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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Have you ever seen the salad bowls at GW that look like wood but aren’t? A couple weeks ago I bought them, I always would pass on them because they weren’t wood but this time I figured why not give them a try just to see if they would look okay to paint and distress. Here they are and I even used my new sander on them, I painted one brown but didn’t like it so I painted it black I have two black, one blue and the other barn red.


Below are two of the bowls on my hoosier believe they look just as good as the wood ones and you would never know, I’ll use them until I come across some wood ones again. GW hasn’t been “good” to me the last two times I was there so I’m going to try again this Friday:)


I’ve been tweaking a bit too…in my entryway.


Here’s a closer look, I replaced the Christmas wreath with a berry one that I’ve had forever it seems LOL, it just won’t wear out the berries on it never turn white and are just as good as the day I bought it:) I also have some really nice faux herbs and decided to put some boxwood in the a colonial box I had found at the GW in NC.


Do you ever have to go on a hunt for the prims that you put away at Christmas? That’s what I did for the yarrow that I finally found in the basement.


Well, that’s about it…I’m in such a rut I can’t get motivated about anything crafty, the one day I did feel like making a Valentine penny rug from Char’s tutorial I got called out to work. Tomorrow I’m off from picking the girls up and I sort of hope I don’t get called in to work so I can get something done around here. Stush is going to pick me up two bottles of Rit Tan Dye so that I can use it on the patriotic quilt in the guest room, I also need to do the curtains in there the same as my bedroom ones.

If you want to see who else is doing WWW stop over at Leslie’s My Country Home!

I hope you are all cozy and warm wherever you are:)



  1. Good evening my friend. It's easy to get in a rut this time of year, but try not to. It's a great time to get some things done inside before the weather turns warm. My son's birthday is March 10th and I also look at that date as a turning point. Cuddle up with your stitchery and watch a sappy movie! Keep warm, Dawn

  2. Hi Rondell, love the bowls! Like you I always walked by them, but not now, thanks for sharing! Love your tweaking, everything looks so nice and prim :)
    I too am in a rut when it comes to doing my re-dos and tweaking around the nest, but taxes are keeping me a little busy right now, can't wait for this season to be over!! Hope you can get some of your things done tomorrow. Look forward to seeing your quilt.

    Stay warm!!

  3. The bowls look absolutely wonderful! Yopu diod a great job on them!!

  4. Hiyas Rondell, I know those kind of bowls that look kinda like wood but aren't. What the heck are they made from anyway? It's not plastic and it's not wood .. I always tap-tap it and wonder if it could be painted but then just put them back. I guess you're the guinea pig on this. Thanks for trying it. I won't pass them up the next time. I'll be making mine black and GREEN! :)

  5. Hi Rondell,
    Your bowls look great!!
    Love your tweaking too!!
    I always feel Blaa this time of year. Like so many others.... I am ready for Spring. Ive been in quite a rut when it comes to decorating. I want to do something NEW. But everytime I try, I cant figure out what to do and end up putting everything back just the way it was!!
    I think I need a shopping trip!! New goodies always seem to help!! LOL!!
    Take Care, Tam

  6. I bought one of those salad bowls from GW and painted it a mustard color. It was more of an oblong serving type bowl. Mine turned out pretty well. Yours look great!

  7. wer'e in that sort of rut too with endless summer heat... to hot to go out, and you kind of lose your mojo for everything in the end! once your weather imporves youll probably feel more like doing stuff then! I do like your header!

  8. I will have to be on the look out for some of those bowls too now. I would love to have at least one to use around here for bowl fillers.

    We're expecting a storm tonight so I am gonna stay bundled up and enjoy it.

    Take Care,

  9. Hi Rondell.............I know what you mean, I have had to push myself to get things even started let alone finished lately.
    Those bowls turned out great and I love the look of boxwood.
    Just a bit of snow for us last night but it's to be extremely cold this weekend. I plan on staying in for sure, maybe completing something!

  10. I love how the bowls turned out and you can't tell they're not wood! Love the wreath too:)

  11. Hi Rondell, Luv your bowls.They turned out great. It's very easy to get in a rut this time of year. The girls on here are so inspiring when it comes to getting things done. Gets me motivated. Just like the tweaking in your entry. Makes me want to redo everything. Looks great!

  12. Your entry looks great. I always had trouble finding my prims after Christmas too. Finally I decided to put them in my Christmas boxes as I empty them. When it's time to put Christmas away, there is everything in one spot. Have a good day.

  13. Hey Rondell! The bowls look great! I'm not sure that I know what they are made of or what they looked like before. But they look like old wood bowls now for sure!
    I have been in a rut for awhile now. Not that I have a lot of time with Bama consuming most of my attention everyday now. LOL! I haven't even tweaked anything in awhile.
    Anyway, you have a great day! I always love to visit you!

  14. Rondell,
    I think the first painted bowls I had were those kind...You can make a lot of things look like wood that aren't with some paint :) Even if you use plastic, if you have a tanish color that you very carefully go around the edges, like where you would normally sand the pieces, it looks like wood is showing through :)

    Yes, I have the same issue with stuff I put away for Christmas! I have started putting the stuff in the Christmas boxes so when we get them back out to put the stuff away, they are right there. However, Jeremy got the bright idea to use new boxes since we were using two or three for one thing or what not, trying to organize more. Well, he didn't bring the old boxes in and I had to go out and dig. Now we have like double the stuff and half of it needs thrown out because the boxes are filled with empty boxes...lol

    Have a great day :)


    P.S.-I finally bought a pair of the knock-off Ugg's and started wearing them. I still can't get myself to tuck my pants into them but I found they are SOO warm and just what I need for outside recess! I just bought a black pair the other day...now I have brown and black :)

  15. I have passed those bowls up at my GW. I may have to rethink those! :) I loved how yours turned out.


  16. Rondell,
    Your bowls look great!! Our GW hasn't had anything good lately either.
    I've not been in much of a crafty mood since before Christmas, but have done a few small things.
    Take care and stay warm.

  17. I think your entryway looks wonderful! And I love the colors of those bowels too!!

  18. Rondell, Please let me know how the tan Rit Dye works. I haven't been totally pleased with it when I use it, do you have a secret? Mine always turns out a little on the peachy side. ~Ann

  19. I always get so many great ideas from you. I have seen those bowls many times and left them on the shelf. In fact, my mom had some years ago and they probably were taken to GW. Now I must go get some and try painting them. I also have the pattern for Char's Valentine penny mat and want to do it. I have great intentions but when I get home from work those intentions are replaced with other necessary "chores". One day.....

  20. Hi Rondell,
    Those bowls turned out great but if they're not wood, what are they made of?
    The changes in your entryway look great, of course. You have such a great eye for placing things.
    I haven't had much luck at GW lately either up until Friday. I felt like I hit a jackpot! LOL! I'll have to take some pictures and post about my GW finds soon.
    Hugs to you~ Birgit

  21. Greetings from Kingston, PA. I stumbled upon your lovely blog, and I love the picture of George Washington and the patriotic mirror. Love all things patriotic.

  22. Oh wow, your not wood bowls look great! I've always had wood on my mind and passed those up too. I haven't had much luck with my GW either. The past 3 times I have come home empty handed. It just makes me sad because I see so many neat things on all these blogs. Oh well, maybe next time?

    I really like your tweaking in the entryway. I am a lover of all things patriotic.

    Hopefully soon, we can all get out of this blah rut that the weather has seemed to cause for us. Sunshine always helps!

    Have a great week~


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