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Thursday, July 17, 2008

~Show and Tell Thursday~

Kim hosts Show and Tell for Thursday's so I'd thought I'd show my crock collection, I don't think I've posted pictures before of them:)

This first pic is in my livingroom... my crock bench that I bought about two years ago at a country store, I've collected them forever it seems but I have to be picky because I sure can't afford the high priced ones. The lamp I got for $2.00, minus the shade, believe me I ran with that one:)

The crock in the livingroom I've had for a long time and so is the one under the pouting chair in the entryway.
These crocks are above my kitchen cabinets, the crock bowls on each end there my BIL gave to me, he is an antique dealer but deals mostly with mining things and crocks.

This is the other end:)

On one side of my kitchen window....

and the other side, that's the gray graniteware roaster Stush gave me for Christmas.

Another side of the kitchen...my kitchen is in a square:)

This crock butterchurn is in the keepingroom, it is one thing I didn't get rid of from marriage No.1!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the showing of my crocks...I have so enjoyed doing it, have a great day.


  1. I love all your crocks!! What a great collection. I love the last one. :) Glad you got to keep that one.

  2. Your crock collection was such fun to look at!

    Fall in New England, by the way, is gorgeous. The foliage really is something to see...

  3. Your crocks are great!! But I especially like your crock bowls!! Thanks for sharing!!~Wendy

  4. I love crocks :) They can be used for nearly anything and everything! The issue is finding a good deal!

    I once saw one of the like 20gallon crocks for $70. I wish I wouldn't have been so cheap and would have just bought it. Of course I kept thinking, "Where am I going to put it?!"

    Beautiful :)

  5. I love crocks too. I just don't have as many as I would like though. I just bought two sheese crocks at the Goodwill last week. I think I'll put those in the bathroom.

    I like looking at how others decorate above their kitchen cabinets. I was never able to until we bought this house.


  6. omg!! look at all those crocks!!
    i love the lamp!!
    i was thinking of using one of mine to make a lamp. i thought about picking up a lamp at a thrift store or yard sale and removing the wiring. i figured it would be cheaper than the lamp kit. :)

  7. bkirshoot! i forgot i was going to ask ya. are those ticking pillows in the basket beside the churn?? did you make them?? they look great there!!

  8. I love your crock collection, nice.
    I just started on them , two in total. LOL

    LOve the pouting chair, never seen one before. Well maybe I have I just didn't know thats what they are called.

  9. I don't know if I've ever seen a crock in Utah--I love them, but don't know where to find them-any ideas? Your collection is GRAND!!! Have a great day. Julie

  10. Hi! I too love your crocks--as of now I only have two one from each of my Grandma's--so I REALLY love them!

  11. What a great collection Rondell! My favorite has to be the butter churn and I really love the pillows..nice... :)

  12. What a great collection!! I'm so jealous...I think I have 5...lol.

  13. That's some collection Rondell. I saw quite a few crocks and jugs at a recent antique and collectibles sale and they were pricey.
    The lamp was a steal. :)

  14. I love your crock collection! I collect crocks too but yours puts mine to shame! lol I kept a few crocks from my first marriage too (I got more use from the crocks then the man!) I love your blog and will be tuning in!


  15. I am totally loving ALL your pics!!! How absolutely beautiful!!! :)

  16. What a great collection! (Sigh) I have an utter weakness for crocks too. And if they're in my price range ~ cheap ~ I just can't pass one up. My collection is not as impressive as yours, but I do love the few pieces I have.

    Of course I was peeking through the cracks of your photos and I love the braided piece on your little table and the table too! Gorgeous!



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