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Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Isn't This Sweet~

I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday, I've just been putzing around today with the AC back on because here in PA we are back up to 87 and humid but tomorrow just 69!
I thought this was so cute and won it on ebay I think it's neat how she put the picture of the little girl and boy on to this fabric and made it into a needful:) I also moved my scrub board from the kitchen and into my diningroom on my drysink looks better on the drysink I think:)

I'm doing another sampler and I've been working on that this weekend, when I'm done I'll post a pic of it, it's a Halloween one!

I have a roast and potatoes in the crockpot and will be ready before the Steeler game comes on this evening. Have a wonderful day:)


  1. Hi Rondell,
    Wow, you really are on top of things! Busy, busy, busy!
    I love your little E bay buy!
    So cute.
    Guess I'd better get busy too! :)
    We just got back from my parents and from visiting our grandsons 300 miles away. We went over there Friday-Packed a full day in on Saturday and drove back home Saturday night...I just wanna veg now! :)
    Take Care,

  2. Rondell,
    You have a really cute blog. I got your comment just a little while ago on mine. Thanks for stopping by, and your for your kinds words. Can't wait to see your Halloween sampler you are working on. I'll put your link on mine so I can keep up with it! You seem to have a talent in all areas, I'm sure the rug hooking will come easily to you. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  3. Rondell, your supper sounds so good, comfort food! Its hot up here in NY also, weird for September weather eh? Where abouts in PA are you?

    Enjoy that meal:)

  4. Stopping by to say hello and see all you have been up to :O) Your kitties are cute! I so enjoyed looking at your pictures, I love your old table!! I have such a weakness for old wood tables!
    Shayne Louree

  5. Everything looks so nice Rondell! It's muggy here today and worse tomorrow - hopefully cool again on Tuesday. I hate the heat and humidty. UGH!

  6. Love that! Too cute! And I love your scrub board! I think it would look great anywhere!
    Have a blessed week!

  7. That little bag is so sweet! I have adorable pictures of my mom and dad, when they were infants in the late 1800'2 and early 1900's. I am now inspired to make me some keepsake bags with them. Love this!

  8. Hi, Rondel. I love your ebay buy, too. Dinner sounds good. We just got home & I put a pot of chili on, it's still pouring rain. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Went to joanne's, they are moving to a new store & they were almost sold out of everything. No black woolfelt. I picked up some craft paints and thread. That's all. Enjoy the football game.


  9. Hi:) Thanks for the encouragement with Noah...I need it! I totally feel your pain on the heat...I'm in NC and it was in the 90s today! Ugh! Hopefully it will start feeling more like fall to match everyone's decorations! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks! Have a great week! <3Lauren

  10. i put a pork roaast in the crockpot today to make a couple meals this next week. Your washboard is gorgeous and looks great on the dry sink. I am anxious to see the sampler. I want to make a mother-daughter one as a gift. hope to find the time...

  11. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday, Rondell. Everything looks so ready for fall! And I'll bet the roast was yummy, too.

    We've had rain and humidity this weekend -- which is odd for September. I hope the fall weather gets here quick!

  12. Can't wait to see your new stitchery...you do the neatest things! Had roast myself today!

  13. Rondell- Got the GREAT GOODS on Friday! I LOVE THEM! Thanks you- Justina

  14. Everything looks so nice Rondell! I am hoping to get some fall decorating done but not sure if it will happen! Getting ready to start harvesting flax and we lots of school sports and activties going on today! Have a great day.

  15. Can't wait to see your sampler! I've been doing a bit of stitching myself. Life has been busy and I've been storing up my creativity, but these fall nights just are too much for and I had to push everything else aside and get out my stitchery.



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