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Thursday, February 25, 2010

~Whatcha Working On Wednesday-Thursday~

I really tried to get this done by yesterday but with taking Samantha to school and picking her up and making dinner… Chris had dinner with us, I just didn’t get the time I needed to get it done. I found this cabinet at GW, I almost left it because of the engraving in the wood on the door but I’ve learned IF YOU LIKE IT DON’T LEAVE IT BECAUSE IT WON’T BE THERE THE NEXT TIME !

I just noticed the water is running from the faucet.LOL



Here is a closer look…I thought maybe if I painted over top of it I’d like it a little better but I DIDN’T, I thought of a label but it would have had to be a big label:)


So I asked Stush if he could turn the door around and this is how it looked when he did it:)


I like it black and please remember that I will be applying walnut stain when the weather EVER gets better around here, it’s snowing here and we are expecting strong winds so right now spring seems so far away. I did buy a bunny though:) at the Country Store yesterday and for only 3.50!


He’s made of muslin with tiny wooden rod legs with homespun tied around his neck.


Here it is on top of the drysink, I don’t have it decorated like I want but it will do for now:) After looking at the photo maybe I’ll do it in a barn red…do you think I should or shouldn’t? LOL


Yikes…that looks tall but I have cathedral ceilings so it really isn’t:) The coverlet and fabric hide the engraving:)


I like it closed too…my candles are lit, sure doesn’t look like it in this pic. I changed the knob to a wood one and I’m having fun with my detail sander, each piece that I do I learn a little more with how to use it.



I found the CS Tour of Homes at our little drugstore downtown and I love it, wasn’t Dan’s home (Yesterday Once More) just wonderful? I love all his collections especially those rolling pins~and also how about Linda’s home (The Keepingroom) it is primperfection!!! Love the twig rings around her lights and her kitchen cabinets… also the tips that they give on decorating which I took advantage of. One said to add a candle to the top of a hutch to make it look even taller…and it does:)

100_2450 I'I have been living at The Country Store lately.LOL and GW but I just love going into The Country Store…it’s all done for EAster and spring as you walk in and it ALWAYS smells so good in there. It takes me away from this nasty winter here in Pa., at least for an hour I can forget all about the weather here. It doesn’t bother me that there are things there that I can’t afford right now that’s why I love the 50% off room, I’ve wanted one of these candle stands forever and found one in there, looks just right next to my stepback cupboard:)


This is what I’m dreaming of…I think the picture of the blocks says it all!


Boy, I did run on didn’t I? It’s nice though to talk to friends about things that we are both interested in isn’t it?

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy where ever you are♥



  1. Rondell, love, love, love the candle stand! I, too have wanted one forever!! Yours looks like a really neat one....I'm so jealous!

    Love the little cupboard, too!


  2. Great job on the cupboard makeover. I love looking through the Country Store catalog. I would be there all the time I if lived anywhere close to it.

  3. I love the cabinet! How clever to turn the door around....love that.

  4. I love that cabinet, and what a great idea to turn the door around! Love the long legged bunny too:) I'm soooo sick of this PA winter too, is it EVER going away?????

  5. Oh yes, it IS nice to talk to people that you have things in common with. Sure wish we could meet in person one of these days. This was a great post, it was fun to see everything you've been up to. How is your weather? Are you getting hit with snow again? Stay safe, Dawn

  6. WOW - I have missed your blogs. Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile... I had a nasty virus on my computer, spent over 85 minutes on the phone with Microsoft and wasn't even able to get internet access. UGHHHH!!

    Anyway, I love the black cupboard. It looks fabulous!!


  7. Oh, Rondell..LOVE your cabinet makeover and your candle holder...I got one last summer off ebay and it is a favorite!!...I always love visiting your blog!!..have a good weekend!!~~hugs,Jen

  8. Hi Rondell........love your new treasures.
    What a simple fix for a bad door.........turn it around! Great idea!
    Love that candle stick from the 1/2 price room too. You are so right about talking with people who "get what you get"!
    I had a friend the other day looking at one of my prim cross stitches I am working on and she was looking at the BACK of it!!! Geesh.

  9. Rondell, love your little cupboard! Very clever idea. If it were me it would probably be blue or burgandy, but probably blue. Love your new candle stand. I wish I had a prim shop to duck into! Mini Bazaar in Idaho opens March 10 but it is 80 miles away...
    I am so ready for spring too!

  10. Hi Rondell
    I'm so jealous. I never find anything at my TS.

    I am going to have to get the Counry Store. You found some nice things lately.

    I did go shopping today so I'll get pictures posted of my "finds" soon.

    Think Spring,

  11. Hi Rondell! I love your new cabinet. It looks great after the makeover. You might try using wood filler on the carvings. I have used it to fill in on recipe boxes that were carved and you can sand it and paint over it and never know it was there. Your coverlet covers it fine, though. Love your new candle holder! 50% off is always a good deal! Spring will eventually get here! It always does. :-) Have a great weekend.

  12. While I was reading your post I was asking myself..."what could she do with the door...humm" I NEVER thought of turning it around...great idea! It looks super...it really is a great makeover. I have passed on carved stuff before. YOu got me thinkin girl!
    Thanks bunches,

  13. Rondell,
    Love the cupboard!! There has not been anything at our GW in weeks.
    Love our candle stand!! I saw one here at a local thrift shop, but felt they wanted too much for it. I kept hoping it would go lower in price, but it finally sold. Maybe I'll find another one someday.
    We had a very windy day here and are to get some snow tomorrow. Oh...I'm so ready for Spring!!

  14. LOve everything in this post. Great makeover, awesome candle stand.

  15. WOW..I can't wait to move where there is some stores of ANY KIND...Today I finished a raggy quilt and made 10 head bands for my daughter that lives 1000 miles away :)
    It will be her giftie for March...I am sending her a gift every Month :)

  16. Love the cupboard. I have filled things like that with wood filler also and it works pretty good. Dreaming of spring also. The wind is whistling here also and the snow plow is rumbling by. I am afraid to look out!


  17. I love your cabinet make over...a red would look great over the black.
    I like how you hid the engaving with the fabric. It looks like it was suppose to be that way. Very cleaver!
    Enjoy your snow and stay warm!

  18. I just love how your cupboard turned out-your prim decor is just amazing!!
    Thanks for joining in on my giveaway and for taking the time to put it on your sidebar:))
    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  19. It's not exactly spring like here today either. There's no school so I stayed home too. I'm hoping to get some little things finished up. Your cabinet is just so cute! It looks good black and I like the accessories you've added.

    Have a great day!

  20. Everything is SO beautiful! I would keep the cabinet black. It looks fantasstic!

  21. WHat a cute little cabinet!! It fits perfect on the dry sink too. That candle stand is wonderful - you did good getting it on sale too!

  22. I love your cupboard...great idea with the door and the textiles hanging on it is a great disguise for the carving! Love the candle stand and your bunny is so adorable!

    Stay warm...hope your not drifted in!
    Have a great weekend :)

  23. Rondell ~
    Very clever of you to have hubby turn the door around! Looks great.
    Pug hugs :)

  24. Love those candles and the places where you put them. Looks like you have so many nice, warm, cozy places in your home~!

  25. The cupboard looks wonderful! I love seeing your treaures! Hope your weather gets better!

  26. Oh, Rondell .... I just LOVE everything! And spring can't come fast enough here either.

    Thursday night brought torrential rain, high winds (70 mph), widespread power outages, and also a flooded basement for us. Uugh! We didn't lose anything of importance, but what a mess we've had to pick up this weekend.

    Come on, spring! I hope you weathered the storms better than we did ;)

  27. Wow, that's an awesome transformation! What great thinking to turn the door around and then using the coverlet to hide the engraving.. love it!! I would paint over it with barn red but I have that color in most of my home.

    Ooooh, great job on finding that candle stand at a good deal! I would love to find one like that, that I could afford!

    Have a wonderful week Rondell!

  28. Can I just ask a stupid question? Don't you ever get tired of dusting!! I love your home, but the dusting, well, just thinking about it makes me tired!!


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