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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Here's How They Turned Out and My Ten Things I Love About Fall~

I think they turned out okay, I might have to give them another coat of paint though, I just brought them in from outside, I've always wanted prim black cats and have bid on Ebay but always get outbid:0 Also wanted to show you the table in the middle of the room...went downstairs to get the other chair and here Michael had put a TVon it so I didn't think I should lift it so right now there is only one chair. I may look for another chair at the fleamarket or GW... I just might paint them black.:)
Here is my Top Ten Things that I love about Fall!

1. The smell in the air...you just know it's fall!

2. The different scents of candles for fall, they even look good with their fall colors

3. The craft shows...love the Covered Bridge Festival the atmosphere is wonderful, the craft booths are all set up around the red covered bridge. The SpringHouse is always there with their different types of pies, I always bring one home for Stush.

4. The grandaughters with the Halloween costumes on and the town Halloween parade that they always want to walk in!

5. Food!!! Beef stew, chilli, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies:)

6. The trees...love the ones that turn reddish gold.

7. It get darker earlier...like it in the fall but not in January and February.

8. Winter clothes, I love my turtlenecks and sweaters, jeans and boots:)

9. Walking in the leaves and hearing them crunch.

10. School starting...they have grandparents day where Sydney goes to

school and we have breakfast together there!


  1. I love your cats...they turned out just prim :)
    I also love your table...
    And no problem at all about the error :)


  2. Rondell your cats turned out soooo adorable! I just love them! Forget being outbid on Ebay ever again!
    By the way, I'm just over here peeking around at your blog/taking notes getting ready to hook you up w/ your Christmas swap partner. :)

  3. Your cats came out so cute!!! Hope you have a great night!~Wendy

  4. The Cats are great! Makes me want to go make some with that wool i got yesterday! LOL

  5. Your cats are darling. And your table is beautiful. I loved hearing the top ten things you love about fall. You've got me all excited now.

  6. Rondell -

    I took one look at your table and thought, "She hasn't painted it BLACK yet???" ROFLMAO

    (It would look really nice black, I think.)


  7. I like the cats and I like seeing the plaid. Maybe just antiquing instead of more black? Just a though because I am not an expert on cloth prims!! LOL

    Love your top 10 and I love the table in the middle of the room. I have always enjoyed that look!

  8. Love your table. It reminds me of the tiny one that my Mom has in her "dining room". My parents bought it when they were first married. Maybe someday I can have it?...hmmmm...

    You spray painted your cats? LOL I have heard of people spray painting furniture and I brush paint on fabric...I just never thought to spray paint. They look good!

  9. I love your sweet little prim kitties! You did a great job on them. The table is very nice as well. I'd love to have some prim looking furniture, but haven't come across any yet.


  10. Your black cats turned out really good! And I really, really, love that table!

    Also love your top 10 fall list! Alot of my favorites too...


  11. Love your prim kittykats!! I also enjoyed reading your top ten--


  12. Don't ya just love black paint? Love all your wares! Justina
    P.s I'm impatiently awaiting my package :0)

  13. Rondell,
    Your cats turned out really great. They look wonderfully prim to me.
    I love your table and I think that the chairs would look good painted black.
    Love looking at your fall stuff and reading the top 10 things you love about Fall. I hope to do my fall decorating this weekend.

  14. Just love those cats, Rondell! YOu did a great job on them.

    Your entire room is just lovely. The table would look great black but it really does look just perfect the way it is.

    Always nice to visit!


  15. Your cats turned out so cute! And I have always wanted a rustic table and chairs instead of a coffee table. I love that look!

  16. Love how fall is shaping up at your home. keep the pictures coming. And ditto on the top ten things about fall. Love j

  17. LOVE your cats...you'll be selling some on e-bay!! Enjoyed reading your fall favorites, too.

  18. I love your cats--what a good idea!! Your table is also a great item. have a great day. julie

  19. Rondell,
    I just love the way your cats turned out...what a great job you did:)
    I finally got your package in the mail today, so hopefully it wont take too long to get to you.
    Wooly hugs,


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