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Thursday, November 19, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday...Thursday~

Hi blog buds!
Well, I'm a day late for WWW but that's the way of things for me lately but I'm not going to be upset about it because that's the way things are right now in my life and it won't be this way forever so I'm taking the work and watching the girls one day at a time:)

I finally got this spoon rack done, Stush cut it down for me and I love the way it turned out... except for not being able to find my envelope of labels, I've looked high and low for them and just can't find them...I hope I didn't throw them out by mistake. So instead of a label over the heart I just put a piece of black checked homespun, the three spoons are all old ones although I may take the 2nd from the left out and put a shorter one in. I also had fabric coming out of the bottom but it looked like to much fabric so out it came!
This is where I am right now, my little blogging corner of the internet, some day I'd like to paint the china cupboard and the wash stand but that will have to wait till at least spring.

I redid my counter in the kitchen corner with a handmade drawer that I had found a couple years ago at the Meadows Antique Fair for $5.00, the handle on it is on the right side because the bigger cutting boards wouldn't fit, I have other cutting boards but they are being used on my stove board and new shelf stand I had just bought.

Now I'll do a little bit of Grammy bragging.LOL
Michele went to Sydney's conference at school and the teacher said their isn't one thing negative she can say about her, she is in second grade by the way, the teacher tested all the class and Sydney is reading at 7th grade level and doing 4th grade level math...huh? I remember 2nd grade and we were bringing in grocerie products to play store/LOL
Anyway I'm very proud of her...she loves to read like her Grammy♥
Have a great day everyone, rainy here in PA and I work 5 to 10:30 this evening...I hope I make it:)


  1. The spoon rack turned out great, love the fabric covering the heart, i wouldnt change it even if u do find your labels!
    I am sure u are very proud of Sydney, hope she continues with that progress!

  2. Rondell, I love the way your spoon rack turned out...awesome. Your little blogging corner looks so nice and cozy too! Congrats on your grandaughters progress...my grandson got a glowing report too. Very high scores on ISAT so I sure understand proud!

  3. This too, will pass....dear friend. SO admire you for what you do and you are sooo talented with your re-dos. Keep up the prim work. Remember, God allows us time to do what we want to WHEN we do what is right. That is where you are. Hugs, Sherrie

  4. Rondell.........your spoon rack came out great.
    What a good idea with the fabric piece.
    Sydney will always do well because of being a reader. Did you get the rain I sent you from Ohio?

  5. Rondell, the spoon rack turned out great! And congrats to your granddaughter for doing so well in school! That's awesome!

  6. What a clever idea to cover the heart with fabric! It all looks primtastic!
    Grammies are entitled to boast about their grandkids and Sydney is doing really well.
    Best wishes

  7. It is always so nice to have teachers say all positive things about our kids. You know as a parent that you are doing a good job. So good for her, she sure is a bright one :)

    Love how your spoon rack turned out...looks great :)

  8. I agree with the other ladies - the fabric is perfect to hide the heart!! It came out great!

    Way to go Sydney!! I can feel your pride for her all the way up here and I don't blame you!!

    Have a great weekend - don't work too hard!!

  9. It's always fun seeing what you've been working on, Rondell. Hang in there, my friend!

  10. Love your spoon rack makeover! It turned out perfect! Congratulations to Sydney! Grammy has reason to be proud!

  11. I love the new look of the spoon rack and you little blogging corner of the world.
    What a smart granddaughter, I know you're proud.

  12. Rondell,
    Your spoon rack turned out great!! And I love how you used the fabric to cover up the heart.
    Love it!!

  13. Rondell,
    I wouldn't change a thing on the spoon rack ~ the fabric is perfect. I'll be you are one proud grandma. Have a great weekend.

  14. Love the way your spoon rack turned out. You have a sure way of making things turn out so nice. And brag away! congrat's to Sydney on achieving so much at a young age! It really is amazing how much they learn at a young age. Sounds like her mind is a sponge and just absorbs it all. That is wonderful!!


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