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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
I know I'm late in posting today but I was working on my giveaway for my 100th post, then Chris came for spaghetti and meatballs. By the time I got the kitchen cleaned up it was 8 o'clock so I sat down to the computer to start when Stush asked if I would go to the Dairy Queen to get him a Buster Bar ( he ruins my diet everytime:)
Actually I have two projects going on...one I don't like so I have to redo and the other I was going to work on but it stormed today and I couldn't paint outside. So today I did do some tweaking, at the County Store I bought a bag of rosehips and put in my jar lamp (thanks Leslie for the idea). Next I filled my empty ball jars with teabags, brown sugar, sugar and flour turned the box I had them sitting in and put them on top so I could see them better.
You can't see the distressing to well but the napkin holder is one Stush made in 8th grade shop class, on the bottom he had put his name and room # so I painted it black but not on the bottom:)

Hopefully I'll have what didn't turn out for next Wednesday...go to Leslie's My Country Home to see what everyone has been up to.
Have a great evening:)
PS...Michael called and said he loves the new teaching position, I can rest a little easier now:)


  1. Your tweaking yielded some pretty nice results today, Rondell. Thanks for sharing...

    What does Michael teach? My husband is a high school math teacher and I was an elementary and middle school Spanish teacher before staying home with the kids.

    Have a great night!

  2. Sounds like you had plenty to do today! Funny how life gets in the way sometimes, eh?

  3. I like your jars, I have put everything I can in jars, I am ADD and I do better if I see everything! Beth

  4. That's too bad that your intended project didn't turn out the way you wanted. That happens to me too or I don't have exactly what I need or run out of paint, which happened to me today.
    But it does look like you had a productive day anyways. The jar lamp is neat and if you get tired of it, you can just change the contents. Cool.
    Glad Michael called his Mom, I'm sure that made your day! :)

  5. Oh, I do love all those wonderful jars! What a great way to display them!


  6. I love jars ! Anything you can do with jars is great!!
    Have a good one,

  7. Your jar lamp looks so pretty with rose hips. I'll have to try that. I have one jar lamp that I rolled homespun rag balls for. It adds a nice touch of texture to the jar too.


  8. Good Morning! The pattern you asked about is Pfaltzgraff Folk Art. I love it! It has been retired for more than 10 years, but it pretty easy to get pieces on ebay. And they started making it again, but I like the older pieces better because they were handmade and not machine made like the newer (By Request) pieces. So the older ones will have little variations in the ink density, etc. They are very charming!
    Have a great day!

  9. Rondell...
    The lamp looks great with the fillers...so glad you didn't paint the bottom of the napkin holder it is always so precious to have something you made in school...he did a great job for an eighth grader.

    So glad Michael loves the new teaching position. I know you have be sooo relieved.

    Hope you enjoyed Dairy Queen :)


  10. Rondell,
    Forgot to thank you for suggesting to click on the large size picture. Wow does that make a difference!

  11. I love your jars. I have a couple that were my grandmothers but they are chipped on the top so I'd be afraid of putting edible in them.
    Patty H.

  12. I just love jars, the blue ones especially! I actually want to keep collecting them, find the cheaper ones like I have and kind of line them up on the shelf above my enamelware but then I wonder what on earth I'll do with them all and I know I will complain when I have to dust! LOL

    I'm happy that my idea gave you another one :)

    We really needed that rain but it really put a damper on everything, didn't it? I didn't do much of anything yesterday but be a little lazy!

    I'm happy to hear that you heard from your son and he's enjoying his job. Now you can rest easy :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  13. Great tweaking! I hope the weather cooperates so you can get outside and paint so we have more fun seeing stuff next Wednesday.

  14. Cute idea with the jars. I have sewing items in mine--I love old jars. Glad your son is doing well. Have a great day. Julie

  15. Thanks Rondell for confirming what I feel now. And yes indeed, I do consider you a friend! hugs, Linda

  16. I'm so glad Michael loves his teaching job! That's great!

    Your jar with rosehips looks great...I might have to do that too! I've got one...needs some cleaning up too while I'm at it! I also love everything in the jars!

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes and sweet comments! We're going out to eat in just a little bit and probably to a movie.


  17. I have a jar lamp in my son's room. Have been racking my brain what to put in it. I though of antique marbles...yeah right, have you seen the price of those babies?! I might just have to stick to new ones. :)

    I love your jars. And so sweet that you can get your hubby's old handmade and use it. That is so special. :)

  18. I LOVE the jars here!!! I found out a while back that jars are great for everything. I can see what's in them at a glance, they fit anywhere, etc., etc. Ya did good, gal! Cora

  19. you did great!! everything looks wonderful!!

  20. Love the light!!! I am so glad you didn't paint over his name. It's stuff like that I'm sentimental about.

    I like your jar ideas too.


  21. Hey Rondell, I have not been able to visit everyone blogs like i want to, i have been so busy! I love what you have done, sometimes the little tweaking make such a big impact!

  22. I also have some blue jars, never thinking about filling them like you did. Thanks for the idea!!

  23. I love what you did to the jars! The lamp is so cute and I love the blue jars! I have a collection of them and couldn't decide if I wanted to put someting in them or not! Thanks for the post!


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