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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

I was going thur my favs on Ebay a couple days ago and saw a seller having this up for bid and I thought "Hey, I have one of those out in the cupboard" best of all though I got it for free. One Sunday I was at the fleamarket and saw it and picked it up the guy said "You want it you can have it." It's a butcher block and I should have taken a picture of it but was in a hurry to start, I used Buttermilk Deco paint then sanded it, then added some gel stain. (Which I love BTW Leslie:)

This is how it turned out and I love it, I have plans for it and will post a pic when I'm done. I had so many plans for today but then my youngest called and wanted me to go with him to look at couches so there shot the day of doing any prim projects! That's why I'm so late in posting this! I did have plans to have all the prim things on top but it didn't work out that way:)
Have a great evening!


  1. I love gel stain too!

    Looks great and the price was right too.

  2. Another prim treasure, Rondell. I love it!

  3. It looks great :)

    The gel stain started by accident sort of. I saw a lot of people posting about Briwax (is that right? I'm tired at this point and can't think straight!) and I wondered why I couldn't just use stain. I started with stain that I had here on hand. Then I bought gel stain for another project and had it left over so I tried it out to use it up and now I have a can JUST for distressing and aging :)

    You will have to go see my blog and look at my kitchen. I got the gel stain out and I'm not too sure what I think right now. I have a LOT of work to do though if I decide to keep it up!

    I'm anxious for Jer to get home and see what he thinks!

  4. We must have the favorite ebay sellers. I just saw the cutting board stand the other day on ebay. I thought that was a great idea. I love yours!!

  5. I love it Rondell!!! Looks really good!


  6. I love it!!! Great job and for free thats all the better!!~Wendy

  7. Can't wait to see how you use it!!

    hugs, Linda

    PS I took part too!

  8. i love gel stain. so easy to use!!
    great job on the board.

  9. Looks great!! I will have to try the gel. Julie

  10. Dontcha just love free!!! You did a great job on it... I love the way it turned out! I love the gel stain, so easy and so few spills...and you can really put it where you want it to go. Great job.

  11. Hi Rondell,

    I am just getting started making things with real wool. I find buying the pattern and wool at the same time helps. Here is the pattern's website: www.lakeviewprimitives.com.

    Also I have ordered from

    I hope that helps!

    hugs, Linda

  12. What a lucky find! And for FREE...that makes it even better! I like it all primmed up. It looks so cute sitting there on your table.

  13. I love free anything! :)

    How generous of the fella -and this piece turned out great too - great job.

  14. Rondell, what a great piece. You did a wonderful job on it.
    And you certainly can't beat the price.


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