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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~Thanks for Clicking & Some Country Store & GW Prims~

Hi blogger friends…the snow is trying to melt, getting up the road to our house is really trying to say the least. It’s about 8” of slush and ice and you just gun it to get to our drive way or at least I do.LOL We are hoping that it melts little by little so that the river doesn’t flood…our last one was in “93” and they are saying if it does flood it will be worse than the last so I hope it hangs on even until Easter just so the people who get flooded won’t lose so much!

I’d also like to thank the ladies who have been clicking on the free, pink mamogram symbol on my sidebar. In January they gave me a count of how many clicks it had all year…nearly 3,000 so thanks so much…I also added the one for our furry friends so try to click on that too…it makes you feel good that you helped in some way:)

I’ve been to GW at least three times a week , what I do is drop Samantha off at preschool and go right to the GW and just take my time looking sooooooo I’ve started to pick up the Yorktown pattern in the Pfaltzgraff pattern, I’m always on the look out for Phaltzgraff dishes hoping and hoping when I walk in the door there will be some Folkart pattern dishes just waiting there for me, that hasn’t happened yet but a girl can dream:)

Here are two pieces I have found there, a caraff and I think a utensil holder, not sure about that though but I got both for less than 7.00. They seem to go with the prim look too!100_2438

Isn’t Live Writer amazing? Look what I did with the pic above…I embossed it, neat huh?


While I was buying those I completely forgot about already having 3 pieces at home that were put away, the two on the right were my mom’s I remember buying these at a store called “Oranges” it was for her birthday back in the 70’s, wish I could remember how much they were back then! The butter crock was Stush’s mother’s so I don’t know to much about who bought it or when. Anyway it’s been fun hunting for it and that’s what it is all about right?:)


I also went to GW to find some bottles to put some labels on and found these two for .79 and .49 a piece.


Also stopped at the Country Store and bought this black, star pillow for my bed goes so well with the black in the quilt!


I also found this candle holder, it’s so neat with the candle snuffer hanging from the end…wasn’t that pricey either.


I’m looking for a four poster headboard and footboard to of course paint black.LOL I’m on Craigslist everyday…I found one lady selling 67 pieces of folkart dishes for $350.00…oh, how I wish I could have had that!!!


This is the top of the shelf cabinet I bought before Christmas and I’m having a hard time finding the right priim to put on top, I saw this candle mat and I think it goes well but finding what to put on it has me stumped, I tried a candle and it just doesn’t look right because I think I need a taller item to put there because above it I have the homespun rack and the spoonrack and to look at it you just need a tall item. I’ll find it one day.LOL


I also bought this much bigger twig wreath to go in my keeping room window instead of the berry wreath that seemed to small…love it!


Well, I work today and I’m going to stop here to go lift some weights then get ready for work:)

HELLO, to my new followers I so appreciate you visiting me and wanting to come back again…your always WELCOME HERE!



  1. I for one always love stopping by your blog to see what you have been up to!
    I see all is good at the GW where you live. I love the bottles that you found...very nice and prim looking with those labels!
    The candle mat is great. I hope you find the right thing to place on it...no doubt you will!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. It's always fun to see what's keeping you busy, Rondell.

    My Mom has used her Pfaltzgraff Yorktown dishes for decades. They really last! I remember her stopping in at at warehouse outlet to add to her collection whenever we'd visit family in NJ.

    I hope you keep having good luck at GW and I sure hope you don't experience any flooding!

    Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed the book too...

  3. Lots of great goodies. I see a lot of the blue williamsburg pottery in our stores, but I don't do blue. I did get a bunch of candle holders though, a couple for my bathroom and gave the rest as gifts. At .75 cents, couldn't pass them up.


  4. Love seeing what all you are doing...I have you on my blog roll so I can keep up with your posts :)
    Come and visit me when you can ...I saw where you are animal lover too.
    I am having a special in my blog now to pay the vet bills to save my 10 month old mixed lab..she has heart worm and I just can't let her die..she is very special to me along with my other 3 dogs and 3 cats:)

  5. I love the Yorktown pattern. There are a lot of places that have so much snow, I hope everyone can get through the spring thaw without floods!
    I love your mat. You will find the perfect something to go on it I know.
    It is always fun to come see what you've been doing.
    Enjoy your day. Good luck on finding a bed frame.
    OOOOOO. I do love your new pillow!

  6. Hi Rondell! Glad to see you are picking up some pieces of the dishes. They seem to be getting quite collectible. I do see pieces on occaision and wonder if I should grab them. I like your new goodies. Love those twig wreaths, your candle mat, and your bottles. Good luck finding a bed. I saw one in the pennypincher recently, Antique cherry colonial 4 poster bed for $100. Called and left message, she never called back. I am sure someone snatched it right up! Lucky person! Have a good day!

  7. Love seeing your new finds Rondell! Have a great day!

  8. Hi Rondell,
    WOW! You sure got some wonderful prim goodies!!
    Reading your post put me in the mood to go SHOPPING!! ;)

  9. Great finds at GW. Really like that mat & the candle holder! I am sucker for stars, so that little pillow is pretty cool!


  10. I gave all my dishes to my daughter quite awhile ago. I even had the goblets and silverware that matched them. I'll have to ask her if she uses them anymore! Good finds! Have a great day, Dawn

  11. Hello Rondell:) I love your Yorktowne pieces.. they are lovely! They do look wonderful with primitive pieces. Your pics are so pretty I could look at them all day! :)

  12. Hi Rondell,
    Love the Pfaltzgraff pieces that you have! Also love the candle holder...I saw one just like it the other day at a prim shop here in town. Your black star pillow looks great on the bed...love your quilt too!
    I went to our GW today, but again...there was nothing there and that is how it has been recently. Bummer!!

  13. Saw that you are collecting the Yorktowne pottery, thought I would tell you that I have some pieces that I want to get rid of if you are interested. They are in the yard sale pile!! Shoot me an email if you are interested, brelin4@embarqmail.com


  15. Hi Rondell
    This working really screws up a perfectly good day doesn't it?? LOL I could do so much more if I didn't have to work.

    Love the pottery. i'll keep an eye out at my TS for you. I can't say as I've seen any but I'm usually looking for bowls or wool. Love to felt that up and it's sooo cheap that way.

    I like your rug. Can't wait to see what else you put together on it. I might have to travel down to the Country store and check out that candle holder.

    Have a good day.

  16. Hi Rondell,

    Great finds! Always love checking in with you to see what new finds or new decor changes you've found or done :)

    Love your Yorktowne pottery!

    Hope you aren't in the path of the new storm they are forecasting...we are to get around 9.5 inches...uggggg! Come on Spring!

    Take care and stay warm

  17. Thank you Rondell for the great idea with the bottles!!!! Where did you find the printables??? I would've never thought about that.


  18. Rondell ~
    You always find the best stuff at your TS. I love your new pillow, it looks great with your quilt. Love the candlemat ~ hope you figure something out but I know you will.

  19. Rondell,

    You have some great finds from GW and The Country Store! I haven't been to GW in awhile and I miss it! Keep looking on Craigslist and you'll find your poster bed!

    Everything looks wonderful at your house!

    Have a great rest of the week!

  20. Nice finds! I love Pfaltzgraff pottery too. I find other patterns a lot but I am trying hard not to buy anything except the Folk Art pattern. I agree that the York Towne and Village pieces look great with prim decor.

    I have wanted a four poster bed for a long time. I want it king-sized though, so I'm sure I will have to buy a modern one made to size. I see them in CS all the time. Maybe one of these days...

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


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