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Sunday, September 21, 2008

~The Covered Bridge Festival and Mary's Giveaway~

It was hot!!! I don't think people expected it to get that way, I know I felt bad for the people who had on black Steeler shirts! It's always fun though, the weather was good as far as no mud from rain, this week has been beautiful fall weather for us here in PA.
This is the Ebenezer Bridge which we go to last... each bridge in Washington and Greene County have this every year and we always look forward to it. We also go to the Henry Bridge first, there isn't any shade there so we always hit that one then drive to the Ebenezer. There are 210 covered bridges in the commonwealth of PA, 22 are in Washington County and 7 in Greene. The knickname for them is the "Kissin Bridges" when a suitor would steal a kiss from their sweethearts. They took their red color from an early paint formula, the red oxides in the local soil were a natural insect-proofer even today though with modern paint they still keep the traditional color:) This is a cute picture of Michele with the girls, I'll have to print this out and give it to her although she will be upset because I got the backside of her:)
Here is a picture from the bridge...so many sellers and I was happy to see some prim, although one was soooo expensive. There are also tents on the other side of the bridge:)

Of course these two had to ride the train but their mom said they had to eat their lunch first, the cars are made out of barrels:)

I bought this black ticking towel for 9.95 which I thought was alot but I liked it so brought it home with me because I knew I would have got home and wished I had bought it:)
One person is there every year and sales nothing but beautiful dried flowers but no bittersweet:(
I've always wanted dried sunflowers to hang from my mantel, Stush calls them dead flowers!

The last tent we stopped at before heading home had so many neat ideas! I just stood there and tried, with two hot kids, to take in everything, Michele bought a beautiful, prim light fixture for her entryway for 68.00 but I've seen them go for 150.00 and up. I finally decided on this painted pail with eucalyptus in it, only because I never buy anything like it usually, right now it's in my bedroom but could be moved around after fall decorating is put away:)
I also bought some things for Christmas gifts and two sweatshirts for American Girl dolls, and some dried gourds which are pretty neat for 3 for a $1.00. All in all a good, fall day.

Aren't you glad Mary is back safe and sound? I sure missed her posts and was so happy to be blogging and notice that there was a post from her mentioning her 100th post giveaway! Stop over for a visit and enter to win.

Love the sheep, Mary;)


  1. I'm glad you had such a great day, Rondell -- heatwave and all. Your finds are so sweet.

    And, yes, I"m glad that Mary's back home ... safe and sound and hosting a giveaway. Such fun!

    Have a good week!

  2. Hi, Rondell! I've always wanted to see a covered bridge in person but never have. Our one daughter will have her PHD in December & was thinking of moving to Vermont, but now it looks like Washington state. Bummer, I so want to go east. Love all the stuff you bought, that towel is so prim & cute. We had a fun weekend, too.


  3. Rondell, that crow is called a "confidence crow" and we got it at Jay's sporting goods store. If you have any sporting goods stores around you, you'll probably find one. It was around $5.00, I think.


  4. I love covered bridges!! We have a few around here in Vt. I also love all your new goodies!! Have a great evening!~Wendy

  5. I love it all!! Looks like a place I would go to!!

  6. Looks like the girls had a blast on the train, what a neat idea to make the cars out of barrels. I love the towel you got.

  7. Rondell,
    I'm so glad you had a good time. We do not have covered bridges here. I am hopping to go to some festivals around here soon. Have a great day. And I'm glad Mary is back too!

  8. OH what nice goodies Rondell. Love the towel especially! Love where you put it too!

    It got warm and humid here today - yuck!!

  9. Hi Rondell!
    Oh I am glad I stopped by! What a beautiful picture of the covered bridge! Wow that looked like a lot of fun! I love all your finds! They are so cute!

    Oh, what a relief Mary is back home & safe! She's such a sweet lady! Many blessings and have a wonderful week!

  10. Sounds like a lovey day! It is the time for all sorts of wonderful festivals, isn't it? I took the boys to a Native American fest this weekend but my special Old Time Fest in on October 11th ... I can hardly wait!


  11. Morning Rondell!

    Those covered bridges are beautiful!! Great finds, love the towel. I saw Marys giveaway, awesome!!!

  12. It sure looks like it was a great time! Love that pail you bought!

  13. That looks like a good time :) There were lots of tents there! A lot of craft things around here don't get a bit turnout at all and if they do, they're the same people selling the same expensive stuff as last time. It sounds like you did well and the festival was a success:) (It's funny....the stitching on your towel almost looks like you put it there with the computer because it pops off of the ticking! LOL)

    Have a great day!


  14. What a fun day! I love your goodies too! I wish there were some festivals in my area like this. No prim at all :(

    And yes, I also missed Mary and am glad she is back home safe & sound! She is having an awesome give away!

    Have a great wek!

  15. Ooooh, that looks like fun!! I just love fall festivals with food, fun and crafts!!

    Your new prims look great in your home! Happy first day of fall!

  16. Hi Rondell...thanks for sharing your fun day with us!

  17. Looks like a wonderful day....come over to my blog! Beth

  18. Hi Rondell,
    The Covered Bridge Festival looks like it was wonderful. Wish I could of gone to that one. You know me, not only do I do craft shows but I love to go to them to shop also!! Love the dish towel. I make and sell alot of them at my shows.
    It sure looks like you had a great weekend.

  19. Oh my goodness Rondell,
    I love those covered bridges-It sure looks like you had the perfect day. I love everything you bought!
    Happy first day of fall,

  20. It was so much fun to see this post - we're in Berks County, PA, and covered bridges are near and dear to my heart. :o) Beautiful photos and such a wonderful day!

    Have a great Tuesday!


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