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Thursday, September 4, 2008

~I Don't know if I Like These Dishes~

I just don't know if I like them or not, have you ever did that? Love them in the store and then when you get them home "you just don't know"? I bought them at Walmart and I could see that they had been very popular they were almost sold out. I've had them in the box for about three weeks,they are darker then what the camara is showing. I needed new dishes...we have a combination of his and mine and I'm so tired of the country blue dishes that I bought at Big Lots about seven years ago and thought they were fabulous:) Maybe it's because they are a dark red and I'm just not used to them.

The mugs are a really nice size and the dinner plates are huge, which I don't know if that's a good thing or not, I guess I just need to get used to them. I only bought a set of four because I like the mixed look of dishes, so I'm on the look out for another set. I know what I want, the dishes in the Country House catalog with the black stars on them sigh, but...that's not possible right now.

Okay, I'm done whining thanks for letting me.lol

On the normal end of life...Sydney is loving school and Samantha starts preschool Tuesday, I watched them this morning and got Sydney on the bus. Sam spilt her milk on the carpet and later on sat on silly putty and got it in the carpet, I tried to get it out as much as I could. All the while I'm doing this I keep thinking that I've did this all before.LOL


  1. Oh I love the dishes...I think they look great! But I know what you mean when you wonder or I don't know. But I am sure the more you see and use them the more they will grow on you.

    Oh no...little messes...poor Grammie. You probably never thought you would be doing this all over again. But I am sure because she is your granddaughter, it's not all that bad. Is she anxious to start pre-school?

    Have a great afternoon :)


  2. I like the dishes, too. I often do the same thing, buy something, get it home, then wonder "what was I thinking" It usually involves clothes, though. I want those same dishes from The Country House. Love your blog.

  3. I think they are great :)

    I have the same set....well, last years version in navy blue. I LOVE them. I just wanted something simple and cheap works because I have kids ;)

    It might just be the new look that's getting you and yes, I have done that before...many times! I have even picked out the perfect item after much debating and ended up returning it to the store!

    Have a great day!

  4. I think they look wonderful against your tablecloth, Rondell. Then again I've always been partial to red. Maybe they'll just take a bit of getting used to...

    Glad that the kids are doing well at school. Michaela has her open house tomorrow morning -- and then the school year routine really begins!

    Have a good week...

  5. I am crazy about red so I love your plates. I like them alot with the checked tablecloth.
    I also love your header-Anybody with a red door is #1 on my list (yeah, I have a red door) :)

  6. I so need new dishes mine keep getting cracks in them. My MIL bought me Henn pottery dishes in country blue, cranberry, and green sponged way back when I first got married. That was when I was in my cutesy country stage. Now I want something different just don't know what yet. Hey try out the red ones if you don't like them find something else later.


  7. I like them, but i know what you mean. I am good for buying stuff and second guessing myself or not buying it and go back to get it and whatever it was be gone!

  8. Oh girl - red is wonderful! Think of them at Christmas and then Valentines, and then in the summer with patriotic decor and watermelons and then in the fall with all the other warm colors. Yup, red is wonderful!

  9. They look great to me!! I think you could buy black and coordinate black and red--that would be fun. What is the Country House? Sounds like a great place to get things. Julie

  10. I like those dishes. In fact, I love them! Mine are red too!!
    Good choice :)

  11. Rondell,
    I also think the red dishes look great with your table cloth. Plus I've been on a red kick lately. Have to have more of it in my kitchen and I really like touches of red with my black painted furniture.
    Maybe you'll find some other dishes that you like later on that will go with them and you can mix/match them together for a whole new look.

  12. Keep them, they are great. Red is hot!! tee hee. They will grow on you and if you decide you don't like them you can have an 'cooking accident' and get new ones!!! Or say you tripped on the silly puddy in the carpet!!!

  13. I think they look great! They look perfect with your tablecloth--and it helps that red is my favorite color!!! Have a great day!

  14. Glad the kid had a good start to school.

    And I love your new dishes too! :)


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