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Saturday, May 30, 2009

~It's Saturday Already?~

Wow, I can't believe it's Saturday already...the weeks are just flying by and we are starting a new month Monday!
So to celebrate I went to GW yesterday.LOL Not much there to redo in fact no wood items to paint except for candle holders and I have enough of them! I did find this rusty wire bird cage very light weight so I'm sure it's just for decoration. It was only .49 so I bought it to put outside with my flowers, I had it on the ground but for the picture I put it up here so that it showed up better. Look at those pansies in my chippy, old chair...my mom would be so proud of me, she was such a gardener:) This is the side of the pool house I always decorate, I have pink impatiens planted but they haven't really grew any to take a picture of them, I'll do that at a later date when they are all bushy...love them like that:) I also took the star from my diningroom and hung it here.
My clematis really caught on this summer and I just love it, I'm training it to grow over the birdhouse and shelf!

My keeping room...I'm so tired of living like this also want some new curtains but with everything out of the room it's hard to tell what to buy!

At GW I found this rusty witch for Halloween, she has a tea light in the back of her, for .49 I had to buy her I think she will look neat come fall.

I swear this is the only place that is decorated in my house.LOL You can see to the left the trim off the kitchen door.

Also found these little baking pans for .39 regular 2.00, they will work great for pantry cakes:) I also found these enamel napkin rings in perfect condition I don't know whether to keep them or sell them, and I still need to work on these boxes!!! Plus I have frames to paint!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, it's a little cool here but supposed to get to 70* today. Not hot and not cold so my kind of weather after the rain we have had the last few days, so nice to see the sun out this morning:)
Talk to you later:)


  1. Great new goodies! Did you see the curtains that Karen from My Colonial Home put in her dining room? They would look great in your room too! I'll bet you are SO ready to have your house back in order, I know I would be. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Dawn

  2. I just loved looking at all your new goodies! My fave. were your enamel napkin rings! Enjoy your weekend!--Dawn

  3. I have to commend you for being so patient. I would be pulling my hair out about now! But in the end, it will be so worth it!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    hugs, Linda

  4. I love the picture of the clematis. They are so pretty.


  5. Got to love the GW!! Great treasures!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. You found some great stuff!!

  7. I just LOVE your outdoor decor, Rondell ... and your little GW treasures too.

    I'm glad the sun is finally shining where you are too. It feels so good to see the sun after such a wet and chilly week.

  8. I can't wait to see your rooms completed, its along process isn't it? I so know how you feel my friend!!! I love your pool wall it looks great!! Have a wonderful weekend!:0)~Wendy

  9. It's going to be fun to see it all completed!....love your outdoor decor too! Janet

  10. It all looks great Rondell, hope you get the house back to normal soon!

  11. Hi Rondell~
    Thats for sharing all of the pics. I love all of your goodies. And your pool wall looks wonderful. Hang in there, remodeling can be such a long (and messy) process but just remember it will be oh so worth it in the end. Can't wait to see the finished produtct!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  12. Love what you found Rondell and now I have to agree with Dawn...I love my Tobacco Cloth panels. They are very tan but really let light in.

  13. Wow, the clematis is beautiful. I should've started one of those a few years back.

  14. I like everything you got at GW! The little wire cage is so cute...

  15. I love your pool wall, that looks so nice. Great GW finds also, love the napkin rings.


  16. Such a nice job! Thanks for sharing your life, garden, and home with us... such inspiration!
    Dawn from Wisconsin

  17. You have so many great finds - those napkin rings are so cute! I need something like that for my log cabin!

  18. You did great in finding wonderful new goodies! :) Love the Clematis. Hope you have a sweet Sunday. :)

  19. Good stuff; really like the napkin rings!

  20. Your GW finds are always good ones, I like the bird cage in your garden area, your star found a nice new home too. Enjoy your perfect spring weather, the 70's are my favorite temps.

  21. Love all your outdoor garden decor! The pansies look so happy to have a seat of honor in your garden.
    All your new redo's with be so worth the time when it's all done. You'll forget about the unfinished stuff when all you have to look at is prim perfection!
    Have a great week~ Birgit


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