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Thursday, January 21, 2010

~Hearts in MY Header~

Hello everyone, well all our snow is gone just some edging the sidewalk out front but now it’s muddy where ever you go:) I asked Stush if he thought winter was over and his answer was “no” we have alot of winter left yet. So I guess he’s right but oh how I’d like to see some green somewhere,LOL

The hearts I have in my header are from Shari from Homespun and Primitives, the mailman came today with the package of homespun hearts, I wanted something for Valentines Day but wanted something prim looking so decided to order these and they are wonderful and smell so good too! I can smell them while I’m typing this post:) I put them in a black bowl on my dining room table and love the look of it, Thanks Shari for such a quick delivery;) I I thought I’d


share the picture here on my post too:) If you want some hearts for Valentines Day stop by Shari’s you sure won’t be sorry:)

I stopped by another blog today and I’m so glad I did, you see I’ve went back and forth about painting my dry sink, it was my mom’s and my brother had bought it and stained it for her back in the 70’s. Well Debra http://blackcreekcolonial.blogspot.com had found one just like it at a TS and redid it, so there it was for me to see and decide to do it come spring, stop over Debra’s and take a look at what a great job she did…I think my mom would like the idea she liked to decorate too:)

That’s about all that’s been going on here I worked Tuesday and today so I was pretty tired by the time I got home but wanted to come on here and say hi and that I’m hoping you are all having a great evening no matter where you are:)

Also a great big hi to my newest “peeps” thanks for following my blog, it means alot to me because I know what busy lives we lead♥



  1. Hi Rondell! I'm one of your newest peeps and loving your blog! I also work Tues and Thurs and wore out by the time I get home.

    I am so loving your prim hearts! They are adorable! I love all the different homespun patterns.

    Thanks for the blogs to check out, I'm heading there next. Can't wait to see your dry sink re-do!

    Have a delightful day~

  2. I saw that dry sink makeover and it is gorgeous! Now I am looking forward to seeing what you do with yours in the spring!

    Your hearts are wonderful. Just the right touch for Valentine's Day!!

  3. Rondell, those hearts are the best! They are so very prim and look wonderful in your bowl. Love the pewter candle holder too! Good luck with your drysink. Love to see pictures when you are done. I am glad it is almost the end of the week too. Have a great evening!

  4. Hi Rondell!....I just love hearts, always have and probably always will....that being said, I have so many hearts and just can't seem to get enough! The homespun hearts you have in your bowl are adorable and they look great on the Lover's Knot placemat too!

    I'm off to have a look at the drysink you mentioned....have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  5. oh I do love those hearts in your header! Wish I could smell them! I'm off to the other blog to see the painted dry sink!

  6. Hi Rondell,
    The drysink looks perfect. What a bargain she got for $40. I can't wait to see yours when you redo it. Love your new hearts. A nice simple touch for Valentine's day.

  7. Rondell,
    Love the hearts!! I did see the drysink and it is wonderful!! I can't wait to see yours after you get it done.
    All of our snow is melted too with just a few little piles here and there. It has actually been unusually warm here for this time of year, but I know that the snow will most likely be back soon.

  8. Love the hearts..I have been wanting to make some so I think I will use home spun..I really like yours..I love the picture of the dog in the car...that is the cutest dog picture I have seen in a long time...I have 2 American Eskimos and 2 lab/shepard pups :)
    I am also a follower on your blog now and will be adding you to my blog roll :)

  9. Hi Rondell,

    I think Stush is right... We may still have a nice snow storm or two in our future yet. Can you believe the weather they are having in Iowa and Nebraska? I have friends in both states who keep me updated. Yesterday they were skating on ice and we were having thunderstorms and sunshine here in Missouri.

    Love the hearts!

    Take Care,

  10. Hi Rondell...My dog Peanut is saying "Look what you've started now!" I'm so glad to hear that you liked my dry sink make-over...I'm sure your Mom would approve of you re-doing hers...I'm sure it will hold an even bigger place in your heart once you make it a little bit of yours too. I am looking forward to seeing this project unfold. Love the prim hearts too. Have a wonderful winter day.

  11. LOVE the hearts, Rondell! And I'm also anxious to see your dry sink makeover. I'm sure it will be perfectly prim.

    Winter is very much here to stay in Maine. We got 2.5 ft of snow from our last back-to-back storms earlier this week. Even mud season seems pretty far away.

    Take care...

  12. Hey Rondell,
    So pleased that you are happy with your homespun hearts! They look great in your display.
    I can't wait to see what you do with the dry sink. I think I saw the one the gal paid $40.00 for. Wish we had treasures like that around here.........

  13. Very sweet gathering Rondell and Shari makes beautiful products doesn't she.

  14. Those hearts are great! And a perfect little Valentines addition to your table. Have a great day.

  15. LOVE the hearts Rondell.

    Thanks for the link to Debra's blog. Your right I love her dry sink too.


  16. Hearts are cute! Saw the dry sink , a fabulous job! So what color are you going to paint it? I have a piece to paint & am thinking(not sure yet) about going with the old blue, like you have on your cupboard. You are an inspiration.

  17. I'm no new peep but I love your blog as much as I did when I joined. :)

    Love the hearts!


  18. Your header photo is so pretty! I love the drysink re-do, and can't wait to see yours. It's so nice that you have a sentimental family piece to work with.

  19. Hi Rondell..
    I love your hearts..will have to check some out for myself.
    luv Annie.xxx

  20. Good morning Rondell. Those hearts are just perfect, I am going to have to head over and check out Shari's site. I love smell good things and who can resist some hearts? I'm so happy to be back in the blogging world.. I've missed you. I have a lot of catching up to do and now I have to find me a dry sink.. lol. You are a bad bad influence.. lol.

    Big Hugs,

  21. Rondell, I think your dry sink will look awesome when you are done! It's already a great piece, but painting it will update it and make it fit better with your style. I think your Mom would be very pleased that you get so much joy from something that was her's.
    Love the hearts in your header too!
    Have a great week!

  22. So cute those hearts are! I love hearts and especially this time of year!
    Hope your week is a good one!

  23. Rondell, I love those Valentine hearts!! That is very sweet of her! I can't wait to see the dry sink done. alos, I love the your blog the colors etc!!!!!!

    I hope you have a great week!

    Hillcrest Home Prims

  24. Love those prim heart ornies, Rondell and I love your blog background!

    How are those pretty granddaughters of yours doing?

    Have a great day!

  25. Cute prim heart bowl fillers!! I can't wait to see that dry sink redo.
    Blessings~ Birgit


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