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Thursday, May 14, 2009

~Samantha's Day~

Hi everyone!!!
Today was Samantha's day, she graduated from two days of preschool a week to three days a week:) This is Sam with Michele she was so excited that her mom didn't have to work today. I never think to ask to have my picture taken with the grandkids... seems I'm always the one taking the pictures, do other of you grammy's do the same:)?
Those are three bouquets of flowers she got from us and not money wasted because she loves flowers. When she is at Walmart she always ask for her mom to buy flowers for the table:)
This is her with the teacher to go up to receive her diploma, great teachers by the way!
Singing songs~~~

The program was about 45 minutes long but so sweet... they grow up so fast!

As you can see she was one happy little girl with grammy's flowers on the right:) But the smile was even bigger when she saw this.....

Isn't it the sweetest canopy doll bed? Gold knobs on all four corners on top, mattress, pillow and canopy...I added the pink bows and it just cost me $4.00 at GW! It's brandnew never been used and I knew she would just love it:)

Also found some more stacking boxes for $2.99! ( Oh, someone had asked me where I had got instructions for putting fabric on the boxes and it was from Prim Mart:)Have to prim them up but I sure don't know when that will be...the house is coming along slowly for some reason, maybe it's just the time of year but it seems like something is always going on to make us stop. The paint color for the trim took us about three days to get the right shade and now Stush has decided to put the pergo in the keeping room and kitchen and I'm sure excited about that but it just makes it longer in reaching getting everything done! It seems I haven't decorated in weeks....

Remember I had posted a while ago about an african violet I have had for 3 years and it has never bloomed, well, someone had commented that I should just tell it to bloom or I was going to throw it away, I took your advice and did that, when Stush wasn't around of course, and the other day I just happened to be walking by it and did a double take because there are purple blooms? Amazing!!!

I guess I scared it into blooming:)
This weekend I'll be selling at the National Pike Days and hopefully make some money to buy more prims:)
Have a great evening everyone:)


  1. HOW CUTE!! They are both adorable -- your grandbaby and your daughter (or in-law?) -- beautiful. I got a kick out of the graduation caps.

  2. Your granddaughter is so cute and I love that doll canopy bed you got her!! Samantha looked like one happy little girl!!

  3. Samantha is so darn cute! I so miss working with the little ones.I could be having a bad day and the minute they walked in, the sun came out!! They are just so much fun!

    LOL I love the viloet story - that is too funny!

    Have a great weekend!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Samantha is growing up too fast!! I love the pictures and I'm sure she felt SO SPECIAL with her flowers. The canopy bed is great...can't believe you got it for that price. She will really enjoy that. Can't wait to see your finished project. It will be worth the wait.

  5. Oh I'm so happy for Sam! They do grow up too fast! Glad you guys got her flowers what a girl!

  6. Rondell
    Sam looks so happy. Grammys are the official picture takers.

    Her doll bed turned out beautiful. You did a great job.

    Sorry to hear hte projects are coming along slowly. But once they are done it will be back to your wonderful decorating again.

    Have a nice day.

  7. Sweet-- ane yes, they grow up so fast--great finds, too. Have a great day. Julie

  8. Your grand-daughter is too cute. I love fresh flowers also. Your right money is never wasted on pretty flowers. Her new little doll bed is so cute. Love the stacking boxes.


  9. You know, I could never get african violets to bloom either. I guess I'll have to give that command a try!
    I hope the weather is grand for you for the national pike days. I'm still hoping to take a drive down if it's good weather.

  10. She's beautiful Rondell and I bet she loved the flowers. I know I would of loved it if I would of ever got any on my graduation day. (hint, hint DH.... I get my 2 yr. certificate in a week!)

    I will have to remember to talk to my violets when they won't bloom. I guess you really put the 'fear' into it! :)

    Take care and have a great weekend,

  11. YAY for Sam!

    She's gettin prettier and prettier! She looks so proud and happy!! :)

    Love the pic of her holding her flowers!

    Have a happy weekend, Rondell.

  12. How sweet! Such a cutie, don't you just love the little graduations! They grow up so fast!

  13. What a little cutie!! There just isn't anything much sweeter than these little grandchildren. She looks so happy - but you're right, we need some pictures of grammy! Have a great day, Dawn

  14. Hi Rondell - what an adorable granddaughter! Graduation...imagine that in pre-K....cute.
    Wow, the doll bed/canopoy turned out beautiful.

  15. What a BIG day for your sweet Samantha! Michaela's last day of preschool is next Friday. Then on to Kindergarten in the fall. I can hardly believe it ...

    I'm glad to know that other people's house projects go s-l-o-w-l-y too. It's always something, isn't it?!

    I enjoyed your tribute to your mom, Rondell ... and I sure hope your Mother's Day was a special one ...

  16. Please tell Samantha that Joy and I say, Congratulations! She looks so cute! And we love that canopy bed....how very girly and cute!

    It was me that asked about the fabric on the stacking boxes...thanks!

    What a funny story about your violet...I could just imagine the whole scenario!

    Have a great weekend, Rondell!

  17. What a beautiful granddaughter and what a great celebration! Love the bed! Good luck at your show!


  18. Preschool grad is so fun for the little ones! They are so happy and proud. Our kids had graduation from preschool here too--well except for our youngest he will be going this fall. I know it seems weird but I always cried--such a bittersweet time I guess! Have a sweet Sunday and don't forget to pop over and visit me!


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