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Monday, August 17, 2009

~Another Hot Day~

It's been hot and humid since last Thursday...great when your in the pool but not when your just out and about.
As you know I did a yard sale at my sister Judy's house, there were 5 families selling in her big yard. I didn't do to bad, Saturday I left at noon I just couldn't stand the heat anymore, I could have probably made more but it's not worth it to get sick, even my daughter left too, the kids were getting cranky and we all wanted just to get in our pools or the AC!

I did manage to buy this pewter looking lamp from my sister for $10.00 and I put it in my bedroom the one I had in there was to big I think because it kept wanting to fall over so when I saw this I knew it would be just right. Gives a real cozy glow! I took a very short walk around and found this homemade cutting board for .50 it's already painted black and I have to decide what other color I want on top. The picture to the left I'll show on Wednesday.
Here is a picture of where we were at, I'm standing at my table taking the pictures... there were alot of people this year but everyone wants it for a nickel it seems. But we had alot of fun in spite of the hot, humid weather and that's all that matters.

One commenter had said she had been to Kennywood and mentioned Noah's Ark so I thought I show it for her, when I was a kid it was a seedy looking inside but now it's alot scarier, they still have the shaky floors and mirrors!

I also thought I'd include another house from Annapolis...I bought a top in the little store at the bottom of the house, very neat clothing in there!

Today I'm trying to get this house in order and vacume, Stush brought the wing back chair in so I'll take pics of that and post them soon.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Rondell!....the lamp you bought looks great there!....I'm fixin to have a yard sale mid-September and am hoping it will be a bit cooler then cuz I don't do well in the heat either! Janet

  2. It's hot here too Rondell but we have a chance of rain and storms so maybe it'll cool down or at least I won't have to water today! LOL I love the lamp!

  3. You are a trooper to have your yard sale despite the heat and humidity. Your lamp give such a cozy glow, what a fun area you live, love the shop picture.
    Look forward to seeing your chairs!!

  4. Well, I guess it's good that it didn't rain but sitting in the sun and humidity isn't fun, either. I think my mom used to have one of those lamps. There's no telling where it went.

  5. Hi! Love the lamp!

    We have had hot and humid weather here, since a week ago Sunday. It figures, sine the kids start school tomorrow.


  6. Oh, the lamp looks great! And how cute is that old radio next to it!!!

    Hope the heat abates soon...summer's last hurrah?

  7. Love the lamp. It looks grat in your bedroom.


  8. and here.... it rains and its cold! what a contrast!

  9. Hi Rondell,
    Great lamp!!
    It sure has been hot here in Ohio also...I guess Summer finally decided to show up!! We had a pop up storm today that brought a big branch down from one of our trees...it was kind of scary.

  10. Hi Rondell,
    I really like your lamp!
    It's FINALLY summer up this way too!
    The heat and humidity isn't supposed to last....at least thats what the weather man said! ;)

    Have a happy week,

  11. Awesome yard sale! It looks like there was a huge amount of wonderful shopping there. You got a real bargain on the lamp - it looks so nice where you put it.

  12. Hi Rndell,

    Great lamp!! SO colonial looking too.

    It's the same here. Thank goodness for a/c. I'll take cool and rainy any day! LOL

  13. Love that lamp, Rondell! Would you believe I haven't hit one yard sale this summer at all! I don't know where this summer has gone and it is HOT here too!

    Have a great day!

  14. :-( sorry to hear you had to leave not feeling well. makes for a bmmer of a time after all the work you went to to get there and set up. Glad you got the lamp. Looking forward to weds pictures. Hope you did get to get in the pool! Mercy

  15. Love your lamp, it is adorable. Sounds like you sure have had some hot weather, no better place than a pool! Have a great week, Dawn

  16. Glad that you did well at the yard sale. I love the lamp and your radio beside it. Noah's Ark. Haven't been to Kennywood in about 10 years, we are taking our grandsons there next week. I can't wait!


  17. What fun photos, Rondell! The heat's been brutal here as well. We've pretty much hit 90º each day for the last several days ... which doesn't happen often in Maine. I am so ready for fall...

    Enjoy the rest of your week and stay cool!


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