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Friday, May 1, 2009

~Wallpaper and The Country Store~

Don't you just love it? Want to help? LOL Don't worry I wouldn't want to either:) Sydney helped me this morning before she had to get ready for school she loves doing it. Oh, and the DIF that was in gel form...don't buy it, it takes to long...doesn't run but takes just to long!!! I used it all up though and then Stush bought the kind that you mix with water...it runs but is much quicker to soak thur, I'm just so glad it's just the entryway and not a whole room!
My house is still a mess with the dust, Stush is such a perfectionist and sands and fills in every little thing I should be happy and I am but I want my house back.:) So yesterday while Samantha was in preschool I stopped at The Country Store...here are some pictures: This is their counter I love how it is like a flag, my purse on the counter.LOL
Love, love, love this furniture the price on this is $1,200 which I didn't think was to bad of course I don't have $1,200 but that's okay:) You can see all the other neat stuff all around!

These round boxes are just awesome...they are even taller then what is shown, I'll have to check the price tag next time I'm there I was a little rushed because I had to watch the time so that I could pick up Samantha:) Look at the make-do chairs oh, I'd love just one!!! The stuffed cat is made out a tweed fabric and was priced at $29.00 I still loved him though.

Sorry this is blurred but you can still see the candles...she sells the Campfire ones and this store smells soooooo good:)

Did I buy anything? Yep, I bought this pineapple door hanger I took a picture of it on the inside because the weather here is yucky with rain and more rain I hear till Tuesday! I think it will look great on the other side which is barn red, I've always wanted one because there is not much room between the door and stormdoor for a really full type wreath:) It's made out of a heavy type canvas...love it!

Wednesday Michele and I planned to meet at WW's so I got there 15 minutes early and ran into the GW, not much time to look but I did find this for .99! It's a double rod towel rack, I'm not to crazy about the finish on it but don't know what else to do, I think I may put this in my bathroom but this place is such a mess that everything is all in the guest room and I don't know which end is up anymore.LOL

It's Friday already...the weeks are just flying by aren't they? This rain hasn't stopped since I got up this morning, just looked out the window and it is pouring!
Try and have a wonderful weekend okay?:)
Oh, and Happy May Day to all my blogging friends and followers!


  1. Looks like a nice shop!! She has some real cute things.

  2. Rondell, Great find and price on the towel rack from G.W. Don't worry about your house..it will get done soon enough and you'll love it!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Rondell,
    I love the furniture in her store & also the stacked boxes. I kow what you mean about living with a mess ~ so hard to deal with. We prim gals like everything in their place, LOL. Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh I would love to go in that shop!!! The door hanger will be so prim perfect on your red door!! And what a find at GW!! I never find things like that!! Hope you have a great May Day and a great weekend!!!~Wendy

  5. Rondell, thanks for sharing such great pics of the Country Store..I want one of everything!! I like you shelf too, that is really cute!

  6. Rondell~That shop looks fabulous! You could probably make that cat out of a tweed sport coat picked up at GW!
    I would love to make stuff like that, if I could sew!
    $.99 for the double towel bar is a steal...I would have snatched it up too!
    Enjoy your weekend...Our weather is the same as yours! UGH!

  7. Wish I could have went with you. That store looks like a great place to shop. Good luck with the wall paper.


  8. That shop looks really nice. I like the towel rack, too. Great deal for .99. Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. Oooo...I now how you feel! My dining room is currently in the exact same state! And my dh is also a perfectionist about his work on the walls. But everything looks so good when he's done, I really can't complain.
    (But I wish I knew what to do about the dust too- yuck!)

  10. I hate it when the house is in disarray!!! I just feel all turned-around and upset until it is DONE.

    Great deal on that double-rod towel rack. The finish looks really prim!

    PINEAPPLES!!! Yay! Have them on the brain lately...that hanging is really eyecatching!

  11. Rondell~I would have loved to tag along with you for your shopping...love that store and what a great deal on your wonderful towel rack! Hopefully the rain will end soon and the sun will shine again! And your house will soon be back to fine order~even better with all your new things!Blessings!~Kathy

  12. Great little store! That towel rack was a great find for .99

    We're getting tons of rain too!

    Have a great weekend,

  13. What a great store! Her counter is so cute with the flag as the front! I LOVE that furniture and I would also love to have just one make-so chair. I'm thinking of trying to make one, it might be worth a try! I so hope to be able to get to the point that I can sell that furniture in my shop, but it's a ways away! Thanks for sharing all of your great pictures! Dawn

  14. Wow that is a great price on the checked piece. Mine is smaller one cost more than that - but then again, everything around here costs more!

    You will be so glad when the walls are painted so you can start reassembling your house! And then the fun part of decorating will begin. You'll have to take a lot of new pictures for us too! I do most of the projects around here so I control the mess because I go nuts when things are topsy turvy too. I hope it is not too much longer for you.

    Send some rain here - we don't seem to be getting it when they predict it.

    Have a great weekend! hugs, Linda

  15. Oh you busy girl!! So glad it's you and not me!!LOL!! When do you think the walls be done? Love that shop, too!

  16. Hi Rondell,
    Isn't removing wallpaper fun...NOT.
    Luckily in my new sewing/craft room, I only had a border to remove. The Country Store looks like a primitive lovers dream shop!! Love the towel rack that you picked up at the GW...great find. It's been rain non-stop here in Ohio also...I'm ready for some sunshine. Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  17. I would love to find a shop like that around here. The counter is great but I couldn't help but notice how much the clerk reminded me of Paula Deen.


  18. Gee, I must live in a la-di-da area... NOT!!!! My G.W. never has anything like that towel rack for such a price. I really think you lucked out with that, Gal! Now the Country Store is just gorgeous...lucky you to be able to visit there even if you never bought anything. But, your Pineapple hanging is great!

    The house will get better. Smile and have a good weekend!



  19. I love that furniture too but not at that price! Hope you got some flowers for MayDay!

  20. I love that couch....I need to recover one I have or get a new one.(slipcovers don't work for us!) I really like that one and the price is good.
    Love that towel rack too!

  21. I love that shop!!! I just recently found one similiar to it and cant wait to go back ! That flag is great too!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Rondell, thanks for showing us the shop pictures. I would love to have the sofa too. I really like the towel rack (what a find) and I like the finish on it just the way it is. I hope it stops raining for you soon. We are suppposed to have rain all this coming week here in NC. Have a great week. Sherie

  23. Your blog looks great - love the new colors! And I loved that couch too - something so cozy and cute at the same time!


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