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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Well, looks like I'm late again blogging friends...I've been getting ready for our annual yard sale this Friday and Saturday plus watching the girls so I really haven't had the time to redo about five things that I had bought, two that while on vacation!
I did manage to put together this prim display on my small, wood table that I moved back to the middle of the keepingroom, it just looked to empty without it there and I did want to put a different prim display on top. So far this is it, I may fool with it again though.
I showed this in an earlier post... I bought it at GW because I wanted to paint it blue.

Here it is all done, I really like how it turned out!

This is where I wanted it for... on top of my corner cabinet and it worked out just fine and I think I only paid a $1.49 for it. BTW the tin candle holder I found for $2.00 at the store across the street from where I get my hair done.

I've also been working on the cutting board that was painted with daisies, I think it needs another coat of stain though, I like the mustard color, before I forget, I remember someone posting about a hand sander was it called a mouse? and can you buy it at Lowes? I need one and keep thinking about it everytime I go to sand something.

I painted this piece that I found in Winston Salem, NC and I'm going to use a label on it...where should I put the label guy's? On the very front of it?

I also found this hanging towel/shelf and gave it an undercoat of black but haven't decided what color it will be yet or where I'll put it.

Today I took time out to go to GW... I just couldn't forget about this chair that I saw about two weeks ago while I was there, I figured it would be gone but to my surprise it wasn't. I got it for $17.00 and I know it's not my colors at all BUT I have another slipcover and I'll be covering it. I've never showed my other chair that's next to my wingback chair because it is beige leather with a hassack so now I'll have two wingback chairs and it will make the room more pulled together I think.

Here it is out in the garage next to all my garage sale stuff, it's in good condition and comfortable. I'll take a picture of it as soon as Stush brings it in for me.

I watch the girls tomorrow and also want to help Stush load the truck up for the yardsale.
Stop over Leslie's to see what else everyone is up too!
Until next time... have a great evening!


  1. WOW! Great treasures!!
    Hope you have a great sale!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Boy, have you ever been busy! Love the redos.

    Good luck at your sale.


  3. Better late then never - right! I love your bowls and the gathering that you put together. It looks great. The box that you painted blue looks FABULOUS and all of your items that you painted look wonderful as well. You have been one busy gal and then to throw in the yard sale too!?! WOW, you are like the energizer bunny. Good Luck with the Yard Sale... hope you make some BIG MONEY!!


  4. Good luck with your sale Rondell!....I'm going to have one too next month! Janet

  5. I live in a chairless home.

    Honestly. We have BENCHES. Ow! I want a wingback chair like that! Looks so comfy.

    I love those stacked bowls in yr prim display.

  6. I was eyeing that same chair up at Goodwill. In fact I sat on it a few days ago,lol. It is a comfortable chair. I'm glad you got it.
    Roscoe's having their community yard sale this Fri-Sat. I think I will go on down Fri and see what's new. I haven't been down there in a few years.
    Good luck on your yard sale!


  7. Rondell - your GW shops are of an amazing standard...here they are full of rubbish...that people give cos they dont want to put it in the trash so they give that to GW... ocassionaly there is the odd ornament I find but usually they are not even worth the visit...so lucky you over there to have sucha wonderful treasure trove to visit!!! I am sooo envious! as I love the odd bargain or so! lol!

  8. My you've had a busy day!
    Love what your have done to all your finds...and can't wait to see the chair in it's new spot! Can't believe it was such a deal!

    Good luck with your sale!

  9. LOVE everyting your doing. We too have been getting ready for a huge garage sale...every year our state has this 100 miles of garage sales called Bargains Galore of 64...well up until about 3 years ago Me and my hubby would go junking, but with tough times we have been setting up each year selling our own items...lol. We do ok, but really its more Christmas money and a little extra to put towards bills. Hope you have a great sale.


  10. Love the blue box & your other redos, Rondell. Good luck with the sale.

  11. That chair does look comfy....good price too! Beth

  12. Good luck with the yard sale. I wish I lived closer. I'm sure you will have lots of goodies in it.

  13. You've been busy, Rondell! I love all the makeovers you've done, but especially that long blue box. The way you have it displayed is perfect. I can't wait to see the chair covered and put where you want it.
    I think the label would look good on the bottom front of the box. That way if you fill the inside of the box with prim goodies, they won't cover the lable. There's my two cents worth. LOL!
    Good luck with your yard sale. Hope you sell lots of stuff!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  14. Wow... you made a lot fo progress on your projects! And Love that wingback! What a great find!!! Carmen

  15. I love the gathering on the table and the blue box with more bowls looks great on the corner cupboard too.

    I like the black box plain - it is so colonial that way. TYhey didn't use many lables back then. Maybe distress it a little. Just my humble opinion! LOL

    Oh for the sander question - there are many small hand held sanders on the market. Lowe's near me has a few to pick from. I got one that uses standard sheets of sand paper cut in half. Some of the fancy ones need their own fancy shaped sand paper and that adds up over time. Just another thought!

    Good luck this weekend with the sale. I hope you earn enough for some prim goodies!!

    hugs, Linda

  16. Wow $17.00 for that chair is awesome. I am currently looking for some chairs like that for our computer room, but haven't found any..sure wish our thrift store would get some stuff like that instead of the high priced junk they always have.

  17. Great redos girlie! Cant believe that chair was only $17, great deal! I say put the label on the front of the box that way you can still see it if you fill it full of treasures! Good luck with your sale!

  18. WOW Rondell!!! I love all the redo's, and I love the chair. There is a wing back chair at my TS that has been there for a while, but it has been redone in red pillow ticking....I'm not much up for recovering, as I've never done it, but a good slip cover would be good. Looking forward to your pics when you get your chair in the house. Good luck on your yard sale! ( thanks for the inspiration! ) ♥ Lewaina

  19. We're going to be in your area on Saturday ... moving the daughter's things down to her Cal apartment. I don't think we'll have the time to do any yard sale visiting, but good luck with it. I hope it's going to be good weather for all of us!

  20. Rondell, your gatehring looks great! You are a pro at that! And your painted box turned out great!

    Have you done anymore re-arranging of the wall above your sofa? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL!

    I hope your sale goes well. I need to do that myself, but lack motivation right now. Hopefully sometime in the fall I can. It seems like everything is easier once this horrid heat lets up some.

    Have a great day!

  21. By the way, about the mouse sander, I got mine at Walmart. It think it was wither $30 or $40, can't quite remember but they are worth it. Just the right size too. I'm sure Lowes would have something like it. Mine is a Black and Decker.

    Have a good day!


  22. wow Rondell, you have been busy..I love the redos you have done..good luck with the garage sale..I love doing em once the hard work is done..:)

  23. Rondell,
    Great job on all of the makeovers! :)

    I had a mouse at one time. It worked but it's not good for heavy duty sanding. Like it's great for simple distressing but if you have a rough piece of wood to sand or something to strip, you'll go through the paper fast. The replacement paper isn't very cheap either. My mouse died because baby Ruger chewed the cord. I replaced it with a regular palm sander. It only cost a bit more and I can use regular pieces of sandpaper that I cut down, which is a lot cheaper :) Just a thought...

    Have a great day :)


  24. Rondell,
    I love your redos!! The box looks great painted blue! What a great price for the wing-back chair!
    Hope you have a great garage sale.
    hugs, Cindy

  25. Love those beautiful blues, Rondell... and I can't wait to see your "new" chair in its new home!

  26. Wonderful makeovers, Rondell! I still am such a fan of the blue too...I like it with the red! I love everything you showed today! Great buy on the chair too! I'm on the lookout for a couple of wingback recliners to redo myself for my living room....they're hard to come by!

    Have a great evening,

  27. Love all your redo's. Your new header looks great love the americana towel. Good luck at your yard sale.


  28. I absolutely love all of your makeovers. Very nice.



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