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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
Well, this is what I've been working on for the past week...staining my little heart out. Honestly, I'm either staining or spraypainting something everyday, I know Stush thinks I've lost it:) but it keeps me busy and out of trouble.lol
You remember the book holder I found at the Salvation Army store? This is how it turned out...I just painted it lamp black and distessed it then stained, I like my never used cookbooks out on the counter now instead of hid away in the cupboard and that's my African Violet that Sydney gave me about three years ago for Easter....it grows but never blooms:) The beanpot Stush's brother gave to me and it is full of pennies waiting to be rolled to buy a prim treasure someday:)and yes I made the little sampler on the wall.

Stush surprised me with my stoveboard the other day, I was surprised because I've been asking for him to do it forever:) I heard him out in the garage and went to investigate and he told me it was for the boat...boy, was I disappointed but didn't say anything. Later when I came out to the kitchen there it was laying on top of the stove, what a sweet guy I have!

Needless to say I've had it three colors, first I painted it barnred, didn't care for it, then black but didn't have enough Buttermilk paint to do over top. In the garage I spotted the can of Buff paint that we used for the kitchen walls, so I used that and I think it turned out great! I tried to use Primp Your Pad at Gathered Treasures decorating hints that she posted:)stop over to see!
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  1. I love that stove board, I want one real bad!!!
    The bookcase turned our great, such a cute place for it too!!
    Have a great day,

  2. i think you have a very sweet man indeed....he did a wonderful job on your stove board...i just took mine off the stove because i got tired of hearing my dh complain about it...hehe...after all he is the cook here....i love your cook book holder too...the plant gave it life and it looks great...kuddos on your decorating

  3. Well, what a sweetie that hubby is! And sneaky too for telling you it was for the boat. What a nice surprise. I would love one too, just to use as extra counter space.
    The book holder looks right at home (and so much better black!).
    Have a great day R! :)

  4. I told hubby I wanted a wood cover for my stove too, but yet again I will be waiting forever. But great job on the book ends.

    P.S. I think you did a great job following the decorating ideas by Primp your Pad.


  5. Your cookbook holder looks great!! I love it and I am so in love with your breadboard, you did an awesome job painting it!! I asked hubby to make me one so I'm hoping I'll get one soon!! Take care!~Wendy

  6. Cook book holder turned out great!
    Oh and that stove board, LOVE that.

  7. I want a stove board soooooo badly! I love the cook book holder...that came out great! I need one of those too. I have to stop coming here, my wish list is growing far too fast! Tee hee.

  8. I really do have to get more vision. I would have never seen that hidden treasure and what it could become with a little black paint. Looks awesome and the books show up so nicely in contrast.

    What a sweet husband to make that gift for you!


  9. Hi Rondell i love your book stand,i would love to have the courage to paint things black.What type of paint do you use?This is the 2nd time i have tried to leave a comment but my computer is playing up.But i am not going to give up in blog land.Take care ~Kate~

  10. I love your stove board--what a great surprise. Thanks for sharing. Julie

  11. Very nice :) The book holder definitely looks better in black to me :) (Does the Violet get light? Mine are in the kitchen window and get sunlight mostly all day. They bloom often :))

    The breadboard is great :) I wanted one for a while, too but I knew Jer just wouldn't get it. I was looking into buying one when Kim told me about hers....it's actually the piece cut out of laminate countertops for the sink...and I thought about that for a bit. Then I realized I had a piece of wood in the shed that would work and ran to get it! It's a bit smaller and I have wanted to add trim to the edges so it will cover the back burners but I haven't yet. I love it, though! I don't even mind taking it off and putting it back every night!

    Jer is past the part of thinking I lost it! LOL He said he's used to coming home and smelling either paint or stain. Anymore he just asks what I painted today! LOL You just can't leave me here with paint cans with paint STILL in them! I'll find a use for it! LOL

    Have a great day!

  12. i love the board!! did you see mine?? its under the cake in my recent post!! it was an old piece of countertop,and a freebie from lowes!!

  13. Your bookholder turned out Wonderful! It looks great holding your cookbooks!
    How sweet of your hubby to make you a stoveboard!! Lucky girl, you!

  14. I love your black bookholder! It's amazing what black paint did for it! It looks very prim with all your other accessories there!

    How sweet of your husband to surprise you with the stoveboard. It looks great with all your accessories...and I loved the tips from Primp your Pad!

    Happy Thursday!

  15. Hi Rondell, thank you for the compliments on my home and I love that we have the same light fixture!:0) Have a great day!!~Wendy


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