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Friday, September 19, 2008

~Tired and Tagged~

I took these pics yesterday, on Tuesday's and Thursday's I take and pick up Samantha to go to preschool plus get Sydney off to the bus for 1st grade...after I took her to lunch at McDonald's and she played in their playland, I sit there and hold my breath while she is up in that tunnel thing:) Grammy is tired on Tuesday's and Thursday's.LOL When we got to preschool she asked "Did you bring your camera Grammy?" I had but almost forgot to take the pics:) They had to wear red that day, they love to see theirselves on my blog, I think that's why she asked about the camera:) After I got her in the door I went to GW, nothing to take a picture of really, I did find a container of artifical grass for $2.99 that I know sell for close to $20.00, another picture frame for .99 also I did find a grater for .99 not old but used so I put that up above the kitchen cabinets.
Yesterday after I got home I pulled weeds, no wonder I was so tired last night, and accidentally pulled out some marigolds, now I always love the look of flowers in an old jar and I think they look so pretty. The bread board I found at a yardsale for $1.00 and painted and distressed it. The wood bowl, I found 3 of them for a $3.00, I stained the inside and used red primer spray paint from the Dollar Store on the outside of it. I think Lisa from Black Sheep Primitives had said she used this in one of her posts...correct me if I'm wrong:) Love the barn red shade of it so I'll be using it quite often.

I've had these two spice tins for years and I keep them in the hoosier drawer so I don't forget to put them out, they are really the start of the holiday seasons for me, have been for years...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are entering that time of year friends:)
I did this stitchery for my bedroom and finally found a frame for it and I'd love to paint the top pantry box black but I think I need to buy some satin paint first, as they have a different type of finish, my sister bought me these for Christmas one year and I always loved them but I want to update them from the 90's.

Sue from The Cotton Patch has tagged me, thanks Sue:), to name 6 random things about me, so here goes:
1. I used to work for a leading department store in cosmetics and fragrances, I loved it but once the grandchildren started coming I realized that my life wasn't my own with working in sales and was missing family functions.
2. I love to exercise...I have every DVD there is practically on exercising thanks to Chris, I even got Stush to buy me Fluidity, maybe you have seen this on the paid program channels. Don't get me wrong it still takes alot for me to get up and go down to the basement to do it!
3. I won't eat veal or lamb, just can't get it down past my throat, Stush loves both.
4. I hate to dust:)
5. The older I get the more I'm becoming my mother...which is not a bad thing:)
6. Love to wrap presents!
Now I have to pass this on to 6 ladies, this is great because we get to know a little more about each other:)
1. Tammy from Country Girl at Home
2. Gina from Cat Nap Inn Primitives
3. Linda from Behind My Red Door
4. Pam from Antique or Not
5. Kimberly from My Brown Bag Studio
6. Deanie from Deanie's Space
There done!!! These are fun but so hard to chose from all the great ladies out there in blogland:)
So many of you have commented on my door hanger in my header...I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics:)
I've also switched over to blogger approval...had too.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, Rondell! Your granddaughter is a little doll! I love your old spice tins. I have a couple myself. Love the color of your bowl, too. I'll have to remember that color. Don't you just love spray paint? I know I do. Have a great day.


  2. well I am off to try to think of things about me...thanks for the kudos..your grandbabys are so cute..I love to see the bargains you get too...got some 8x10 99cent frames at our dollar store..you can't be it..have a swell weekend..:)

  3. Rondell -

    Samantha is such a doll! What a cutie-pie!

    Thanks for tagging me; I'll have to on my thinking cap now.


  4. I love the little tins and all the other goodies that are starting to appear for the fall season!!!

  5. LOL you are tired girl! I got tagged the same time you did and I posted about it today.

    Love all your finds - such bargains. I never get those kinds!!

    Have a great weekend and rest up!

  6. LOL I should read my comments before I go reading blogs!

  7. Love all of your goodies. And your grandaughter is such a beautiful girl!
    I enjoyed learning more about you. I WISH I loved to excercise! LOL!
    I was tagged too, so I will be adding my list soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Rondell,

    I always look forward to seeing pictures of your thrift finds and how you repurpose them and give them a face lift! I love the wooden bowl! I also love the tins! Did I tell you that I'm going to try doing a stitchery for the first time? I picked up the supplies the other day....we'll see how it goes! The only kind I've ever done was years ago...counted cross stitching.

    I enjoy pictures of your darling grandaughters too and I always think of how much Joy would love playing with them!

    Have a great weekend! Oh, and thanks for tagging me and I'll answer the questions this weekend!


  9. I love all your new prims, Rondell!

    I wish I had your ambition to work out! Once I'm doing it, I'm fine...but getting myself to do it is the hard part. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  10. what a beautiful granddaughter~love all the bargains you got~they look great!

  11. Great bargains Rondell....loved looking at the pictures. You rest up and have a nice weekend!

  12. Hey lady, i tagged you too! Plus i have an award for ya.
    Your grandaughter is a cutie! Love the prims, as always good stuff!!

  13. What a sweet-hearted Grammy you are, Rondell!

    All of your fall goodies look fantastic and your granddaughter is adorable.

    Rest up and have some fun this weekend...

  14. Hi Rondell,
    your granddaughter is adorable~! 3 more months and I will be holding mine! I can't wait~
    Have a great weekend,

  15. Just wanted to say Hi and nice Blog.

    Stop by and visit sometime....

  16. Loved the cute finds and the sampler you stitched. And the sweet GD what a cutie. Love J

  17. What a little peach! Love those shining eyes.

    All your fall decor looks to nice. Love that little schoolhouse block too. What a nice touch!


  18. I enjoyed reading about you so much! I look forward to seeing how you have things displayed that you find....the tin spice cans are some that I remember from my childhood...wish I had some of the things I can remember!!! You have inspired me to try my first stitchery....

  19. She's adorable! And I love your fall decorations...especially the spice tins. Never saw any like that; but then, not being much of a cook, I've never spent much time in the 'spice aisle', even when I was younger! Take care.

  20. Your granddaughter is adorable!!! :) Such big beautiful eyes! :)

    I love all your pics! And the stitchery is beautiful! :)

  21. hey rodell....your girls are so cute...and i know how much fun you are having with them...isnt it great to spend all this time with them...i can't imagine not having my grandkids around me and not seeing them like i do...even if it does tire us out...it is well worth it...thanks for sharing your grands with me...such sweeties

  22. Your granddaughter is just to cute!
    I bet they both love spending time with their Grammy. They will grow up with the most fondest moments with you that they and you will treasure :)

    I love all your finds and how you have them displayed. I just love your chair in the back ground...oh what the heck, I LOVE everything.

    I wish I could be so ambitious about exercising like you. I HATE to and really need to so my body does not stiffen up but I have to push myself to literally do it.

    You are one great person and grandma :)


  23. She is so cute :)
    Love your new finds, I had some luck myself today !!

  24. Hi Rondell, I've enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your beautiful pictures. Your little granddaughter is just as sweet as can be!
    thanks for visiting my blog and adding me to yours. I've just added your blog to my list as well.
    I can't believe the awesome treasures you found.
    I also enjoyed learning more about you. I was tagged too! It's fun reading about everyone.
    Hugs & Blessings,


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