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Monday, February 8, 2010

~My Boxwood Wreath and Quilt

Hello everyone, things are still the same weather wise since I last posted, now we are due some more starting tomorrow and into Wednesday…I told DH I feel like I live inside a snow globe.LOL

I loved the boxwood wreaths that Backwoods Country Primitives had for sale so I ordered the larger one and I love it I hung it in my kitchen window and it looks so real that you have to reach out and touch it just to see:) With all the snow outside I needed something fresh and green to look at and remind me that spring is just around the corner:)


Here it is at night!


I took the tin pineapple hook from my bathroom and got Stush to hang it on the side of my kitchen cabinet, he had to do it because you can’t even pound a nail in that oak.:) I hung a black homespun towel and a faux herb from it.100_2405

I got an idea from Bonnie over at the APP forum…she had bought tension rods and hung her curtains from inside the window, I loved the look so I decided to try it and it made mine look alot better. I also did it to my kitchen window too:) thanks Bonnie for the idea!


Here is the quilt that I used two bottles of tan Rit dye on, it is alot darker than what the picture shows and I really like it and glad I did it. One lady commented that when she used the tan dye it turned out peachy looking. The only thing I made sure to do was to have the quilt soaking wet before I put it in the washer with the dye and it came out great♥ I’m not done with the room yet so I’ll show pictures when I’ve completed a few things in there.


I didn’t have to work the day after the snow storm so that was good…even Walmart closed there wasn’t any power!

Well, the shower is calling me:)

Take care and stay warm where ever you are♥



  1. That looks great there and I also really like your curtains! Thanks for the sweet words you left on my blog :)

  2. Hi Rondell Sweetie...
    I love the boxwood wreath, so beautiful. I also just adore those curtains hung with the springrod. I have all of mine in the sunroom hung that way. Fits snug to the glass and works so much better.

    Your quilt is just gorgeous. I so love it. Thank you so much for sharing it with me tonight.

    I love the fact that you live in a snow globe. That is just precious sweetie. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day tomorrow.

    Country hugs and so much love..>Sherry

  3. Your Boxwood wreath looks really great where you put it!
    Thank you for ordering from us and for being so kind to post it and the link to us!!

    Take care,
    backwoods Country Primitives

  4. Your wreath looks great! I really like your quilt too. I am sure you are ready for this snow to stop. I know I am! I hope you have a great week and that you stay safe and warm! ~Dan~

  5. I love your wreath - It does look very real! The quilt turned out great!!

  6. I love the wreath in the window--looks fabulous.....
    I have that exact quilt on my bed! My daughter was taking it to Goodwill and I took it to my house. I love it.

  7. I always love your tweaks and prim additions to your home, Rondell! The wreath is great to help remind you that Spring IS coming and that pineapple hook is adorable! Love it -not to mention the quilt! Can't wait to see what else you're doing!

  8. I really love your wreath and your and your curtains are amazing! But your quilt takes the biscuit-it is absolutely gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what the pattern is?
    Thank you for the lovely comments-I really appreciate them!
    Blessings ~Shazy x

  9. The quilt turned out great. Cant wait to see the whole room when it is finished!

  10. That looks awesome Rondell! I love your prim curtains too,Stay warm and enjoy your day!!!!

  11. Everything looks great! Where did you find that quilt or did you make it? I love it, espicially with the tan dye.
    I hope you get some warmer springtime weather soon.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  12. The wreath looks great! I am looking forward to spring!

  13. I love that wreath Rondell! It looks great in the window.

    We missed the last storm but are getting this one unfortunately. But it is winter so I guess we should be used to it. Stay safe and warm!!

  14. Before I get typing an forget I just want to say I LOVE HOW THE QUILT TURNED OUT....I'd of been so scared to try it! I love it.

    How cute is that wreath! I have tension rods in all my windows on the inside - makes for a nice look I think.

    We're getting snow here right now...started last night around midnight so it's on its way to you kiddo!


  15. I just love looking at pictures of your home. It is so warm and inviting and comfortable looking. I am anxious to see the rest of the pictures of the finished room.

    Stay warm.

  16. The wreath looks great especially with the light.

    I have always wanted to try RIT dye but too afraid. LOL. I do need to though as I have a couple little quilts I could do it to.

    Yep I like the curatins on the inside to.


  17. Hi Rondell.......just sitting here looking out the window and watching all of the pretty snowflakes. They are huge just like the other day. Like you said, a snow globe! Your photos are always so inspiring, thanks for posting.

  18. You have such a beautiful home! Love the curtains hung inside the frame.The quilt turned out great too. Lokk forward to seeing the whole room.

  19. what a fantastic idea to use the tan dye to "tea dye" the quilt, I may have to put this to use! I love your curtains, can you tell me where you got your curtains, they are perfect!

  20. Love the boxwood wreath and the quilt looks great! I remember when Tammy did that too awhile back and I thought it was such a smart idea. Can't wait to see the finished room.
    Enjoy your week!

  21. Your wreath looks wonderful and I like the way you have your curtains. I think the quilt looks great - good idea to use the tan dye!

    We've got snow here too!

  22. Rondell,
    Love how your quilt turned out!! Also love the wreath and your curtains in the window!!
    We got the snowstorm too...got about 8 more inches today and it is going to be windy tomorrow, so they are thinking that we will get drifting of the snow to 4 or 5 feet. They are also talking about more snow for Sunday. Bummer!!
    Take care and stay warm,

  23. The quilt turned out wonderful! I can't wait to see what the rest of the room is going to look like, I love patriotic!

    That boxwood wreath is cute and you are right-- just enough green to get you through till Spring. Good idea!

  24. sooooooooooooooooo cute! i couldn't get past your wonderful tin light fixture!!!! yay.

  25. Rondell,
    Love your wreath & I bet you are ready for a touch of greenery and spring. We have been so fortunate & missed these last storms. Love, love your quilt.


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