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Thursday, February 25, 2010

~Whatcha Working On Wednesday-Thursday~

I really tried to get this done by yesterday but with taking Samantha to school and picking her up and making dinner… Chris had dinner with us, I just didn’t get the time I needed to get it done. I found this cabinet at GW, I almost left it because of the engraving in the wood on the door but I’ve learned IF YOU LIKE IT DON’T LEAVE IT BECAUSE IT WON’T BE THERE THE NEXT TIME !

I just noticed the water is running from the faucet.LOL



Here is a closer look…I thought maybe if I painted over top of it I’d like it a little better but I DIDN’T, I thought of a label but it would have had to be a big label:)


So I asked Stush if he could turn the door around and this is how it looked when he did it:)


I like it black and please remember that I will be applying walnut stain when the weather EVER gets better around here, it’s snowing here and we are expecting strong winds so right now spring seems so far away. I did buy a bunny though:) at the Country Store yesterday and for only 3.50!


He’s made of muslin with tiny wooden rod legs with homespun tied around his neck.


Here it is on top of the drysink, I don’t have it decorated like I want but it will do for now:) After looking at the photo maybe I’ll do it in a barn red…do you think I should or shouldn’t? LOL


Yikes…that looks tall but I have cathedral ceilings so it really isn’t:) The coverlet and fabric hide the engraving:)


I like it closed too…my candles are lit, sure doesn’t look like it in this pic. I changed the knob to a wood one and I’m having fun with my detail sander, each piece that I do I learn a little more with how to use it.



I found the CS Tour of Homes at our little drugstore downtown and I love it, wasn’t Dan’s home (Yesterday Once More) just wonderful? I love all his collections especially those rolling pins~and also how about Linda’s home (The Keepingroom) it is primperfection!!! Love the twig rings around her lights and her kitchen cabinets… also the tips that they give on decorating which I took advantage of. One said to add a candle to the top of a hutch to make it look even taller…and it does:)

100_2450 I'I have been living at The Country Store lately.LOL and GW but I just love going into The Country Store…it’s all done for EAster and spring as you walk in and it ALWAYS smells so good in there. It takes me away from this nasty winter here in Pa., at least for an hour I can forget all about the weather here. It doesn’t bother me that there are things there that I can’t afford right now that’s why I love the 50% off room, I’ve wanted one of these candle stands forever and found one in there, looks just right next to my stepback cupboard:)


This is what I’m dreaming of…I think the picture of the blocks says it all!


Boy, I did run on didn’t I? It’s nice though to talk to friends about things that we are both interested in isn’t it?

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy where ever you are♥


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~Thanks for Clicking & Some Country Store & GW Prims~

Hi blogger friends…the snow is trying to melt, getting up the road to our house is really trying to say the least. It’s about 8” of slush and ice and you just gun it to get to our drive way or at least I do.LOL We are hoping that it melts little by little so that the river doesn’t flood…our last one was in “93” and they are saying if it does flood it will be worse than the last so I hope it hangs on even until Easter just so the people who get flooded won’t lose so much!

I’d also like to thank the ladies who have been clicking on the free, pink mamogram symbol on my sidebar. In January they gave me a count of how many clicks it had all year…nearly 3,000 so thanks so much…I also added the one for our furry friends so try to click on that too…it makes you feel good that you helped in some way:)

I’ve been to GW at least three times a week , what I do is drop Samantha off at preschool and go right to the GW and just take my time looking sooooooo I’ve started to pick up the Yorktown pattern in the Pfaltzgraff pattern, I’m always on the look out for Phaltzgraff dishes hoping and hoping when I walk in the door there will be some Folkart pattern dishes just waiting there for me, that hasn’t happened yet but a girl can dream:)

Here are two pieces I have found there, a caraff and I think a utensil holder, not sure about that though but I got both for less than 7.00. They seem to go with the prim look too!100_2438

Isn’t Live Writer amazing? Look what I did with the pic above…I embossed it, neat huh?


While I was buying those I completely forgot about already having 3 pieces at home that were put away, the two on the right were my mom’s I remember buying these at a store called “Oranges” it was for her birthday back in the 70’s, wish I could remember how much they were back then! The butter crock was Stush’s mother’s so I don’t know to much about who bought it or when. Anyway it’s been fun hunting for it and that’s what it is all about right?:)


I also went to GW to find some bottles to put some labels on and found these two for .79 and .49 a piece.


Also stopped at the Country Store and bought this black, star pillow for my bed goes so well with the black in the quilt!


I also found this candle holder, it’s so neat with the candle snuffer hanging from the end…wasn’t that pricey either.


I’m looking for a four poster headboard and footboard to of course paint black.LOL I’m on Craigslist everyday…I found one lady selling 67 pieces of folkart dishes for $350.00…oh, how I wish I could have had that!!!


This is the top of the shelf cabinet I bought before Christmas and I’m having a hard time finding the right priim to put on top, I saw this candle mat and I think it goes well but finding what to put on it has me stumped, I tried a candle and it just doesn’t look right because I think I need a taller item to put there because above it I have the homespun rack and the spoonrack and to look at it you just need a tall item. I’ll find it one day.LOL


I also bought this much bigger twig wreath to go in my keeping room window instead of the berry wreath that seemed to small…love it!


Well, I work today and I’m going to stop here to go lift some weights then get ready for work:)

HELLO, to my new followers I so appreciate you visiting me and wanting to come back again…your always WELCOME HERE!


Friday, February 19, 2010

~I’m Ready For Spring~

So much so that I grabbed this off of the shelf at GW.LOL It has the faux water in it and the flowers are clean so I thought what the heck, at least they won’t die on me and for 2.99 I couldn’t leave without it:)


The sofa table they are sitting on is one I’m painting for Michele, as you can see I’m not done with it, I brought it into the keeping room but I can’t stain it until we can keep the garage door open. I told her to turn it around when she puts it in her entryway to hide the 90’s scalloped edge.


Below is a lamp I found at GW too, not the shade…I already had that, it seems brand new and I think I paid 3.99 for it. I was looking for a lamp for the guest room, just didn’t like the ball jar lamp anymore.

Those are my sweeties in the pictures, I don’t show them anymore on my blog, I looked up a site and found out that it would be to dangerous to do so, sad huh? I also remember a lady on a forum making a comment that her husband was a cop and she said he just shivers when he sees kids posted….so that was enough for me! Enough of that but I just wanted you to know why I haven’t had them on here:)


Here is the guest bedroom so far, I took alot of prims out such as on the peg rack…I’m looking for a night stand but so far I haven’t found THE one yet, I can’t wait for yardsales to start up around here:)100_2440

I finally found a prim calendar from Gatherings for the Home and they are called Pure and Simple Calendars…thanks Cherry, I love it and just hanging it there made the room even more prim:)


Don’t you just love it? Every month the pictures just get better and better, you should see the Oct., Nov., and Christmas:)


Well, I have to stop here…Stush came home and I have to get ready to go out to dinner, I love Fridays!

Have a great evening with family or friends where ever you are, hey, the sun was out all day today and really not quite as cold as it has been:)


Monday, February 15, 2010

~ I Finally Finished Him~

Isn’t he cute? I finally finished him and I put him in the entryway. The pattern is from Twigs n Sprigs, I love her snowman patterns always cheerful and right now I need that because we are getting hit again with the snow, not again please!!! LOL I’ll survive though, I just hate that you can’t get out, I’d even go to Walmart which I’m not a huge fan of, I always feel you spend more money there then you need so I try to stay away:)


Here is a closer look at him…it says Winter Friends, I also used instant coffee and cinnamon on him then baked at 220* for about 20 minutes. He’s a cutie!


I also made these hearts, the one on the far left I made last year but the next two I made the other day, can you say “bored”?LOL. I used wool and felt and also my homespun hearts in a wood carrier that I had painted mustard over black. I laid them all on some coffee dyed cheese cloth.


Well, like I said we are getting hit again with the snow as you can see, they said an inch an hour, right now it is coming down hard. I was just out driving in it and the roads are getting bad AGAIN! I’m really going to miss that tree come spring and summer, it had been hit by lightning about two summers ago but we left it alone, I guess it just couldn’t take the weight of the snow and of course we have to buy a new light that it broke when it fell:(


I hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day, as I was reading some blogs it looks like you all did. I didn’t get on here till today to post I worked Sat. 8 to 1:30 then went to a Valentines dance then had to work Sunday 10 to 3:00… I was one very tired lady last night:)

My guest room is coming along, I want to paint the chest of drawers black and buy a new lamp for in there so when I get it all done I will be sure to share pictures of it.

Spaghetti and meatballs are on for tonight plus garlic bread…after work I stopped at Michele’s for a turkey dinner yesterday, it was so good on a snowy day! Stush and Chris had went to the car show in Pittsburgh and stopped too to have some turkey too:)

Well that’s about all that’s been going on around here snow and more snow.LOL

Stay warm and cozy where ever you are!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Good evening prim friends! Well, I finally did it…I painted my dry sink my favorite color black, that’s how bored I have been.lol I like…no love how it turned out and I’m pretty sure my mom would love it too! I painted it right in the diningroom so I didn’t get to take the scalloped edge off but I covered it best I could with my prims, maybe in the spring we will try right now it just to bad out to do it in the garage. I love my detail sander…of course I’m still getting used to it but it sure is alot better sanding then by hand!

100_2424 ~

Here’s what I have on top and with this weather we are STILL having I brought out my spring flowers:)

100_2416 and here is the bottom!


My next project to paint is my desk that is barn red and yes, I’m painting it black, I’d also like to find a different chair too.


I have a few pieces of pewter so I decided to see what it looked like on my mantel, I do like the pewter candle holders together and it looks really nice in the evening…I have to get somemore of those battery candles because I just love those too.lol


I tried to get a full view of it for you but it’s a little hard because the mantel is so long:)


Well, that’s about all…I work tomorrow and can’t wait because I just want to get out of the house for a while.

I still haven’t found the lady who sells the calendars…now if I didn’t want one I’d be seeing it all the time.lol

Have a safe and warm, cozy evening wherever you are♥


Monday, February 8, 2010

~My Boxwood Wreath and Quilt

Hello everyone, things are still the same weather wise since I last posted, now we are due some more starting tomorrow and into Wednesday…I told DH I feel like I live inside a snow globe.LOL

I loved the boxwood wreaths that Backwoods Country Primitives had for sale so I ordered the larger one and I love it I hung it in my kitchen window and it looks so real that you have to reach out and touch it just to see:) With all the snow outside I needed something fresh and green to look at and remind me that spring is just around the corner:)


Here it is at night!


I took the tin pineapple hook from my bathroom and got Stush to hang it on the side of my kitchen cabinet, he had to do it because you can’t even pound a nail in that oak.:) I hung a black homespun towel and a faux herb from it.100_2405

I got an idea from Bonnie over at the APP forum…she had bought tension rods and hung her curtains from inside the window, I loved the look so I decided to try it and it made mine look alot better. I also did it to my kitchen window too:) thanks Bonnie for the idea!


Here is the quilt that I used two bottles of tan Rit dye on, it is alot darker than what the picture shows and I really like it and glad I did it. One lady commented that when she used the tan dye it turned out peachy looking. The only thing I made sure to do was to have the quilt soaking wet before I put it in the washer with the dye and it came out great♥ I’m not done with the room yet so I’ll show pictures when I’ve completed a few things in there.


I didn’t have to work the day after the snow storm so that was good…even Walmart closed there wasn’t any power!

Well, the shower is calling me:)

Take care and stay warm where ever you are♥


Saturday, February 6, 2010

~Do You Like the Color White?~

Well, here is what we got yesterday starting about 2 PM and it hasn’t quit yet as I’m posting at 12:02 PM Saturday. The picture below is at the end of my drive way where my lamp post is…tree fell on it and broke the light right off!


This is our pool house out back tree fell on it too!


I think my snowman wants to retire…look how the branches on the tree are touching the ground. I worked yesterday and Stush took me and picked me up…going wasn’t to bad at the time but coming home was a heck of alot different, my manager let me go at 8PM instead of 8:30. I worried about Michele coming home and Chris but thankfully everyone made it home from work safe:) When Stush pulled into the driveway and we got out you could just stand there and hear the trees cracking and breaking off…oh well, Mother Nature at it’s best and you sure don’t mess with her! 100_2391

I’m over my funk, at least I think I am LOL, so I did change my counter where I had the breadboards like in my header, I purchased this from Kathy a member of App forum, thanks Kathy, and I just love it but I’m having a hard time finding a neat place for it so I thought I’d try here and it does give me alot more counter space so we shall see:0


I had to close the blinds to take this picture because it is so bright outside…I FINALLY made the curtains for the guest room and redecorated it a little the only thing patriotic in there is the quilt on the bed which I Rit dyed (tan) and used two bottles on it like Kindra advised. It turned out great and I forgot to take a picture of it but I’ll take one and show it soon, I work tomorrow 1 to 6:30 so I don’t if I can fit in a post or not, making rigatoni and pepperoni dip for Chris for his Super Bowl Party and I’ll probably have to drop it off on the way to work.


Have a great day where ever you are:)


Ps. I also received my box wood wreath, I have it hanging in my kitchen window but I have to wait until it’s dark to take a picture…it’s just to bright out right now!

Monday, February 1, 2010

~Happy Feb. 1st an Some GW Finds~

Hi everyone!!! It’s Feb. 1st and I’m so glad, at least now we can say that next month is spring!

I’ve been in such a funk lately, I don’t want to do anything, I have a stitchery staring me right in the face and it only needs about 20 more stitches and it would be done and I just can’t pick it up, oh, I can pick it up to move out of the way but to finish it… nope! It’s a snowman yet and you would think I’d want it done for at least next year. I look at all of your great blogs and see all the neat things you are doing and I still just sit or work or watch the girls. Do you know what I did today? I had taken Samantha to preschool than went to GW (more on that later) after that I went to Gabrials then on to pick her up…then to McDonalds. Dropped her off at the babysitters went home, it was 1 PM by then, left at 3PM to pick her up than to the bus stop to pick up Sydney ( I live about 7 miles from them) on the way home they start bickering… already? I pull into their home and they jump out to race each other to the garage door in the meantime I’m in the back seat collecting Sam’s book bag, toy/clothing bag, my purse and anything else the forgot. So I’m there for about two hours…Michele and Jeff come home and I begin to get my coat on and hunt for my keys…ladies I left my car running for two hours!!! I couldn’t believe it, I still haven’t told Stush…am I that nuts or am I just getting old.LOL

I’ve been to GW twice to see if there was any wood items but the pickens were very slim in that area, so last Friday I found this punched tin shade that screws on to a ball jar I’m sue the jar that had been used with it probably had an electric light in it, I’ll have to figure out something for it because a tea light doesn’t light up the punched tin at all. Here it is on my kitchen counter, I paid .99 f100_2363or it:)

II also found these wood candlesticks for .79 a piece, have I painted and distressed them yet…nope, maybe I will for WWW:)

100_2368 Today at GW I found this pewter mug for .99 so that did cheer me up a little, I’d love to get enough pewter to put on my mantel like I saw someone on a blog do, I can’t remember who I do know that it looked wonderful and I figured the pewter would show up well against the brown brick.

100_2372II also found this plate on the back is a label that says Prims by Kathy it is breakable, I’ll probably paint it a solid color and I think I paid .99 too:)


This was a neat find…some black and white homespun just a piece of it but for .50 I couldn’t pass it up!


I always look for Pfaltzgraff when I go to GW and today I found a Yorktown pattern dinner dish for .25…I couldn’t pass it up either so it looks like I’m collecting that pattern too:)


I had enough time to stop in at Gabes before I had to be at preschool and I found a pewter candlestick for 1.99 that wasn’t to bad I didn’t think so it came home with me!


That’s about all ladies, thanks for listening about my crazy day it feels good that you do:)

Would the lady that had calendars for sale, they were very prim ones, on her blog please leave a comment on here so that I can order one that is if you have any left, also anyone that does know and can tell me which blog it was and I’ll get in touch with her thanks!

I’ll try to post more too but right now I’m off to watch “Pickens” it’s on the history channel:)