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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Have you ever seen the salad bowls at GW that look like wood but aren’t? A couple weeks ago I bought them, I always would pass on them because they weren’t wood but this time I figured why not give them a try just to see if they would look okay to paint and distress. Here they are and I even used my new sander on them, I painted one brown but didn’t like it so I painted it black I have two black, one blue and the other barn red.


Below are two of the bowls on my hoosier believe they look just as good as the wood ones and you would never know, I’ll use them until I come across some wood ones again. GW hasn’t been “good” to me the last two times I was there so I’m going to try again this Friday:)


I’ve been tweaking a bit too…in my entryway.


Here’s a closer look, I replaced the Christmas wreath with a berry one that I’ve had forever it seems LOL, it just won’t wear out the berries on it never turn white and are just as good as the day I bought it:) I also have some really nice faux herbs and decided to put some boxwood in the a colonial box I had found at the GW in NC.


Do you ever have to go on a hunt for the prims that you put away at Christmas? That’s what I did for the yarrow that I finally found in the basement.


Well, that’s about it…I’m in such a rut I can’t get motivated about anything crafty, the one day I did feel like making a Valentine penny rug from Char’s tutorial I got called out to work. Tomorrow I’m off from picking the girls up and I sort of hope I don’t get called in to work so I can get something done around here. Stush is going to pick me up two bottles of Rit Tan Dye so that I can use it on the patriotic quilt in the guest room, I also need to do the curtains in there the same as my bedroom ones.

If you want to see who else is doing WWW stop over at Leslie’s My Country Home!

I hope you are all cozy and warm wherever you are:)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

~Hearts in MY Header~

Hello everyone, well all our snow is gone just some edging the sidewalk out front but now it’s muddy where ever you go:) I asked Stush if he thought winter was over and his answer was “no” we have alot of winter left yet. So I guess he’s right but oh how I’d like to see some green somewhere,LOL

The hearts I have in my header are from Shari from Homespun and Primitives, the mailman came today with the package of homespun hearts, I wanted something for Valentines Day but wanted something prim looking so decided to order these and they are wonderful and smell so good too! I can smell them while I’m typing this post:) I put them in a black bowl on my dining room table and love the look of it, Thanks Shari for such a quick delivery;) I I thought I’d


share the picture here on my post too:) If you want some hearts for Valentines Day stop by Shari’s you sure won’t be sorry:)

I stopped by another blog today and I’m so glad I did, you see I’ve went back and forth about painting my dry sink, it was my mom’s and my brother had bought it and stained it for her back in the 70’s. Well Debra http://blackcreekcolonial.blogspot.com had found one just like it at a TS and redid it, so there it was for me to see and decide to do it come spring, stop over Debra’s and take a look at what a great job she did…I think my mom would like the idea she liked to decorate too:)

That’s about all that’s been going on here I worked Tuesday and today so I was pretty tired by the time I got home but wanted to come on here and say hi and that I’m hoping you are all having a great evening no matter where you are:)

Also a great big hi to my newest “peeps” thanks for following my blog, it means alot to me because I know what busy lives we lead♥


Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Isn’t She Sweet?~

I just had to have her, my own little make-do chair, I think she is so precious and she goes so well with my home…she was meant to be!!!


I love the patch on the seat of it and the black arms and legs, distressed of course:)


I saw her at The Country Store before Christmas and thought that if someone gave me a gift certificate I’d put the money to it to purchase her. Every time I’d go into the store I’d look at her and sigh, that’s how bad I wanted it.


Michele gave me a certificate but I had to wait till payday to get her, I walked in the store and GONE oh no!!! When I asked if they were going to get anymore in the lady, who was behind the counter bent over and came up with her in her arms saying “Here she is.” (that’s why I’m calling it a she) They had put her back behind the counter…


and now she’s mine:)


She stands at 23” and from arm to arm she is about 11” wide but so well made, she’s not made of plywood but wood… having her makes me think that I can do a much bigger make-do chair in the near future, I hope you like her. LOL

Well, I work today so I should start getting ready, I hope everyone is having a great weekend, we finally have warmer weather here in W. Pa. and the snow is melting!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

My, it’s been a week since I last posted and I don’t really know why except I got called out to work yesterday right when I was going to start on Char’s Valentine penny rug…so that’s been put on hold because today I wanted to “play house” a little bit;)

I found my labels and so thankful I did because I wanted to put new ones on my jars and I had an idea for another item, I’ll show you that in a little bit. When I used the labels I didn’t use any kind of finish and with Stush cooking alot of water marks got on them, I found some matte spray at Walmart… think I’ll have to wait till the garage door is opened to spray though!

Here’s a pic of them, I don’t use the flour, sugar etc, I like the prim graphics on different ones so I put whatever I like on them!


Here in the corner of my kitchen counter I finally hung the pineapple plaque that I got at GW for .99 I just rubbed the sides with some brown shoe polish for now. I put this light here instead of the ball jar one, you can hardly see it but the bulb is a star one. I also added my pineapple candle hug that I bought from Karenmycolonialhome.blogspot.com/.


I also tweaked my stove board!


Added a blue quilted heart to some berries on top of my clock, next to it is an old lanteren that I got at auction a long time ago. It has small spikes inside to put a candle down on, the sides are made of wire.


Took the ladder from the diningroom and put it in the keepingroom, I like it alot better;) and put my folkart dishes in the corner cabinet.


Redid the top of the table too!


Took fabric off of some crocks and added cheesecloth instead, I saw it on a blog and it looked so neat, I couldn’t 100_2334do it to the glass one because you would be able to see the print on top. This is on my hoosier BTW.

Here is the middle part…



Here is proof that I do stitch. lol

Finally here is what I did with the other label, I had this wood box and needed something to put my newer prim magazines in so I put it on the lower shelf of my coffee table.


100_2312My labels are all from Liberty Lane Primitives BTW:) Check her blog out!

Check out Leslie’s My Country Home to see more WWW;)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

It’s freezing here and we are expecting more snow tomorrow. My snowman flag couldn’t have a better setting for a picture he sure fits in doesn’t he? I’m so glad he loves snow;)

100_2292 0

I haven’t had the time to redo my rooms what with working and watching the girls but today in between picking up Samantha I did switch these two prims . I like this one 100_2295

in the dining room better…here is another pic of it.


I really like my spoon rack here in the keeping room it sort of goes with everything a lot better. For my newer readers… I found this spoon rack for 3.00 at a yard sale, Stush cut off all the fancy scroll work on it and I did the rest. There is a cut out heart underneath the homespun:)


Here is a larger view of it!


This is also what I’ve been up to, Stush bought me a Detail sander for Christmas and I’m really liking it and learning from it too. I’ve been doing these frames and bowls to just get the feel of the sander and they are coming out great! Hey, there’s my glasses and coffee mug…yes, I’m a messy crafter:)


To see what everyone else is up to for Whatcha Working on Wednesday go to Leslie’s My Country Home.

Does anyone who uses live writer know how to go to another blog from the one you are posting? I tried and lost my post and had to do it all over again!

Have a wonderful evening prim friends:)


Monday, January 4, 2010

~Glad That’s Over~

Good evening Blog friends, is it cold where you are? It sure is here in Western Pa. The weatherman said there is another inch or so coming tomorrow but not 5* like this morning…we will hit a high of 18* Yippie!!! Thank goodness for the woodstove, it’s nice and cozy in here and for that I’m thankful:) I had to drive in this crummy weather this morning to get the girls on the bus and preschool well, after crawling down a steep hill at 15 miles an hour I get to my daughters home and school was cancelled not a two hour delay like it was when I left the house. I was glad because I really don’t like having them in the car with me when it’s bad out.

When I got home today I decided today was the day to take the decorations down Stush helped by taking down the greenery from atop the kitchen cabinets, which I loved BTW, I got everything down, packed away and put in the basement:) Now tomorrow I’ll take down the tree and start cleaning, I did leave out three snowmen, one wasn’t prim enough so I took some brown shoe polish and darkend is chennille fabric. You can’t really tell from this picture but he turned out neat. Here is my mantel with some tea lights lit:)


I’d also like to show you my bargin of 2009…Christmas eve I had to run in K-Mart for Chris and while there I came across these framed pictures on sale for 14.99 marked down half of that, I liked it but didn’t have time to see if I really liked it if you know what I mean,LOL So I figured I could always return it after Christmas and for 8 dollars I took it to the register to pay. When she rang it up it showed a hopping .85 the man behind me said “You can’t beat that” and he was right:) I plan on hanging it tomorrow, it’s a basket on an old piece of furniture with wooden drawers on top .


Michael and Corrie gave me this book that they found in a shop in Annapolis for Christmas called “The American Frugal Housewife” which was first published in Boston 1833. It’s interesting to read… I found out that some things never change then yet again it’s no wonder they didn’t live long all the work they had to do from scratch, no wonder they went to bed early.LOL I know I would have had to have been a saloon girl:)


Isn’t this cute? I was wrapping this for Michael to give to Corrie, he said that when they were in a country store he put this underneath his arm for her and paid for it without her knowing:) He’s made of wool done on a creme fabric but it’s not osenberg I do know that.


Well, ladies I’m tired…I did a routine of lifting weights today I know I won’t be able to get out of bed in the morning:) I have to do something, it’s not going to come off by itself…that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!

Have a cozy evening where ever you are♥