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Saturday, July 19, 2008

~Saturday Morning Pic~

Good morning everyone out there in blogland:) It is going to be another hot one here again today, the sun is already out and it is just 9:00AM!!! So the pool will be used again today... I hope you are having a great weekend and everyone is doing just fine:) I thought I'd show you where I placed the stool that I did for Whatcha Workin on Wednesday, I put it just where I had it before only I think it looks alot better black then blonde wood:)

The basket by the stool on the floor used to look like this below, I got it at Goodwill for .39 painted it black and "walla". LOL

Have a wonderful day!


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  2. I like it a lot better black too! Looks great! Have a wonderful day.


  3. Is there anything that doesn't look good in black?

  4. And now both of them look like the were just made for your home! I love the stool especially! Great job!

  5. Love the stool black and the basket looks great also. It's amazing what a little can of spray paint can do. Great grouping.

  6. I love the stool you did an awesome job and it looks so good in your house!! And the basket looks so much better!! Gotta love he spray paint can!!LOL...Its a hot one here too, I wish I had your pool!!:0)...Have a great day!~Wendy

  7. Isn't spray paint just one of the best things!!!
    Looks great!
    Shayne Louree

  8. You gotta love black spray paint. And, I noticed your spray can gun...aren't they wonderful?!?!
    I love how you have put it all together!

  9. Yes, that black makes a statement against your floor. I love it!
    I love how paint can change your outlook on the most simple of things!

  10. Hi again-
    Drop by my blog--I have an award for you!

  11. Very cool ! I like that black and the basket too. I would of not thought to paint a basket like that , but thanks for the idea, im going to look for one now!!
    Have a good one,

  12. I love the stool! I love the ironing board next to it too! I have one like that but I haven't painted it (yet) - okay, okay - another idea stolen by me from your blog!


  13. YUP - I agree with everyone - looks so nice in black!!

  14. It looks wonderful ... I especially like the star on top. Did you use a stencil? The basket is great too!


  15. Hi Rondell,

    Your stool looks perfect there! It never ceases to amaze me what difference paint can make! Of course, your creativity has alot to do with it! I love the star!

    You asked about "hearting" me. You have to have a usernmae on Etsy, then there's an option to the right about marking it as a favorite (I think with a heart beside it).

    Thanks for signing up for the contest and good luck!

    ~ Tammy ~

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  17. Hi Rondell love what you have done with the stool,great grouping.One of these days i will try and be brave and paint something black.hope you had a great weekend.~kate~

  18. Love what you did with the stool...it is amazing what a new coat of paint will do and great job on the prim star...Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting


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