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Sunday, August 30, 2009

~Just Listed This~

I just listed this Willieraye folkart figure on my selling blog! Stop over and see...just click on the picture of Tomoto Creek General Store in my sidebar:)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

~I Just Couldn't Wait~

to show you what I didn't have for WWW this week, like I said the stain was just to sticky to move it from the garage to my dining room.
I bought this from Michael's, with a 50% off coupon, in the beginning of July and just now had time to do it. Stush covered what needed to be covered then I spray painted it black but it was coming out gray looking and I didn't like that! So I painted it black then distressed it where it would have got some wear on it. I put it in the corner of my dining room, I had my sewing machine cabinet there but it was just to big looking and taking up to much room. Now there is such a difference makes the room look bigger!
This stitchery I made a long time ago so I don't have the designer's name, if you know please tell me and I'll give credit:) I haven't used this sampler for years, I just couldn't find it and I knew I hadn't sold it, so where did I find it? Behind another sampler lol, I must have needed the frame for a Christmas one and just covered it up with homespun and the sampler. I don't know what made me look but there it was, the rust colored homespun is from the Ragg Shop, remember those ? That went out a long time ago:)

Here's what I have on top of it, my sewing things are on the inside, neat place to keep everything for stitcheries!

Here is another veiw...

I really like the lamp lit in fact I have it on now but for the picture I had to turn it off because of the glare. I hung the patriotic picture... finally, it just took me a while to find a place for it!

Today I went to the Dollar Tree and ran the register for about an hour and a half, it was easy because I remembered somethings from when I worked there for Christmas. I work Monday and Tuesday 2 to 7 then not until next week do I get more hours but that will soon change with the holidays coming on so very fast it seems!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, it's cooler here in fact we have the AC off so it won't be long till we have to start up the woodstove:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~A Teeny Bit of Fall~

Hi everyone,
I decided to start putting some fall things out, it seems really like fall today because it was Sydney's first day of school for 2nd grade, I have pictures of her at the end of this post.

I made this stitchery last year and it's designed by Primitive Betty's love her designs! I have it on the first shelf of my step back cupboard.

This fall garland was given to me last year as a Christmas present and I had to wait till now to use it, the lights are lit by batteries and the berries are fall colored, so neat!

I stained these white pumpkins last year and they kept very nice!

I love this little pumpkin with the black stars!

I also added to my table in the keeping room. I figured I'd start decorating for fall now because I'll be working, it's not so bad, I only work two days next week then more will be added as the holidays come closer...I just want some money in my pocket, if you know what I mean and they called me and asked me if I wanted the job and that doesn't happen now a days to much so I took it! I know at Christmas I'll be happy that I did!

Here's Sydney and Samantha (still in her pj's) Sam will go on the bus next year to kindergarten...they are growing up to fast! I was so blessed to see them born and so now when I look at them I realize just how much time flys by!

Here's Syd...all teeth:)

and there she goes...she called me after school and told me she had fun and liked her teacher and that she sat by her best friend gee, sometimes I'd like to be 7 again... nah! Just kidding:)

I didn't get to do WWW because what I'm working on wasn't finished and I planned on posting it today but I got it stained after I got home from watching the girls and it's not dry enough to bring it in from the garage, so I think I'll keep it for next week.
This week has went by so fast just like last week, maybe it's because school started, I noticed the past few mornings we have had fog then the sun comes out...reminds fall is just around the corner.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~My Textures Part 2~

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd do another texture post because I sure took alot of pictures and figured I'd show you the rest. I know I've been enjoying seeing everyone's texture blogs and you know it seems everyone has the same textures only different pictures of them...anyway it was so fun to see them!

I've been busy, Monday I cleaned, liked even washed the bedding and rugs, I don't know about you but this summer was extremely busy for me and just could not keep up with the housework, so I figured it was time to start the fall cleaning and get it done, even did the blinds which I hate to do!

Today Chris helped me with my blog, if I went on my blog a certain way I kept getting a pop-up named " I Meet Zu" I'd close it and it would come right back, last week Chris took my PC completely down to nothing figuring that would fix it...nope "I Meet Zu" kept coming back but only on my blog no where else! Grrrrr, so finally today he went into blogger and found out it was from a link that I had added recently and it was someone that didn't take care of there website or just didn't care. So I had to remove my favorite links and others because we didn't know which link it was, anyway ladies so far so good:) and to the ladies that said they kept seeing it too when they came on my blog please let me know if it's okay now:)

Okay on to my textures, here is my barrel of faux apples...I think I need to buy some more and I did find some dust on them so I hurried and swifted them then took the picture"0 Berries in a basket that I bought at GW!
A long john basket!

An old child's blouse that I bought on ebay!


Sampler I made!

My first penny rug candle mat!

Dress of stump doll!

Fall berries in a pewter pitcher!

Some blue homespun in a blue basket!

I had some good news today, Dollar Tree called and offered me a job (remember I worked there at Christmas?) It would be afternoon and evenings...that way I could still take Sam to school on Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's only one more year and she will go to kindergarten all day so it's not so bad, only thing I don't know when I will rest if you know what I mean:)
Have a great evening!

Friday, August 21, 2009

~Textures in MY Home ~

TGIF huh? This week went by so fast, Sydney starts school next week and was thrilled with the teacher that she got plus two of her best friends are in her room, thank goodness for that:)

I decided to post about the textures in my home and Pam and Kath are so right...it's hard to stop.LOL If you don't believe me try it:)

This is Pam's link to her blog...

Jenn's link...

and Kath's...stop by to see their textures!

Here are mine...Bennington Pottery, Rowe Pottery and Warren Kimble dinnerware.

Two homespun pillows in old bushel basket.

My collection of wooden spoons and rollingpins both in crocks.

Crow sampler I made.

Runner over a ladder.

Homespun books.

Shucked corn in a labeled jare with cheese cloth topper.

Spice bag that Beth sent me!

Good old baskets!

Grunged candle and muslin tied around it!

Amish blue homespun apron!

I have so much more but narrowed it down to these few, it's amazing how many textures you will find in your home!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...summer is going by to fast but I have to admit whenever I see some fall prim there is a certain thrill that goes thur me, I love fall just can't take what comes after it especially January and February:(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Well, I've been a busy tweaking bee today...staining and tweaking that is. I watched the girls yesterday and when I came home Stush and I went out for pizza and I didn't get a chance to stain. They are still sticky so I'll have to save those for next week...the one that dried really quick is the trencher here it was a very light colored wood and it took the walnut stain really well, I had bought it from eBay awhile back and had every intention of staining it darker but finally, today I did it. It's holding the bowls and the candle with the candle hugger I ordered from Karen of My Colonial Home I just love it!

Here is a closer look at it...hopefully I can order more for Christmas, I think they make great gifts, I love Yankee Candles but sometimes the labels I don't care for, the candle hugger covers it up and it fits right in with your prims so well!
I found this picture at a yard sale for a $1.00 and just painted the frame black and distressed it, sorry for the glare, it's a barn with sheep in the foreground, I put it under my bowl rack!

Here are my slip covered wing back chairs, the one on the right I already had and the one on the left is from GW, please excuse the mess on my dining room table I have prims on there plus my water bottle and mug of coffee:) I bought the pillow at GW for a $1.00 also!

I added the black basket to the table but I don't know what to put in it,

I added this napkin, I think it gives a more Colonial look to the shelf!

My bowl rack I'm certainly enjoying...added the primitives sign and the old looking prim doll.

I do love my mantel now since I did it in blue...I moved some things around and put my old wheel and the primitive angel doll amongst everything else!

I also redid my shelf above my sofa and a big thanks to all that commented to help me with it, I used some of your suggestions, but looking at the picture on here I think I'll move the barn red hanging box over to the right or left. I do like the arrangement better now!

Look at this bounty of vegetables from a friends garden, I'm thrilled...look at the huge, green pepper...you can get three stuffed peppers out of it!

I thought it was going to be cooler today but the sun is out and it's hotter then I thought it was going to be so I better get busy around here!
Stop by Leslie's to see who else did WWW!