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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

I know I'm late in posting for "Whatcha Workin on Wednesday", if you want to see more blogger's projects go to Leslie's My Country Home and enjoy all the eye candy that you will find there:) Today I vacumed the pool and water & fed my flowers plus worked on this bar stool out in the garage, my mom had bought me it at Walmart over ten years ago and lately I've been wanting to paint it but just didn't no what to do with it. One day I was visiting Ann-Marie's blog and she had posted about painting a bar stool black, Ann's has a back to it though, and I just loved it! So this is what I did, this is the before pic:
As you can see it is a blonde wood.

I really like it and so updated it I think...love it!

I had to take a picture of it out in the driveway because the stain hasn't dried yet.

Here's the seat of it...I had to make my own stencil out of cardboard and instead of a mustard paint I used Khkai Tan. Hope you all like it! Have a great evening:)

P.S. After I posted yesterday I discovered that Lisa from Cranberry Flats had given me the award too...thank you Lisa I just love your blog you write so well, stop over everyone and visit with Lisa!


  1. You know a craft project is serious when the sawhorses come out! I love what you've done with your stool, Rondell! I can't wait to see where you put it...

  2. Great Job!! I like the tan for the star on your stool. You've been busy Rondell.


  3. OOooo....I may be copying this idea for my next project! We have three of the same barstools and I just don't like them. This is a brilliant idea. LOVE the star!!!

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  4. I love the black makeover! And the star is perfect on there! Where's it going? Can't wait to see!

  5. I love painting barstools! It changes the look so much! The barstools that we have were all the type with the vinyl cushioned seat. I removed all of the cushion stuff and went from there. I almost bought a $10 barstool yesterday at the antique store but I couldn't stand the thought of getting rid of my black one! LOL

    You have a lot of luck with spray paint. I only like to use it on small projects. I can't seem to keep the paint on bigger stuff. If I brush the paint on, no troubles but spray paint and I don't get along! LOL

    Hope you had a great day!

  6. I love this stool. It would go perfect in my home with my star collection!!!!!

  7. That looks great!! I painted a stool once for my mom...it's more American though. I painted a khaki star on the top of her stool too! Great Job Rondell!!!

  8. Rondell,

    I love the makeover! I love the black and the star! Looks great!

    ~ Tammy ~

  9. Your stool looks great. I did the same thing to a stool I got at a yard sale for a dollar. I painted it black and put a green star on top--my daughter drew the stencil for me. I just love to visit your blog and see your great ideas. Take care. Julie

  10. I'm beginning to think everything looks better with a coat of black paint. You're having a very productive summer with getting projects done.
    Great job Rondell!

  11. I agree with Colleen --- the second I saw those saw horses, I knew the project was a go from beginning to end!!!! Just perfect!!! What a transformation there. YOu did such a great job on that thing, really. I see I misssed a few posts, and you have been a very very busy lady and I'm so glad that I now have a FACE to go with this wonderful blog!!!!!


  12. Wow! That stool turned out great! When did you say you were shiping it to me? LOL

  13. I love how that turned out, great job.

  14. LOVE IT! Great idea! I have been painting my bar stools for downstairs by hand - spray painting is much easier. Love the star!

  15. It is amazing what a fresh paint job can do for something! I love it!

  16. Ok missy! I am definately gonna have to copy this idea of yours! It is awesome! I have a set out in the building that I couldn't figure out what to do with!

    Let me get my spray finger ready to go! lol


  17. I absolutely LOVE that stool!!!! It looks fantastic!! Great job! :)


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