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Monday, July 21, 2008

~Saturday Yardsale Finds~

Stush and I went to a community yardsale...yes in the heat and humidity, I made him go... I promised we'd spend the rest of the day at the docks:) I'm glad I did, it was yardsale after yardsale all along a highway! I had to take two pics because I couldn't fit everything in one photo and I only paid $11.00 for it all.
The alphabet book I got for .50 it also has puzzles on each page and has never been used, I'll be keeping it for Samantha for Christmas, you can't see it to well but in the clear plastic box there is a snowman globe to hang on a tree for .25 that I'll save for Sydney.
The 50's traincase was a real find for $3.00 and in perfect condition, I now have two suitcases to stack in my bedroom:) The small birdhouse wreath I got for a $1.00 it has white pipberries amongst the greenery so why do I feel that it's for Christmas?:) The basket sign I think I'll use with my baskets, after looking at the pics for above my kitchen cabinets I think I'll take some crocks down and put some baskets up with them. Makeup bag .25 and brand new!
Now I have very good intentions for the Debbie Mum quilt pattern for .50 I love the 36 inch long one shown upper right on the pattern cover even bought two yards of fabric for $1.00 a piece:) yesterday I finally got brave and opened the pattern.lol I'd really love to make it...I visit blogs of quilters and theirs are beautiful so I figure for $2.50 I won't be losing anything if I don't like doing it:) The black and white check tea towel I bought for .10 and it is now being coffee dyed! Now on to the next pic...the faux geranium hanging basket I got for $2.00 and I have that hanging out by the pool house, I also needed the coffee mat for near my computer for my coffee or drinks... got that for .25 and it smells so good of cinnamon. I've also read that alot of ladies are reading the Mitford series so when I spotted all three for a $1.00 I snatched them up they came in a nice case too:) The breadboard on the bottom a $1.00 it already has a coat of black paint on it and I'm thinking on doing it like my stoveboard only useing it in a different room, the cutting board which I collect was also a $1.00. I had such a good time can't wait to do it again:)
The yardsales were about 25 miles from us so I always look at houses along the way especially the "country decorated" ones, when we came across this mobile home done in country, I told Stush I wanted to stop on the way back to take some pics. On the way back home he stopped for me and I was ready to get out of the car when around comes the owner of the house on a riding lawnmower I waited until he went around the back of the home then snapped pics from the car. I wish I could have got better pics but was nervous that they might not like the idea of a stranger taking pics of their home.

I love the way they painted it a dark barnred and trimmed it in white.

They have country things sitting on the porch and flower boxes planted so... I just thought I'd share these with you, I know some of you have mobile homes and would like to see one done in country style:)

I can just imagine what the inside looks like can't you? :)


  1. Rondell -

    You're such a savvy shopper! I love the train case!


  2. You did such a great job with your yard sale finds! I haven't been yard saling or thrifting in so long...I need a buddy to take along with me!

  3. You found some great deals!!!
    I have such a weakness for suitcases and the like so I absolutley love the train case and $3.00 is a yell it from the roof top deal!!
    Shayne Louree

  4. We would have so much fun garage saling together, because we both have SUPER finds!!
    Then people are always so surprised when you tell them it came from a garage sale ! Love them!!

  5. wow!! you got some great goodies!!!

    i love the trailer too!!!
    i bet they wouldnt have minded you taking pics at all. :)

  6. All of you who keep going yard saling are giving me the itch!!!! I need to go to the thrift store soon!!! You got some great stuff.


  7. Great finds!!
    I wonder what that mobile looks like inside? I always wonder what peoples houses look like inside! LOL
    Take care

  8. Wowza, you made out like a bandit at the yardsales. My Mom and I spent two hours wandering around town last Saturday and I came home with nothing. We didn't go this past weekend instead we were inside an air conditioned movie theatre.

    I'm with you on taking pictures of other people's homes. We have a few really nice ones around town but I'm never brave enough to take picts and share.

    Have fun with all your treasures! :)

  9. Great finds... we just don't have any real good yard sales around here anymore... I think I deserve a trip to the thrift stores this week.

  10. I just love yard sales and you did find some great bargains. Thanks for sharing the pics of the country home. Another thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment

  11. I love all your yardsale finds. I wish I was as lucky at finding such items. i seem to kep stricking out.

  12. What a bunch of great finds! OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mitford series! I have read ALL of Jan Karon's books. I pass them on to some nuns, otherwise I would still own the box set. I know you will enjoy them. Father Tim makes me laugh!

  13. Well,it sure looks like you had yourself quite a ball, Rondell! What a fun way to spend the day.. Great finds -- again :)

  14. Sounds like you had fun AND found some great things too! Good for you!

  15. Congrats on the yard sale finds! Before gas went through the roof, I went every Saturday! I picked up so many amazing finds! I also wanted to say I loved the mobile home pic! I have never seen one painted like that! Very interesting!

  16. Wow, Rondell...you had a great day for deals! I wish I could have gone with you! I think that's one of the most gratifying feelings...when you really luck out at yard sales...don't you think?

    I love the mobile home picture too! It's painted beautifully and it looks so cozy and homey! I know what you mean about taking the pictures though because when I was taking photos of homes with their flags around the 4th...I would have Jason slow down for me and if there were folks outside anywhere, I wouldn't take a picture. I thought they might think I was scoping their house out with pictures to clean them out later! lol! I'm glad you got the picture though! I love to see photos of other people's homes! I think we should all do that...take some of favorite homes that we see..or homes that have character (in our eyes).

    ~ Tammy ~

  17. Well didn't you do well, looks like you bagged lots of goodies.Later i will post pictures of the car boot sale and all my finds this weekend but its off to work now.take care~Kate

  18. Rondell you had such a great day, so much for so little! Will Stush go again now, do you have him hooked? :) I hope you like the Mitford books, I really love them, I have all her books. Father Tim makes me laugh too! The mobile home looked really nice. Perhaps if you had asked the man if you could take a picture he might have been friendly and invited you in for some lemonade. :)

    Hugs, Annie

  19. WoW, you got some great finds! And yes, the Mitford Series is a GREAT set of books. Once you read them, you will be a Mitfordian! LOL! They are my absoute favorites! You will have to find a way to get the rest so you can read the entire series. :)

  20. Wow, You got some great stuff!
    I love the front porch on that home
    Looks so inviting. I am alway looking at homes when i go somewhere too!

  21. Hey there...
    I tagged you, come on by and check it out :)

  22. Oh my GOODNESS! That was a wonderful day of shopping! How fun! I can't believe the hubby doesn't enjoy yard saling...:):):)

  23. More great finds at the garage sale!! You always find the deals! I have my eye on a house in the town I live in. I would love to take pictures and post on my blog...but always afraid I'll get caught. :) Maybe I'll be brave sometime...or I can just go ask them. They'll probably say a blog what??

  24. Wow, you did great...you can send the material to me LOL!Beth


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