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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
I know I'm late in posting today but I was working on my giveaway for my 100th post, then Chris came for spaghetti and meatballs. By the time I got the kitchen cleaned up it was 8 o'clock so I sat down to the computer to start when Stush asked if I would go to the Dairy Queen to get him a Buster Bar ( he ruins my diet everytime:)
Actually I have two projects going on...one I don't like so I have to redo and the other I was going to work on but it stormed today and I couldn't paint outside. So today I did do some tweaking, at the County Store I bought a bag of rosehips and put in my jar lamp (thanks Leslie for the idea). Next I filled my empty ball jars with teabags, brown sugar, sugar and flour turned the box I had them sitting in and put them on top so I could see them better.
You can't see the distressing to well but the napkin holder is one Stush made in 8th grade shop class, on the bottom he had put his name and room # so I painted it black but not on the bottom:)

Hopefully I'll have what didn't turn out for next Wednesday...go to Leslie's My Country Home to see what everyone has been up to.
Have a great evening:)
PS...Michael called and said he loves the new teaching position, I can rest a little easier now:)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Saturday afternoon was a little sad for me...Michael and Corrie left for their new jobs in Maryland. Oh, I know it's only 4 hours away but it's never easy when one of your children leaves to live in another state. He had some of his stuff stored in our basement so had to leave the truck overnight at our place, then Saturday it was time to go. I tried not to cry because he is a man and needs to better himself, this is a good move for him financially too. I know he is doing the right thing it's just so hard for me to still let go even after 33 years. I want to go back... to when he was a baby, I had him and he looked at me and I knew he favored me instead of his dad, I was so thrilled, the times he went to nursery school and I'd walk to pick him up at noon and we'd go to the 5&10 to get a hotdog for lunch, the time his brother cut his hair to the scalp practically, lol Nick was 5 then and Michael was 2, he used to imitate Pee Wee Herman when he was alot younger and make me laugh.
Yes...I want to go back but I can't...they have to be good, wonderful and funny memories that will always stay in my heart. I love you Michael, I don't know what I would have done without you!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

~Barn Sale~

I was on the computer this morning and decided to go to the site that lists garage sales in the area, when I came across this barn sale a couple miles from where we live, actually out close to where we got Buster:) I only bought three things which came to $10.50! Stush had went on ahead of me so when I came to this old plow (I've been looking for one forever!) I noticed the tag said $10.00 and right when I was going to call to Stush the guy said "that's been sold"! I was so disappointed but just went on to look around. When we went to leave I said to Stush "look, but it's been sold" and he said " I know I bought it." What a guy, huh? Just love him for loving me.:)
We put it out at the end of the driveway, what a relief that he wanted to put it right where I had it in mind. I put things from around the house there just to fill it in for now.

I can just see this decorated for fall...bale of hay, bittersweet sign and pumpkins!

I found this little crock for .25 the lid had been broke at one time but for that amount I didn't care, I guess it gives it character:)

Also this old bottlebrush tree for .25... I do collect these!

On our way home we stopped at the farm where we had got Buster, we had him with us but
Buster didn't seem to happy about it. No, that isn't Buster that's his dad...his mom is the black one in the backround she groweled at him.lol They aren't humans, I don't know what I expected...hugs, kisses but I swear the dad knew, he had such a tender look on his face like he just knew that was his son.
I hope your having a great Saturday!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

~The Way I Used to Decorate in the 90's~

Isn't this a hoot...I was cleaning today so that my weekend can be free ( these are pics of pics so excuse the quality:) As I was cleaning I was wondering what to post about today and I came across these pics of my home from my 1st marriage and how I decorated back in the early 90's:) The first was the
entryway did I collect or what? I was at the fleamarket every Sunday back then and I think you can tell.lol I've sold alot and as I look at them I don't think there is one thing I regret getting rid of except the black doll sitting on the sewing machine in the livingroom:) Yes, I stenciled the border...wasn't to straight now that I look at it. I still have that bench pictured below and I had stenciled barn red stars on it, it's a really long bench and it is down in the basement as I type this!

This was my kitchen...you can see above the stove where I took the sides from an old drop leaf table and hung there plus stenciled a check border on, why you ask? Well, I had an avocado double oven stove that finally broke and I had put brick up but couldn't get behind the double oven so that when I got a new stove I had a square of white plaster there, so funny now to look at that:) Butcher block I sold for close to $400.00.

My collection of tins, did I have alot or what? I kept a few but sold the rest, oh and the lattice I hung from the ceiling and hung things from:) You notice I'm saying "I" all the time...my ex did nothing!

My sink...I always had fun with decorating that area I was really into barnred, country blue and navy back then! The homespun towel is hanging from one of those ceramic ducks.lol I still have all my rolling pins but not the rest of things that you see there.

My livingroom...that's my grandmother's wicker rocker that I had painted blue now it's back to it's original white:) That blue bench that I used for a coffee table I remember buying it for $1.00:)

My collection of Feistaware, I collected it piece by piece and it was fun to do:) Sometimes only paying .10 for a piece of it, I still have it all packed away:) I'd never get rid of the picture to the right, my dad painted that and even as a teenager I knew I wanted it:)

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me, and one thing I found out is that change is good! This was so much fun to do:)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

~My Day With Family Plus 2 Giveaway's~

This is what it's all about *family*...need I say more! We had such a great time and I can tell you as a mother of older kids I sure was blessed to have had them all together at Kennywood. I've been going to Kennywood since I was a baby, I have home movies of me riding some of the same rides as my grandaughters did yesterday:) I guess it's what you would call a family tradition to go once every summer. The pic below is my daughter Michele, Samantha and Alex in Kiddyland, I don't know who the little boy is:) Michele, who didn't want her pic taken and Jeff her husband and my son Nick with Alex.
Sydney rode out in the park on the big rides this year, her legs were to long for the little rides and anyway I think she had more fun out in the park...she's only 6, I think I rode in Kiddyland until I was 7 but things are different now:)
These two could have cared less about bigger rides they loved Kiddyland and winning little, stuffed animals at the duck pond:)

Grammie sure had a good time with them and I never thought I'd live to say this but I loved watching them while the "big kids" rode on the bigger rides.lol

I wish I could have taken more pics but as you know you just never have enough time! This is the resturant inside the park.

My SIL, Jeff carried Spongebob around for quite awhile:) All in all it was a fun day with my kids, grandaughters and hubby:)

Now on to two great giveaways...Justina over at Peper Creek Gatherings is giving away the neatest frame, roomspray and ice coffee...something I've never tried, all pictured below:)

Look at what JoAnn is giving away, don't you just love it? You could use this for anything and everything so many uses! Hurry and sign up for it at The Carter Clan and don't forget to stop by both of these great blogs:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

I actually painted the third stool from the top last week and I did it because we are going to Kennywood today, it's our community picnic!!! A day full of fun and rides and eating our favorite foods:) If you don't know we are about 30 miles from Pittsburgh and every year every town has their day at Kennywood...the grandaughters will be there and I'll be taking pictures of them in kiddyland and the older "kids" will be rideing all the big rides so I think we will be watching the little ones while they ride:) As you can see it was painted navy, I painted it after I bought it at a yardsale for a $1.00 a few summers back.
Now it is black and I like it alot better...the stool on top looks to be handmade, when I find another stool I'll put this somewhere else in the house, maybe the bathroom. It looks to big for the top but will only fit there:)
I hope you have a great day! BTW stop over at Leslie's to see more blogger's and what they have been working on.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~Buster and His Brother~

Two labs in the pool on a hot day!!! Our friend has Hershey, Buster's brother, and brought him by one day, he out weighs Buster by 30 lbs and was actually dunking Buster because he's so heavey.lol Buster is so spoiled...he sometimes wants out so that he can go in the pool:0 He went to the vet today...I noticed that he kept trying to get at his back way on top so I looked and there was a cut so now he is on antibiotics and he can't be in the pool or river until it's healed:(
On another note: I noticed that I'm almost near my 100th post, wow I can't believe it! I'll be having a giveaway then so be on the lookout for it, I've been working on it some tonight and I know you are going to love it:)
Have a great evening!

Monday, July 21, 2008

~Saturday Yardsale Finds~

Stush and I went to a community yardsale...yes in the heat and humidity, I made him go... I promised we'd spend the rest of the day at the docks:) I'm glad I did, it was yardsale after yardsale all along a highway! I had to take two pics because I couldn't fit everything in one photo and I only paid $11.00 for it all.
The alphabet book I got for .50 it also has puzzles on each page and has never been used, I'll be keeping it for Samantha for Christmas, you can't see it to well but in the clear plastic box there is a snowman globe to hang on a tree for .25 that I'll save for Sydney.
The 50's traincase was a real find for $3.00 and in perfect condition, I now have two suitcases to stack in my bedroom:) The small birdhouse wreath I got for a $1.00 it has white pipberries amongst the greenery so why do I feel that it's for Christmas?:) The basket sign I think I'll use with my baskets, after looking at the pics for above my kitchen cabinets I think I'll take some crocks down and put some baskets up with them. Makeup bag .25 and brand new!
Now I have very good intentions for the Debbie Mum quilt pattern for .50 I love the 36 inch long one shown upper right on the pattern cover even bought two yards of fabric for $1.00 a piece:) yesterday I finally got brave and opened the pattern.lol I'd really love to make it...I visit blogs of quilters and theirs are beautiful so I figure for $2.50 I won't be losing anything if I don't like doing it:) The black and white check tea towel I bought for .10 and it is now being coffee dyed! Now on to the next pic...the faux geranium hanging basket I got for $2.00 and I have that hanging out by the pool house, I also needed the coffee mat for near my computer for my coffee or drinks... got that for .25 and it smells so good of cinnamon. I've also read that alot of ladies are reading the Mitford series so when I spotted all three for a $1.00 I snatched them up they came in a nice case too:) The breadboard on the bottom a $1.00 it already has a coat of black paint on it and I'm thinking on doing it like my stoveboard only useing it in a different room, the cutting board which I collect was also a $1.00. I had such a good time can't wait to do it again:)
The yardsales were about 25 miles from us so I always look at houses along the way especially the "country decorated" ones, when we came across this mobile home done in country, I told Stush I wanted to stop on the way back to take some pics. On the way back home he stopped for me and I was ready to get out of the car when around comes the owner of the house on a riding lawnmower I waited until he went around the back of the home then snapped pics from the car. I wish I could have got better pics but was nervous that they might not like the idea of a stranger taking pics of their home.

I love the way they painted it a dark barnred and trimmed it in white.

They have country things sitting on the porch and flower boxes planted so... I just thought I'd share these with you, I know some of you have mobile homes and would like to see one done in country style:)

I can just imagine what the inside looks like can't you? :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~Saturday Morning Pic~

Good morning everyone out there in blogland:) It is going to be another hot one here again today, the sun is already out and it is just 9:00AM!!! So the pool will be used again today... I hope you are having a great weekend and everyone is doing just fine:) I thought I'd show you where I placed the stool that I did for Whatcha Workin on Wednesday, I put it just where I had it before only I think it looks alot better black then blonde wood:)

The basket by the stool on the floor used to look like this below, I got it at Goodwill for .39 painted it black and "walla". LOL

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

~Look at This Giveaway!!!~

Tammy is having a wonderful give away!!! Look at these shutters that her DH makes and she prims up, I just love them...they would look so good in my home.LOL
Tammy also opened an Etsy Shop so go over and visit to find out how to enter and to visit their Etsy shop!!!
Tammy and her husband Jason, do such great work:)

~Fat Friday Recipe!!!~

Good morning!
I'm joining Mary's "Fat Friday Recipe" today, believe me I'm not a cook or baker just don't like doing it, but this is a good one, I'm asked to make it all the time,I don't have any pics of this recipe only because I make this in the fall (football) parties and winter. I will say that men love this, the dish is scraped clean by the end of the evening:) I highly recommend it: so here goes:

Pepperoni Dip

Cut pepperoni into triangles (down & across, you will see what I mean when you do this)

Cut plain bagels ( I have used different types of bagel but prefer plain) into bite sized pieces and dip them into this simple hot dip. prep time:

10minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Ready in approx. 25 minutes Makes 3 cups (24 servings)

1 half pound pepperoni

1(8ounce) package creamcheese,

1(10 ounce) can condenced
cream of mushroom soup
1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. In medium baking dish mix the pepperoni, cream of mushroom soup and cream cheese.

3. Bake uncovered 15 minutes or until bubbly and lightly browned around the edges. (I like it brown around the edges and bubbly.)

Your guys will love this!!! Enjoy!

To make more just double recipe:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

~Show and Tell Thursday~

Kim hosts Show and Tell for Thursday's so I'd thought I'd show my crock collection, I don't think I've posted pictures before of them:)

This first pic is in my livingroom... my crock bench that I bought about two years ago at a country store, I've collected them forever it seems but I have to be picky because I sure can't afford the high priced ones. The lamp I got for $2.00, minus the shade, believe me I ran with that one:)

The crock in the livingroom I've had for a long time and so is the one under the pouting chair in the entryway.
These crocks are above my kitchen cabinets, the crock bowls on each end there my BIL gave to me, he is an antique dealer but deals mostly with mining things and crocks.

This is the other end:)

On one side of my kitchen window....

and the other side, that's the gray graniteware roaster Stush gave me for Christmas.

Another side of the kitchen...my kitchen is in a square:)

This crock butterchurn is in the keepingroom, it is one thing I didn't get rid of from marriage No.1!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the showing of my crocks...I have so enjoyed doing it, have a great day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

I know I'm late in posting for "Whatcha Workin on Wednesday", if you want to see more blogger's projects go to Leslie's My Country Home and enjoy all the eye candy that you will find there:) Today I vacumed the pool and water & fed my flowers plus worked on this bar stool out in the garage, my mom had bought me it at Walmart over ten years ago and lately I've been wanting to paint it but just didn't no what to do with it. One day I was visiting Ann-Marie's blog and she had posted about painting a bar stool black, Ann's has a back to it though, and I just loved it! So this is what I did, this is the before pic:
As you can see it is a blonde wood.

I really like it and so updated it I think...love it!

I had to take a picture of it out in the driveway because the stain hasn't dried yet.

Here's the seat of it...I had to make my own stencil out of cardboard and instead of a mustard paint I used Khkai Tan. Hope you all like it! Have a great evening:)

P.S. After I posted yesterday I discovered that Lisa from Cranberry Flats had given me the award too...thank you Lisa I just love your blog you write so well, stop over everyone and visit with Lisa!