out the candles:)

Here are the two munchkins being silly!
Today I was down their house decorating for Michele, she had cleaned and taken everything down so I took somethings that I no longer wanted and I had a great time decorating someone else's home:0 They both didn't have school today so while I was there I pretended like I was a zombie and chased them thur the house, you should have heard the squeals and laughter! Warning... when your a Grammy you will do stupid things!!!

Remember when I did these in my bedroom? Well, I wanted something different, this is what I've been working on! (Michele is on vacation this week) so I've had some time to work in here. Looking thur prim magazines and even on the blogs I have noticed some prim ladies with these type of curtains. I decided to go ahead and try it.

Here are some pictures that I took with different settings with my camera. I love them and soooooo inexpensive too! This is one side of my bedroom...

I used tea dyed muslin from JoAnn's and that only cost me $8.49 with my coupon, the twine I already had:0
I love this window here you can see it from the kitchen and it looks so prim!

Here is a better picture of this side of the room!
See the little black box on my dresser? It was a $1.00 at the Dollar Tree and I painted it black and keep my everyday jewelery in it:)

Another one, just love this side of the room!

The reason I wanted a change was because of this quilt Stush bought me at the log cabin we visited that day, it's black, barn red and has a little gray in it. I need new pillow case coverings and want them in a black homespun so I'll just take my time to see if I can find any.

Here is a closer look at it!

Now here is my dilemma that I sure hope someone out there in blog land can help me with. I registered with Live Writer and so want to use it but when it tries to connect to this blog a popup comes up and says...
An error occured while attempting to connect to your blog.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
You must correct this error before proceeding.
Then you have to click OK....duh, how do I fix what I don't even know what they are talking about.LOL Please leave me a comment or email me rondell1951(at)hotmail(dot)com I sure would appreciate it:)
Well, that's all for today and I'd also like to welcome some newbies to my blog, I so appreciate it, you guys are the greatest!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~What A Day!!!~

Well, it sure has been a day for me ladies...it started off with getting up at 5:30 AM to get ready to go to Michele's ( and read some blogs ) to take Sydney to the bus then watch Samantha till it was time to go to preschool, drop her off and drive back home to start washing Chris' clothes. At 11 AM I left again to pick Sam up at preschool for 12 then off to the drive thur at McDonalds then to her house. When I was home I had called The Country Store to see if I could exchange the shelf that I hated when I got it home, thankfully she said to bring it back it was just fine to do so:) So before I left to get Sam I had loaded it up in my car, her dad was home when I got there. Off to The Country Store I go down Rt. 88...my cell phone rings and of course it's in the very bottom of my purse soooooooooooo I'm scrounging around in my purse with one hand and steering the car with another and just took my eyes off the road for one second when...I HIT THE GUARDRAILS...oh no, gouged all along the passenger side. So what do I do? I go on to The Country Store after all the steering and everything was alright and I had to exchange it didn't I? One thing I learned is I'll never search for my cell phone while driving, I'll get it out of my purse first! The second thing I learned is Stush really loves me.LOL The only thing he didn't understand was why I continued on to The Country Store.:) Plus I had to get back home to wash about six loads of clothes!
I do think it looks alot better than the other one, at least I like it better:)

This wooden box holds all my prims that I don't know what to do with.

I had a question about this picture...I bought it at a yard sale for $1.00 and painted the wooden frame black!

I know this is a crazy post but it's about 10:30 PM and I'm one tired lady so I know you will excuse me...I work tomorrow morning so I better get to bed!
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~GW and a Couple of ???~

Hi blog buds, November already as you can see looking out my kitchen window the leaves are almost gone. Our yard was full of them but Stush got out the riding mower and mulched them all up.

I did got to GW yesterday after I took Samantha to preschool and I just found two things, I was excited and amazed that this Apple Cider sign was still there and I got it for $2.99, didn't have to do a thing to it either! I also saw this remote control holder for .79 and I'm going to paint it and distress in black. I'll at least won't have to hunt for them in the morning because I'll make sure they are in there before I go to bed. I've been hunting for one so I guess I made out at GW after not being there for a few weeks.
This is as close as your going to get to see this faux red ware plate...I must have painted over the mustard markings at least 7 times, I just could not make it look right, finally I gave up and I'm using it this way, I just hide the bottom squiggly. I love the look of it with my other prims but I'm not satisfied with it at all.

Here is another thing I'm definitely not satisfied with...I bought this prim stand at The Country Store Sunday, it's black and tan with stenciled stars on it. I was torn between this and a slimmer barn red shelf it looked more colonial then this one, I chose this one though because I thought it would look good here but to me it doesn't. It just doesn't make my heart sing if you know what I mean...should I call the store and ask if I can return it to get the other one? I know them and they know me and I'm a good customer, every time I look at it or pass thur my Keeping Room it doesn't make me feel good.LOL

Here is another question...is Live Writer worth using? Is it harder to use? Please leave me a comment if you are using it okay? I know I like the font that I see on some blogs, that has really caught my eye:)
I had one comment about two posts ago asking if I lived near a lake...no we live near the Monongahela River, Stush and I have always lived near the river so it is just so much apart of us all the time. We cross bridges all the time too... to get to work, to shop! I'll have to stop and take a picture of a part of the river called Horseshoe Bend for you to see! Oh, I almost forgot to add that Janene from Primitive Lifestyle is having a sale on some GW things, stop over... there might just be something you want!!!
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Update: I called and they are closed today, so I'll call tomorrow and see, thanks so much for the great advice!