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Saturday, May 30, 2009

~It's Saturday Already?~

Wow, I can't believe it's Saturday already...the weeks are just flying by and we are starting a new month Monday!
So to celebrate I went to GW yesterday.LOL Not much there to redo in fact no wood items to paint except for candle holders and I have enough of them! I did find this rusty wire bird cage very light weight so I'm sure it's just for decoration. It was only .49 so I bought it to put outside with my flowers, I had it on the ground but for the picture I put it up here so that it showed up better. Look at those pansies in my chippy, old chair...my mom would be so proud of me, she was such a gardener:) This is the side of the pool house I always decorate, I have pink impatiens planted but they haven't really grew any to take a picture of them, I'll do that at a later date when they are all bushy...love them like that:) I also took the star from my diningroom and hung it here.
My clematis really caught on this summer and I just love it, I'm training it to grow over the birdhouse and shelf!

My keeping room...I'm so tired of living like this also want some new curtains but with everything out of the room it's hard to tell what to buy!

At GW I found this rusty witch for Halloween, she has a tea light in the back of her, for .49 I had to buy her I think she will look neat come fall.

I swear this is the only place that is decorated in my house.LOL You can see to the left the trim off the kitchen door.

Also found these little baking pans for .39 regular 2.00, they will work great for pantry cakes:) I also found these enamel napkin rings in perfect condition I don't know whether to keep them or sell them, and I still need to work on these boxes!!! Plus I have frames to paint!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, it's a little cool here but supposed to get to 70* today. Not hot and not cold so my kind of weather after the rain we have had the last few days, so nice to see the sun out this morning:)
Talk to you later:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

It's still crazy around here but I did manage to make and coffee dye these two sets of stacking boxes:) This first set I found at the yard sale I did that weekend, actually I got two sets for a dollar, these stand about 8 1/2 inches high so they are small enough to tuck somewhere on a shelf. The fabric I found at JoAnn's which was 30% off...it's a creme background with black stars. I coffee dyed them and left them grunged although it doesn't show up to well in this picture, I put them in my corner cabinet which is sitting in my entryway LOL just to show you:) I made these and posted a while ago about them soI decided to coffee dye them too, they stand about 14 1/2 inches high so they are bigger and can sit on a bench or floor:) They grunged up really nice I think.
For some reason they always make me think of Gone With the Wind... the scene where Scarlet and Rhett go to New Orleans and she's opening all these boxes of clothes in the bedroom and trying hats on:)

Here are the floors done, can I say thank goodness!!! No more ugly 80's blue carpet and grey floor in the kitchen! Everything looks new with this new flooring even the bar stools do:) Now to do the trim and I'm trying to decide on new curtains for the kitchen and keeping room...one lady on ebay sells muslin valances that are grunged so I'm just looking around and taking my time I don't want anything to dark:)

Mr Linky isn't working so just go to Leslie's blog to view her comments, those who are participating are leaving a link to their blog so that you can check their blog out.
I had a hair appointment today and I drive about 45 minutes to get there and the weather was sunny , drove home and it had stormed here and now it looks like it is going to storm again:0
Have a great rest of the day and welcome to my newest followers so enjoy having you read my blog!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

~I Love Her Home~

Happy Memorial Day!

I recieved my new Country Sampler Saturday and my favorite home of all time was published, now I get to see this home all the time because I haunted Lynda's Primitive Home Tours for so long to just sit and look at this home's pictures. I just love the blues and I can just imagine walking into this home...I bet in person this home takes your breath away:) I was also happy to see that my question that I posted about in my last post was answered...if you look, her livingroom and keeping room's trim is painted blue but her kitchen and eating area trim is a barn red! So I think I'm going to do it ladies:) I may even do my mantel!!!
This is the eating area and as you can see the trim is barn red!

I know my home will never be as great as this lady's but I'm trying:) Has there been anymore work done since last Wednesday? NOoooooooooooooo, but I'm biting my lips so there is no augurments and I guess after all it is a holiday weekend but I so want this all done!
Here's hoping you are all enjoying this weekend and let us not forget all the men and women who gave up so much so that we could all be FREE.

update: He's working on the floor now!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

~Do I Want to Decorate or What?

How long is this going to be going on? Stush couldn't work yesterday or today...yesterday because he had to help get the dock ready and today he had to work!!!

Anyway, this is the entryway and a little of what I plan to do in there, I just love the floor:) Stush just has to finish one side of the keeping room and kitchen plus do the trim. That's one thing I'd like to ask...should all the trim around the windows and floors be the same color? The livingroom, kitchen and keeping room which is off the kitchen, I'd love to do like my stepback cupboard, blue with a walnut stain wiped over top but in the entryway and hallway and bedrooms is the color that I showed in a previous post...would it look okay? Loved to hear from you on this one.:) BTW the two colors would match. Tonight we are going out to dinner with friends and all traveling in a little mini bus, our one friend sells cars so this should be an adventure in itself/LOL

Have a great day, the sun is shining and it's just beautiful out, I have to get groceries and stop at Lowes for more flowers:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~Alexandra's Day~

Wednesday was Alex's day, she graduated from preschool to kindergarten, she is such a tiny little girl:) She looks so much like my son Nick...funny how you can look at them and see their mom and dad when they were little. I always tell her that she has angel hands...long fingers and pretty fingernails for a 5 year old. Come to think of it she leaves for Disney World in about a week I know she will have the best time:) Alex was thrilled when I gave her the flowers too! Here she is enjoying the party they had after the program:)
I didn't have a very good seat to take pictures...they sang and danced and had a ceremony for graduation.

I can remember when I went to Nick's graduation from preschool, where did the time go? I know it went to fast...now I'm going to grandchildren's graduations but loving it and so happy that I'm a part of their lives:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Good evening blogging friends!
I know I'm late for WWW but I didn't want to miss it again like I did last week, it just makes me do prim stuff that I usually would put off:)

I finally covered a book in homespun! It was really easy to do and I plan on making more to stack. I didn't have any spray adhesive so I just used mod podge a little bit messy but it worked just fine. I had saved Char's tutorial on covering the books so I just followed her instructions only I didn't use a pocket because I want to make more and put them on top of each other.

The Liberty sign I found yard selling Saturday and forgot to show you...this is on top of my stove board, it's the only place that isn't covered with dust.LOL I also used 6 strands of black DMC on the inside cover...makes it look really prim I think. The book is the 1909 one I found at GW, it's a small book so more than likely it will be the top one on the stack.

Here is also a pic of it standing up! Loved how it turned out and didn't take long at all!

Today I went to Alex's graduation from pre-school, I'll show pictures on tomorrow's blog.

I weeded out by the pool house to get ready to put some pink impatients in tomorrow while I have Samantha with me and do the flower boxes out front...I bought red geraniums for there and some tiny white flowers that will hang over the side. The weather here is just perfect it was 80 today and not humid at all...I wish the whole summer could be this way:)
Stop over at Leslie's blog to see what everyone is up to:)
Have a great evening everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~Moving Along~

Just a quick post...thought I'd show you the paint job. The trim is off the door here but the closet and door are done. I was going to go with black for the door but it is so dark here because we are surrounded by trees and pine trees so I'm trying to make it lighter in here. These pics were taken the other day so today it's finished...yeah! The floor in here is done too!!! Just have to paint the closet doors and I'll be able to decorate:) Here is the hallway and it sure made it alot lighter in here... the wall paint is called Country Beige...now I want black knobs I think they would be so neat looking.LOL
He's doing all the work hisself so I try not to throw to much at him at one time:) We have to buy lighting for the hallway and above the kitchen sink yet !
I hope everyone is having a great day, it was beautiful here for Election Day...not to hot and not cold just wonderful:)
I also want to thank all my new followers YOU make it so much fun:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

~ Sydney, Yard Sale Finds and One Busy Weekend~

Hello blogging friends,
I hope everyone had a great weekend...reading some blogs this morning I find out that it sure is true:)
Mine started Thursday evening with packing the car with my flea market stuff...I did pretty good considering it rained and stormed Saturday. We had a good time anyway just sitting and talking and selling:)
Friday morning I took time out to go to Sydney's spring concert, I didn't want to miss it. Here she is flipping her hair back, she has been doing this lately they grow up to fast anymore:) She has a good time at school in fact she loves it and is a good student, no problems with her!
Singing her little heart out:) I hope you don't mind the pics of the girls they love it when I put them on my blog:)

Later on that evening Michael and Corrie came home and we had dinner at The Green Cove outside on the deck...you can see the boats in the background we had a very nice time with great food...they left for Maryland yesterday.

This is Corrie, she is a speech pathologist...

I didn't get to go to all the yard sales along rt. 40, just not enough time what with selling my own stuff:) I did find this birdhouse which I did pay to much for but all of my other ones are getting weather worn and I liked the creme and barn red on it.

I'm doing my entryway different than I had it, used to have a bench in there and a long mirror with hooks but I want more room now so I need to find a ladder back chair like Janeen found and also Lisa, I have a chair that I can use until I find one but it has a rounded back so you can't hang anything from it. I found this patriotic mirror to use in there and I was going to paint it and distress it but now I don't know...I think I'll wait until everything is done and see how it looks. It's supposed to hang like this but I think I'll hang it straight

I swear this corner is the only place I can decorate anymore.LOL

I also found this crow with a homespun tied aroung his neck for $3.00, I thought he was so cute:) I may use him outside I'm not sure though.

Also found this crock for .50 it's not old but I thought it looked it:)

Sunday we all went to breakfast at Eat-N-Park then on to K-Mart where I found some flowers to plant and these flowers below for half off from Mother's Day.

They brighten up this messy house:)
I've been working on my porch swap so that's about all I've been doing as far as crafting goes, also reading all of your great blogs too:)
Well, the towels are done in the dryer so have to go fold and put them away, I hope all are having a great Monday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

~Samantha's Day~

Hi everyone!!!
Today was Samantha's day, she graduated from two days of preschool a week to three days a week:) This is Sam with Michele she was so excited that her mom didn't have to work today. I never think to ask to have my picture taken with the grandkids... seems I'm always the one taking the pictures, do other of you grammy's do the same:)?
Those are three bouquets of flowers she got from us and not money wasted because she loves flowers. When she is at Walmart she always ask for her mom to buy flowers for the table:)
This is her with the teacher to go up to receive her diploma, great teachers by the way!
Singing songs~~~

The program was about 45 minutes long but so sweet... they grow up so fast!

As you can see she was one happy little girl with grammy's flowers on the right:) But the smile was even bigger when she saw this.....

Isn't it the sweetest canopy doll bed? Gold knobs on all four corners on top, mattress, pillow and canopy...I added the pink bows and it just cost me $4.00 at GW! It's brandnew never been used and I knew she would just love it:)

Also found some more stacking boxes for $2.99! ( Oh, someone had asked me where I had got instructions for putting fabric on the boxes and it was from Prim Mart:)Have to prim them up but I sure don't know when that will be...the house is coming along slowly for some reason, maybe it's just the time of year but it seems like something is always going on to make us stop. The paint color for the trim took us about three days to get the right shade and now Stush has decided to put the pergo in the keeping room and kitchen and I'm sure excited about that but it just makes it longer in reaching getting everything done! It seems I haven't decorated in weeks....

Remember I had posted a while ago about an african violet I have had for 3 years and it has never bloomed, well, someone had commented that I should just tell it to bloom or I was going to throw it away, I took your advice and did that, when Stush wasn't around of course, and the other day I just happened to be walking by it and did a double take because there are purple blooms? Amazing!!!

I guess I scared it into blooming:)
This weekend I'll be selling at the National Pike Days and hopefully make some money to buy more prims:)
Have a great evening everyone:)