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Friday, February 19, 2010

~I’m Ready For Spring~

So much so that I grabbed this off of the shelf at GW.LOL It has the faux water in it and the flowers are clean so I thought what the heck, at least they won’t die on me and for 2.99 I couldn’t leave without it:)


The sofa table they are sitting on is one I’m painting for Michele, as you can see I’m not done with it, I brought it into the keeping room but I can’t stain it until we can keep the garage door open. I told her to turn it around when she puts it in her entryway to hide the 90’s scalloped edge.


Below is a lamp I found at GW too, not the shade…I already had that, it seems brand new and I think I paid 3.99 for it. I was looking for a lamp for the guest room, just didn’t like the ball jar lamp anymore.

Those are my sweeties in the pictures, I don’t show them anymore on my blog, I looked up a site and found out that it would be to dangerous to do so, sad huh? I also remember a lady on a forum making a comment that her husband was a cop and she said he just shivers when he sees kids posted….so that was enough for me! Enough of that but I just wanted you to know why I haven’t had them on here:)


Here is the guest bedroom so far, I took alot of prims out such as on the peg rack…I’m looking for a night stand but so far I haven’t found THE one yet, I can’t wait for yardsales to start up around here:)100_2440

I finally found a prim calendar from Gatherings for the Home and they are called Pure and Simple Calendars…thanks Cherry, I love it and just hanging it there made the room even more prim:)


Don’t you just love it? Every month the pictures just get better and better, you should see the Oct., Nov., and Christmas:)


Well, I have to stop here…Stush came home and I have to get ready to go out to dinner, I love Fridays!

Have a great evening with family or friends where ever you are, hey, the sun was out all day today and really not quite as cold as it has been:)



  1. WOW! Out for dinner! Way fun! :-D
    Love the view of your guest room. I do like your new lamp. Good buy! Thanks for the info on the calendars.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Love your floral centerpiece!
    I kinda remember reading that about having your kids pics posted. I just removed my pics of my kids, bummer...
    That's a great calendar!
    Have a great dinner!

  3. Those flowers sure look like Spring! I would have bought them too!

  4. LOVE that calendar!!! Where could I get one??? You sure do find some great deals at GW, our's isn't very good. Oh well. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  5. It was about 37 degrees here today and lots of sunshine. After being so cold it almost felt like Springtime!

    I love your new lamp - the shade fits it perfectly. Your guest room looks very inviting.

    Enjoy your date ;) and have a great weekend!

  6. So happy I stopped by tonight. Love your new spring flowers..what a bargain ...
    I toooooooo can not wait for Spring.
    Your home is lovely just lovely

  7. Hi Rondell,
    The flowers look great and will last much longer than the real ones. I love the new lamp. You had a great GW trip. I don't blame you for not posting pics of your grandchildren. Why take the chance? Too many crazies out there. Great calendar, too! You could frame some of those prints. Enjoy your night out!

  8. I do love the Goodwill. In fact, I found a similar spring bouquet at my favorite Goodwill. Love your calendar and guest room. Yesterday, the sun shined. Today, it is snowing and sleeting. *sigh*

  9. Your calendar is gorgeous! You will have to show us every month when you tunr the page!!

  10. Everything looks great Rondell. The spring flowers even look so nice and gosh, I can't wait for spring to get here. It was in the 50's today and tomorrow in the 60's here in S.C. I worked in my yards today and it felt so good.
    Glad you got your calendar..don't you just love it!! It is probably the best prim calendar I have ever seen.
    Hope you have a good week-end.
    Prim friend, Sherrie

  11. Morning Rondell - first off I LOVE THE CALENDAR AND AM CERTAINLY GOING TO GET ONE. I have seen them but passed them up...not again...it will be mine!
    Love your new lamp...and the guest room is shaping up beautifully...very welcoming.

  12. I'm with you... I'm ready for yard sales!!! I will be hitting them every week this year. I wasn't able to last year because I was working so much so I'm excited about it this year!

    A prim calendar.. how neat! I have never seen one before. I'll have to check that out. It'd be neat to frame some of the prints also.

    Thanks for sharing Rondell, have a wonderful weekend~

  13. Great pic's. Love the calendar too! And I'm another one who can't wait for the yard sales to start up :).

  14. Hi Rondell~Love your wonderful finds at Gw...how do you do that?! Love your new calendar too! Great pictures~thanks for sharing them with all of us! Have a
    great week!


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