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Monday, May 18, 2009

~ Sydney, Yard Sale Finds and One Busy Weekend~

Hello blogging friends,
I hope everyone had a great weekend...reading some blogs this morning I find out that it sure is true:)
Mine started Thursday evening with packing the car with my flea market stuff...I did pretty good considering it rained and stormed Saturday. We had a good time anyway just sitting and talking and selling:)
Friday morning I took time out to go to Sydney's spring concert, I didn't want to miss it. Here she is flipping her hair back, she has been doing this lately they grow up to fast anymore:) She has a good time at school in fact she loves it and is a good student, no problems with her!
Singing her little heart out:) I hope you don't mind the pics of the girls they love it when I put them on my blog:)

Later on that evening Michael and Corrie came home and we had dinner at The Green Cove outside on the deck...you can see the boats in the background we had a very nice time with great food...they left for Maryland yesterday.

This is Corrie, she is a speech pathologist...

I didn't get to go to all the yard sales along rt. 40, just not enough time what with selling my own stuff:) I did find this birdhouse which I did pay to much for but all of my other ones are getting weather worn and I liked the creme and barn red on it.

I'm doing my entryway different than I had it, used to have a bench in there and a long mirror with hooks but I want more room now so I need to find a ladder back chair like Janeen found and also Lisa, I have a chair that I can use until I find one but it has a rounded back so you can't hang anything from it. I found this patriotic mirror to use in there and I was going to paint it and distress it but now I don't know...I think I'll wait until everything is done and see how it looks. It's supposed to hang like this but I think I'll hang it straight

I swear this corner is the only place I can decorate anymore.LOL

I also found this crow with a homespun tied aroung his neck for $3.00, I thought he was so cute:) I may use him outside I'm not sure though.

Also found this crock for .50 it's not old but I thought it looked it:)

Sunday we all went to breakfast at Eat-N-Park then on to K-Mart where I found some flowers to plant and these flowers below for half off from Mother's Day.

They brighten up this messy house:)
I've been working on my porch swap so that's about all I've been doing as far as crafting goes, also reading all of your great blogs too:)
Well, the towels are done in the dryer so have to go fold and put them away, I hope all are having a great Monday!


  1. Great Finds and it does sound like you have been very busy!! I enjoyed the pictures of Sydney. She is so pretty and appears to be prissy with throwing her hair back. Too Cute!!

  2. Your shopping sounds like so much fun. Love the pictures of Sydney, she is a darling young lady. She is having fun at her spring concert.

  3. Sounds like you had a great but busy weekend. I love all your new goodies. Your grandaughter is very pretty.


  4. Love the crow, I have been looking for something similiar to that for months now, no luck for me!

  5. Really like your great finds. That crow is adorable! Your daughter is just precious, and they all look so happy to be performing!

  6. Fun finds--I went yard saling, too. It was great to be back in the yard sale loop after a long winter. Hope your day is going well. Julie

  7. Hi Rondell I am glad you had a great weekend and the flea market went well, I also love your birdhouse. Sydney is so cute!!:0) Have a wonderful week!~Wendy

  8. I personally like seeing photos of families. They are the most important thing of all anyways! I think I like the mirror straight too. I love all you finds. I just love crows.


  9. Looks like you've been a very busy gal!! Sydney looked so cute and seems to be having a big ol' time!
    I loved the crow plant stake!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. You did have a busy weekend.You'll need a day off to recuprate!

    Sydney looks so cute - I can imagine how exciting it is to see herself online! She is famous!

    Have agreat week my friend!

    hugs, Linda

  11. Hi Rondell....sounds like you had a wonderful weekend....love the great new finds....and your Sydney is adorable! Janet

  12. That was quite a weekend ... and such a fun post to read, Rondell! Enjoy those new treasures, my friend. I sure hope the jug of flowers brightens your day amid the dust and mess. They are so summery.

  13. Sounds as though you had a great weekend!


  14. Syndey is a cutie! Your shopping goodies were such good finds!
    Glad you had a good weekend.

  15. Rondell,

    I never tire of seeing your granddaughters! That's good stuff! They're all so pretty and sweet looking! You're right...they grow up so quickly and you better look out if you she's flipping that hair...she's growing up on you alright! :)

    Love all your finds! I love your favorite decorating corner anyway! :)

    Have a great week!

  16. Hi Rondell,
    Sydney is adorable! Sounds like you had a busy weekend...and found some great goodies.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  17. Sydney is so cute! It's spring - time for all the kiddies recitals (I just went to my stepson's band recital yesterday!) I love the birdhouse - and that crow will look great whereever you decide to put it!!

  18. rondell - I love the photos and off course the bird house especially I am always looking out for one but dont seem to have them here like that at all! so the hunt continues!!the one you bought is v sweet!

  19. I love the kids' concerts. I went to 3 in the last week!

    Love the cute things you bought!


  20. Oh you found some great finds! I love all your little crocks. Wonderful pictures of Sydney & her friends. You did have a busy weekend. Hope the flea market went well for you.

  21. What a busy weekend you had!
    I never get tired of seeing your sweet little grandchildren...They are so adorable!
    I too love your crock...I love the price too!
    Let me think about the spice rack...I will take some measurements and get back to you ASAP!
    I am off to mow the yard and then I will get back to you when all is done!

  22. Hey Rondell,

    Yep, Rochelle is still on the CS Forum, although it seems like not as much as she used to be. I don't visit there like I used to but I try to at least check in and read even if I don't post, about every other day. I'll be sure and tell them you said hi!

    Please tell Sydney and Samantha that I've enjoyed seeing their pictures on here, and so has Joy!


  23. family, food, and great finds! you have been busy having a good time it looks like! our twiner grandsons had a kindergarten program last week too. it was so fun to watch them not singing! lol. They do grow up so fast don't they.♥


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