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Monday, September 1, 2008

~Thirty Nine Years Ago~

Yes, 39 years ago today I had my first child, Michele Lee, and it was Labor Day back then too.LOL Lord, I was only 18 just a kid myself...but you couldn't tell me that! I knew it all, well now I know I didn't but it has taken me a long time to find that out:) I'm so glad I had her she has turned into a fantastic woman. Michele was just promoted to bank manager, I look at her and I'm so proud at what she has accomplished in her life. I'm also thankful she has given me two of the sweetest grandaughters a grammy could have:)
I took a pic of her birthday cake I figured I may as well I've been doing it for 39 years so I didn't see me stopping now:) This is Michele with my son's daughter Alexandra

Happy Birthday Michele!
Oh, BTW I named her after Michele Lee when she played on "Laugh In" :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    How nice of you to still make her a cake for her birthday! I hope to do something like that for my kids even when they are adults. I even try to make Jer's day special for him because his Mom never made a big deal out of his birthday...

    Hope you had a great day!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful girls.. I cant find your email address anywhere!
    mine is denucci4@yahoo.com.

  3. where does the time go...can you believe it was 39 years ago....doesnt it seem like it was just yesterday....my oldest will be 35 this january and i can hardly believe it...your daughter is just bueatiful....and doesnt look 39...

  4. Happy Birthday,Michelle. Looks like you all had a good day.Hope you don't mind me asking what is labour day and why do you celebrate it?Love your new pictures of your header.Take Care~Kate~

  5. I wanted to give you this award, but I see you already have one. Oh well, enjoy another!

    You can see your award at www.victoriahillfarm.blogspot.com

  6. What a beautiful lady she is! Happy Birthday to her!

  7. Hope Michele had a wonderful birthday!! I will be 38 next week!

  8. I didn't realize that we have this in common--my Dawn is 39! I was only 18 when she was born! I really didn't know anything and there are days when I still don't. Just ask my teen aged grandkid!
    Michele is beautiful as is my Dawn. We are blessed!

  9. Congratulations on having such a wonderful daughter!
    Happy Birthday Michelle!

    The cake is lovely!

  10. Happy Birthday to Michele! What a wonderful tribute, Rondell.

    And you sure do look ready for fall! I love your new header.

    Have a good week!


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