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Saturday, August 29, 2009

~I Just Couldn't Wait~

to show you what I didn't have for WWW this week, like I said the stain was just to sticky to move it from the garage to my dining room.
I bought this from Michael's, with a 50% off coupon, in the beginning of July and just now had time to do it. Stush covered what needed to be covered then I spray painted it black but it was coming out gray looking and I didn't like that! So I painted it black then distressed it where it would have got some wear on it. I put it in the corner of my dining room, I had my sewing machine cabinet there but it was just to big looking and taking up to much room. Now there is such a difference makes the room look bigger!
This stitchery I made a long time ago so I don't have the designer's name, if you know please tell me and I'll give credit:) I haven't used this sampler for years, I just couldn't find it and I knew I hadn't sold it, so where did I find it? Behind another sampler lol, I must have needed the frame for a Christmas one and just covered it up with homespun and the sampler. I don't know what made me look but there it was, the rust colored homespun is from the Ragg Shop, remember those ? That went out a long time ago:)

Here's what I have on top of it, my sewing things are on the inside, neat place to keep everything for stitcheries!

Here is another veiw...

I really like the lamp lit in fact I have it on now but for the picture I had to turn it off because of the glare. I hung the patriotic picture... finally, it just took me a while to find a place for it!

Today I went to the Dollar Tree and ran the register for about an hour and a half, it was easy because I remembered somethings from when I worked there for Christmas. I work Monday and Tuesday 2 to 7 then not until next week do I get more hours but that will soon change with the holidays coming on so very fast it seems!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, it's cooler here in fact we have the AC off so it won't be long till we have to start up the woodstove:)


  1. hi rondell~
    love your cabinet~i'm gonna have to get one~love seeing how everyone is finishing them~love the halloween stitchery too~thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments~i appreciate it!

  2. What a great little cupboard Rondell. It fits perfectly in the corner too. I love the ladder near it like that. And the fall decor makes me itch to put mine out.

    I find the black spray paint just ins't black enough too. I love the craft paints from Micheals on pieces that size. The black covers amazingly well!

    Have a great weekend! I am loving the chill today - I even baked (as in HOT OVEN) pork chops!! LOL

  3. Rondell,
    I just love how your cabinet turned out!!
    It's chilly here in Ohio too...starting to really feel like Fall. And I'm lovin' it!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. I love that little jelly cupboard...I have one too!...bought mine sometime last year..and never really see them much anymore there....will have to keep on the lookout for them as I need them for my girls new rooms as night stands!

    I always love your stitcheries!...wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. Rondell,
    Your cabinet turned out great ~ same one I just did. I want to go back and get one more. Love your stitchery. Glad you are enjoying work. Have a great weekend.

  6. Hey Rondell, it looks fabulous there and you did a wonderful job..I love the lamp and I love that hallween stitchery too..glad you shared..:)

  7. Your cabinet looks great! I have seen those but lack the 50% off coupon that you all seem to have! Closest Michaels is about 80 miles. It looks very good in that corner. Thanks for sharing! Jayne

  8. Your cupboard turned out great and i love where you have it. Those are great little cupboards cause they can be used anywhere!
    I really like that stitchery too!

  9. What a cute cabinet Rondell and your stitchery is wonderful!


  10. Love that halloween sampler, it is adorable. In fact, everything is! It is COLD here in Michigan tonight, has only been in the 60's. I think fall is in the air, Dawn

  11. Rondell,

    I looked for one of these the other day too but didn't get one. You did a great job with it. I love all the sticheries hanging above it too.


  12. Your cabinet looks great!! It really looks great in that corner too. I can't wait to get my fall stuff out!!


  13. Your cabinet turned out great! I love it. Great stitcheries too and I love the lamp. I have never tried spray painting but thanks for the tip...now I wont!

  14. The cupboard is wonderful! Love it! I am having a hard time getting into your blog ; is anyone else . I had to go to my comments & hit your name before I could read your blog.

  15. Your cupboard turned out great, Rondell. I really love that display around the lamp. Have a good week!

  16. Hey Rondell! Your little black cupboard looks great! I really need to see if I can get one of those!

    And you are so right....Christmas is coming fast! Faster than I want it to. Usually by now I am finished buying gifts and such. But I haven't even started yet! Guess I betetr get busy, huh?

    Have a great day, girl!

  17. Hi Rondell!
    Love the cupboard, it turned out great!
    Eveything always looks GREAT in your home!

    Have a great week!



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