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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~Buster and His Brother~

Two labs in the pool on a hot day!!! Our friend has Hershey, Buster's brother, and brought him by one day, he out weighs Buster by 30 lbs and was actually dunking Buster because he's so heavey.lol Buster is so spoiled...he sometimes wants out so that he can go in the pool:0 He went to the vet today...I noticed that he kept trying to get at his back way on top so I looked and there was a cut so now he is on antibiotics and he can't be in the pool or river until it's healed:(
On another note: I noticed that I'm almost near my 100th post, wow I can't believe it! I'll be having a giveaway then so be on the lookout for it, I've been working on it some tonight and I know you are going to love it:)
Have a great evening!


  1. Awwww, such a cute photo! Hope the cut on Buster's back heals quickly so he can get back to enjoying that pool again. :-)


  2. Buster is one lucky pup, Rondell! I can't wait to see what you're cooking up...

  3. Very cute dogs! And how pampered! LOL! Your pool looks soooooo wonderful.

  4. Oh that is so cute!!! And poor Buster hopefully it won't get to hot til his cut heals!! And I can't wait for a giveaway!! Take care!~Wendy

  5. That is such a cute pic....so glad they are able to visit and get along so well. Hope Buster's cut heals quickly.

  6. What a hoot of a picture - they sure look like their cooling off nicely. Can't wait to see what you whipping up.

    Hugs - Karen

  7. HI rondell the doggies look like they are having a great time, my son's black lab millie would be in that pool as quick as you can say pool, my german shepherd bertie would just go back inside.I must take pictures of them when i am more up on placing them.I have posted some pictures of the car boot sale, as usual they are the wrong way round lol.Can't wait to see the 100th post i hope to get to my 100th i have been collecting itmes just in case.take care~kate~


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