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Monday, September 29, 2008

~A Thank You & Something New~

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Friday was a good day for me, most importantly my son, Nick's football team won and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be and it didn't rain so I'm very thankful for all of that! On the way to the game we stopped at the mailbox and I recieved the two giveaways I had won:) The first package was from Kimberly at My Brown Bag Studio, just the sweetest Christmas ornament ever and done so well! Kimberly even sent me a Christmas card with it, and to show you I put my Santa with it that I had got at a yardsale a week or so ago:)Thanks Kimberly, I love it and it will be put on my Christmas tree this year. The second evelope was the best soy tarts that I have ever smelled, I have the Apple Jack Peel one in my tart burner as I'm typing this and my house smells so good the other is cloves! Debra from Pilgrims and Pioneers had this giveaway and I'm so glad I won because I have never used soy ones before and always wanted to try them, there is a big difference, no waxy smell and not overpowering at all! Stop over and visit these two very special ladies okay?
Now here is my something new, as you can see from these two pictures my livingroom and diningroom is one long room, this pic is on the left side of the fireplace and the pic below is on the right side, that's doors on either side of the fireplace plus on the right side is also a window. Should I put valances on them or is there something I can do above them that I just can't think of, I'd love some suggestions:) I just don't know what to do, when I moved in here there were dark, country blue, foldup shades, well they made it so dark in here that I convinced Stush to get these Levilor blinds. Of course it seems everytime I talk him into something it ends up costing more :(
1: He had to buy the more expensive blinds because the other ones were to short for the doors and window.
2: He had to drill holes in the bottom of the doors for the blinds so they would stay put at the bottom...well he drilled just a smidge to high and the safety glass just shattered, looked like one of those bathroom windows that you can't see out or in:) A $170.00 to get it fixed and installed! Yikes!!!

It was the first door window that you see in the picture below, Stush was not a happy camper let me tell you!

It does brighten it up alot though so my mission was accomplished. lol

Friday, September 26, 2008

~New Halloween Stitchery and My Fall Decorating Outside~

I finally finished this Halloween stitchery last night then grunged it up, looks alot lighter then what it is and it is made on an old feedsack:) It's a freebie pattern from Betty at Primitive Betty's, thanks Betty I always visit your blog, you do such fantastic work. I have it in my keepingroom so that I can see it while I'm in the kitchen. They only thing I need now are some real pumpkins and gourds, today is certainly chilly enough to have them sitting outside and not rot. I still also need to add lights to my grapevine tree that is sitting on top of a wooden box.
This is out by the end of the driveway and also need some pumpkins there too!

Tonight I'll be at my son's football game freezing, you would think by now I'd be use to it but I'm not, I hate to be cold, if it rains, which they say it might, it will be even worse.
I hope everyone has a great fall weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Two Giveaways~

Hi everyone:) Boy, it was a fall day today, do you notice the wind blows more now? It was nice around noon but now it's chilly out and tomorrow they are calling for rain, not good for me to sit at a football game:(
I think this giveaway is so pretty, Terri from Thistle Down Primitives is having an October giveaway and will draw a name on October 3rd stop by and enter you could be the lucky winner, I would just love to have this in my home:) She mentioned that the background is an old army blanket, how neat is that? The second one is from Sue My Country Pleasures...she is having a Fall Fun Giveaway and you have until October 1st to stop over and enter.
I love it, I think it's so cute for Halloween and if your the winner you have a choice of this one or a fall decorated one, how neat is that?

I watched Samantha today so I'm a little tired, Michele had to go into Pittsburgh for work so I had to be there earlier then usual and leave later:) I took Sydney to the bus stop then brought Samantha home to dress her for preschool, drove her to school then went to the GW. Not much there...I did buy a silver platter for a $1.00, I needed something for the holidays for cookies or pie, the owners name was still taped to the bottom! A nice medium sized basket of silk poinsettas for $1.59 and a frame to paint black, like I said not much. I also stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and they had their felt on sale, now I know it's not the good wool felt but I'm so anxious and interested in making a penny rug that I did the most stupidest thing...I bought a yd of five different colors! When I got to my car I thought why didn't I buy just a half a yd of each.duh!
They were so slow in there today and I was pressed for time because I didn't want to be late picking up Samantha.
So now I have all this felt, that isn't wool felt, now what am I going to do with it? Do you ever have one of these type of days where you feel like your brain had gone on vacation and hadn't come back yet! LOL

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~Shay's Giveaway~

September 30th Shay will draw names for her giveaway...such talent this girl has! The 1st pic is the 1st prize...
This is the 2nd... and these are the 3rd, I can just smell that sweet annie!

Pay her a visit and enter this great giveaway, the weather here is beautiful and I'm waiting on Stush to get back from a farm where he is getting me cornstalks and bales of hay so I'll be outside decorating today:) Have a great day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

~Amish Baby Bonnet~

Isn't it the sweetest thing? I just love it and I got it from Mary ! It's stiff and has long black ribbon and you can see the tucks in it, I've hung it in my bedroom from a peg shelf. I ordered it before Mary left for Louisiana,and she was worried about getting it to me but I wasn't worried at all... when she returned was fine with me:) So Mary was so sweet to send along these adorable stars that spell FAITH as a sweet surprise.
I already have an idea with them for Christmas:)
Thank you so much Mary!
Happy first day of Fall everyone.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

~The Covered Bridge Festival and Mary's Giveaway~

It was hot!!! I don't think people expected it to get that way, I know I felt bad for the people who had on black Steeler shirts! It's always fun though, the weather was good as far as no mud from rain, this week has been beautiful fall weather for us here in PA.
This is the Ebenezer Bridge which we go to last... each bridge in Washington and Greene County have this every year and we always look forward to it. We also go to the Henry Bridge first, there isn't any shade there so we always hit that one then drive to the Ebenezer. There are 210 covered bridges in the commonwealth of PA, 22 are in Washington County and 7 in Greene. The knickname for them is the "Kissin Bridges" when a suitor would steal a kiss from their sweethearts. They took their red color from an early paint formula, the red oxides in the local soil were a natural insect-proofer even today though with modern paint they still keep the traditional color:) This is a cute picture of Michele with the girls, I'll have to print this out and give it to her although she will be upset because I got the backside of her:)
Here is a picture from the bridge...so many sellers and I was happy to see some prim, although one was soooo expensive. There are also tents on the other side of the bridge:)

Of course these two had to ride the train but their mom said they had to eat their lunch first, the cars are made out of barrels:)

I bought this black ticking towel for 9.95 which I thought was alot but I liked it so brought it home with me because I knew I would have got home and wished I had bought it:)
One person is there every year and sales nothing but beautiful dried flowers but no bittersweet:(
I've always wanted dried sunflowers to hang from my mantel, Stush calls them dead flowers!

The last tent we stopped at before heading home had so many neat ideas! I just stood there and tried, with two hot kids, to take in everything, Michele bought a beautiful, prim light fixture for her entryway for 68.00 but I've seen them go for 150.00 and up. I finally decided on this painted pail with eucalyptus in it, only because I never buy anything like it usually, right now it's in my bedroom but could be moved around after fall decorating is put away:)
I also bought some things for Christmas gifts and two sweatshirts for American Girl dolls, and some dried gourds which are pretty neat for 3 for a $1.00. All in all a good, fall day.

Aren't you glad Mary is back safe and sound? I sure missed her posts and was so happy to be blogging and notice that there was a post from her mentioning her 100th post giveaway! Stop over for a visit and enter to win.

Love the sheep, Mary;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

~Just Thought You'd like to Know~

I was blog hopping and found another neat prim blog and I thought I'd let you know that she is having a neat giveaway! Ginger at Primitives by the Light of the Moon is giveing away a tartwarmer,tarts and a pumpkin penny rug! Click on her name and find out all about it. She will be drawing a name September 25th!
I hope you all are having a glorious fall day like we are having here!

Friday, September 19, 2008

~Tired and Tagged~

I took these pics yesterday, on Tuesday's and Thursday's I take and pick up Samantha to go to preschool plus get Sydney off to the bus for 1st grade...after I took her to lunch at McDonald's and she played in their playland, I sit there and hold my breath while she is up in that tunnel thing:) Grammy is tired on Tuesday's and Thursday's.LOL When we got to preschool she asked "Did you bring your camera Grammy?" I had but almost forgot to take the pics:) They had to wear red that day, they love to see theirselves on my blog, I think that's why she asked about the camera:) After I got her in the door I went to GW, nothing to take a picture of really, I did find a container of artifical grass for $2.99 that I know sell for close to $20.00, another picture frame for .99 also I did find a grater for .99 not old but used so I put that up above the kitchen cabinets.
Yesterday after I got home I pulled weeds, no wonder I was so tired last night, and accidentally pulled out some marigolds, now I always love the look of flowers in an old jar and I think they look so pretty. The bread board I found at a yardsale for $1.00 and painted and distressed it. The wood bowl, I found 3 of them for a $3.00, I stained the inside and used red primer spray paint from the Dollar Store on the outside of it. I think Lisa from Black Sheep Primitives had said she used this in one of her posts...correct me if I'm wrong:) Love the barn red shade of it so I'll be using it quite often.

I've had these two spice tins for years and I keep them in the hoosier drawer so I don't forget to put them out, they are really the start of the holiday seasons for me, have been for years...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are entering that time of year friends:)
I did this stitchery for my bedroom and finally found a frame for it and I'd love to paint the top pantry box black but I think I need to buy some satin paint first, as they have a different type of finish, my sister bought me these for Christmas one year and I always loved them but I want to update them from the 90's.

Sue from The Cotton Patch has tagged me, thanks Sue:), to name 6 random things about me, so here goes:
1. I used to work for a leading department store in cosmetics and fragrances, I loved it but once the grandchildren started coming I realized that my life wasn't my own with working in sales and was missing family functions.
2. I love to exercise...I have every DVD there is practically on exercising thanks to Chris, I even got Stush to buy me Fluidity, maybe you have seen this on the paid program channels. Don't get me wrong it still takes alot for me to get up and go down to the basement to do it!
3. I won't eat veal or lamb, just can't get it down past my throat, Stush loves both.
4. I hate to dust:)
5. The older I get the more I'm becoming my mother...which is not a bad thing:)
6. Love to wrap presents!
Now I have to pass this on to 6 ladies, this is great because we get to know a little more about each other:)
1. Tammy from Country Girl at Home
2. Gina from Cat Nap Inn Primitives
3. Linda from Behind My Red Door
4. Pam from Antique or Not
5. Kimberly from My Brown Bag Studio
6. Deanie from Deanie's Space
There done!!! These are fun but so hard to chose from all the great ladies out there in blogland:)
So many of you have commented on my door hanger in my header...I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics:)
I've also switched over to blogger approval...had too.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~Early Breakfast and The Yellow Farmhouse Giveaway~

Yep, I was up really early today because it was Grandparents Day at school and we had breakfast with the grandchildren in the cafeteria:) Here's Sydney enjoying her chocolate milk, after this picture I wanted one of us together but you guessed it...it came up on the screen that I needed new batteries. grrrr I was so disappointed! We had a nice time though, she showed me her room and met her 1st grade teacher:)
I can't help it... I have to post these wonderful fall giveaways...not only is it fun to enter while keeping your fingers and toes crossed but I think they are set up so pretty in the photos don't you? The Yellow Farmhouse is giving this beautiful table runner and fall pumpkins in the 1st drawing, I just love it and have the perfect place to put it:) The 2nd drawing is just fall eye candy...look at the Willie Raye cat on top of the pumpkin, love the sweet towel and the candy corn blocks. So stop by for a visit to find out how you can enter:)

I want the towel ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

~Another Wonderful Giveaway~

Look at this wonderful fall giveaway that Janae is having...isn't she sweet to do this? Everything pictured is to be given away Saturday morning! So go over to Cozy Coops Corner and enter this great giveaway! Just love it all!!!

~Getting Ready For Winter~

While the weather isn't rainy, hot or muggy, Stush is putting some porch and pool things away and also getting ready to cover the pool. The weather is alot cooler then yesterday so I think that's why he started this project:)
I decorated a bit out by the pool house, my marigolds did great, first time I've ever had them. I think next year though I'll go back to the impatients they always did well planted there.
In back of the trellis is fern that I transplanted to here from down the hill on our property they really took so I hope they will even spread a bit next spring:) This is my climatis... it is the third time to bloom this year, hopefully next year we will see many more blooms I sure hope so because I love seeing the ones that are just covered with flowers in other peoples yards. I don't know about you but it's sort of sad to see the flowers and know that soon as a frost hits they will be gone, I know alot of you love fall and say it is your favorite season but I'm partial to spring whenever everything is fresh and new.
Oh well, for everything there is a season!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Isn't This Sweet~

I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday, I've just been putzing around today with the AC back on because here in PA we are back up to 87 and humid but tomorrow just 69!
I thought this was so cute and won it on ebay I think it's neat how she put the picture of the little girl and boy on to this fabric and made it into a needful:) I also moved my scrub board from the kitchen and into my diningroom on my drysink looks better on the drysink I think:)

I'm doing another sampler and I've been working on that this weekend, when I'm done I'll post a pic of it, it's a Halloween one!

I have a roast and potatoes in the crockpot and will be ready before the Steeler game comes on this evening. Have a wonderful day:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

~Super Giveaway and New Etsy Shop Opening~

Look what Jo-Ann is giving away...I want that soap dispenser.LOL Love those BOO blocks too!
Commet on her blog and she will enter you once...post her giveaway on your blog she will enter you twice and purchase something from her new Etsy shop and she will enter you ten times...Well, Jo-Ann I've did ALL the things that you asked. I can't wait to see who wins on September 19th. Your Etsy shop is wonderful!!! Stop over and have a wonderful visit!

~My Fun Friday~

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fun Friday too, we all need that once in a while don't we?
I was blog surfing when I came home from the GW and Historical Society porch sale and came across Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch great post on using dishes to make tiered tabletop server's for under $5.00...they are wonderful and I do plan on making one, I think they would be great for the holidays.
Which reminded me of what I had done way back in August...all from Goodwill... and by the way I saw it done on Cherry Hill Cottage in some back posts wish I could remember which one:) You just need a dinner plate, tea cup and a cheese dome, the cheese domes are the most expensive I paid about 3.99 for each of the three I bought and sometimes you have to buy both pieces which I just throw away.
I like this one the best that I did, it's all a creamy white with a black homespun tied around the top, I love the edgeing on this plate. This one is a little fancier but pretty for all those holiday cookies!

This one is pink edged with tiny pink flowers on the cup. BTW that's faux food that I won from Ebay:) I think they would be neat to leave out all the time with faux cupcakes or cinnamon buns!
This is what I came home with from the porch sale and GW, the Christmas ribbon I got for .25 a piece, snowman $2.00, clay pot painted for fall .50 and the cardinal in a nest for .25 I figured I can put him in the tree branches, my mom loved cardinals:) The Wisconson Homestead crock I found at GW for $2.00 anyone from Wisconson no anything about it? I think cheese came in it?
Notice my new mini blinds? Believe me that's a whole other story. LOL

If Stush would have been home I would have had him take a pic of me in this beige sweater from Spegiel for $3.99 at GW, it's brandnew and so soft, the bottom part of the sweater is like the pattern on the sleeve. Love it and I can just imagine the original price it had been, I can't wait to wear it:)
Now I think I need a new pair of brown boots to go with it!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

~102 Minutes That Changed America~

Terrifying is the only thing I can say for that day, I didn't turn on the television that morning, I was getting ready to go to work...didn't even turn on the radio in the car, why? I don't know, I didn't know about it until later in the morning... going into work I did notice the plain blue sky which was usually crisscrossed with jet clouds and I thought it looked so odd, finally at work in the lunch room I watched on tv the horror of that day even the shock of watching the 2nd plane go into the building. I called each one of my kids just to see where they were at... Michele was pregnant with Sydney and off that day, Nick and Michael were teaching and Chris was in Pittsburgh in backed up traffic trying to get out to come home...everyone was safe.

A year later I went to New York City and visited the site of the downed Twin Towers, I will never forget the erriness of the place the total quiet, the twisted steel in the form of the cross, the front of the fire station still with boots, coats and flowers and steps leading up to no where, I wonder if they have kept those steps for a memorial... I know there was talk of it.

That day has taught me one thing never ever take your love ones for granted...all those men and women kissed their loved ones goodbye expecting to come home for supper... they didn't.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Here's How They Turned Out and My Ten Things I Love About Fall~

I think they turned out okay, I might have to give them another coat of paint though, I just brought them in from outside, I've always wanted prim black cats and have bid on Ebay but always get outbid:0 Also wanted to show you the table in the middle of the room...went downstairs to get the other chair and here Michael had put a TVon it so I didn't think I should lift it so right now there is only one chair. I may look for another chair at the fleamarket or GW... I just might paint them black.:)
Here is my Top Ten Things that I love about Fall!

1. The smell in the air...you just know it's fall!

2. The different scents of candles for fall, they even look good with their fall colors

3. The craft shows...love the Covered Bridge Festival the atmosphere is wonderful, the craft booths are all set up around the red covered bridge. The SpringHouse is always there with their different types of pies, I always bring one home for Stush.

4. The grandaughters with the Halloween costumes on and the town Halloween parade that they always want to walk in!

5. Food!!! Beef stew, chilli, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies:)

6. The trees...love the ones that turn reddish gold.

7. It get darker earlier...like it in the fall but not in January and February.

8. Winter clothes, I love my turtlenecks and sweaters, jeans and boots:)

9. Walking in the leaves and hearing them crunch.

10. School starting...they have grandparents day where Sydney goes to

school and we have breakfast together there!

Monday, September 8, 2008

~Fleamarket Finds and JoAnn Fabric~

Stush went to the Steeler game yesterday so I went to the fleamarket. Not much that I wanted...I'm looking for kitchen things to put up above my cupboards with my crocks and bowels instead of the tins, one thing I found is that graters are becoming scarce, I used to find them all the time, now I haven't found one for a very long time. I did find an old, plain feedsack for $1.50 that I'll use for my stitcheries. The rolling pin I got for $3.00 I'll put it in the crock with the rest, then I found 25 feet of Martha Stewart Christmas ribbon for a $1.00, brand new and the original price on it was $5.99. I want to learn how to make those lovely Christmas bows for my presents this year, Robin at Robin's Nest has a video to watch for making bows and I plan on doing that soon. I also bought a wooden box for $3.00 and two hanging baskets of mums each at $5.00 a piece, much cheaper than Walmart! After I left there I stopped at JoAnn Fabric everything pictured was 40% off except for the fall leaves. Also picked up some wire stems for the bows!
After that I went to get my nails done and here they weren't open, Closed on Sunday's the sign said, so I'll do that tomorrow:) On my way home I stopped at the Country Store and bought two of these make-do's, one for my daughter, plus all the homespun is $3.00 a yd... loved this black homespun.

I also bought two other prim items but can't show them...one is for a gift and I just sent it out today so I know she doesn't have it yet:) The other is for my Christmas Stocking Swap that Robin is hosting. Yes, I've started to buy for that already because it will be here before you know it.:) Have a great evening everyone!

~Hurry UP For This ONE!~

Well, it's Monday and I watch Sam and get Syd off to school today but I wanted to post Lisa's giveaway before I left this morning... her blog is Black Sheep Prims Homeplace. She will draw a winner on Tuesday, September 9th so...hurry on over for this one:) Love the Bittersweet stitchery that she has done and do love the candycorn ornies too!
I'll be back later on today...have a great day everyone.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

~Two Giveaways to Tell You About~

It's fall like out and everyone is in the mood for candles, fire in the fireplaces, pumpkin anything, cozy quilts and just a cozy home and that's what these two ladies are going to give you if you are the winner...myself I'm keeping my fingers crossed:) Char from The Pickled Pepper Patch is giving away this great medium sized breadboard, faux cinnamon rolls that she makes, two aged wooden spoons and a wooden bowel to the very lucky winner. I just love it!!! Stop over for a visit she will draw the name on September 15th. Colleen from And baby Makes Five is having a Fall Giveaway...look at what she made! A prim witch shelf sitter plaque, fall arrangement, soap from Bath and Body, kitchen towels and a package of apple napkins, now if that doesn't say fall I don't know what does:) She will be drawing the winner Friday morning September 12th. Stop over for a nice visit:0

Stush went to the Steeler game today and I went to the fleamarket...I'll post about that tomorrow!