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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~My Giveaway From Judy~

Hi everyone...how are you? I've been busy watching the "girls" I usually watch them on Tuesdays and Thursday but the babysitter got sick Monday and that's what's kept me from posting. This past weekend we did go boating in the 90 degree humid weather, we asked friends that we went to school with so we had a good time even though I was sweating buckets...hate that kind of weather! It's been gloomy here today the sun's only been out a little bit, yesterday we did swim in the pool and got some sun.
I recieved my giveaway from Judy at The Spice Cupboard and I was just so thrilled! I needed some prim fall and halloween items and I know I just can't wait to put them out...I think I'll do that after Labor Day this year because I sure can't wait:) When I opened it up this tag is what I found on top then I turned it over....... and saw that is is also a Halloween tag...so cute!
She had tied the three items in the cutest prim Halloween tinsil, I sure saved that! Look at the owl on the moon isn't he sweet?

I then unwrapped this cutey and I really can't wait to put this some place special:)

This is just adorable I love pumpkins and both pillows are such a nice size too:).

Here is a better pic of the owl and the moon...love it!

Thank you so much Judy I love it all!!!
Beth from Raggedy Angel also made me this prim towel but had accidently put my first marriage name on it and quickly made me another, I love it Beth you are such a sweetheart and I sure hope your cold has finally gone away.
I had another picture of it hanging but deleted it because it was to blurry:(

We attended Stush's brother Johnny's daughter's wedding and had such a great time...a real Polish wedding! They live in Washington D.C.

and I loved this part where she and her dad sang the oldie "What Your Name" while they danced! She would go with her dad to the Do Wop concerts in Pittsburgh:)

I know I don't post to many pictures of Buster and I don't know why because he gives us both so much joy. Here he is in the pool which he loves, he had so much fun with our company from Vermont when they were here.

Well the sun is back out believe it or not so I better finish getting things out for the yard sale this coming weekend, so much work but worth it in the end. I found a lady on ebay who makes prim curtains and I'd like to buy some with my money that I earn:)
Have a great evening everyone and please excuse mistakes that I've made on here but I'm in a hurry as usual:)


  1. You sure got some great things!!
    I know you will enjpy them!!

  2. What a great swap you got!! Judy's shop must be awesome!!

    It's 90 and humid here. I have the a/c's crankin!!

    Have a great evening!

  3. Great swap goodies!! It is hot here, but dry heat. We don't get the humidity. Fall temperatures will be nice. Have a great day. Julie

  4. Hi Rondell!....I have made a couple purchases from Judy and had them mailed to me so I know what a joy it is to open up a box from The Cinnamon Stick!....she always wraps everything so festive!....have fun decorating with you new goodies! Janet

  5. Hi Rondell :)
    Congrats on winning all those wonderful goodies! Judy sent you some fantastic things! Enjoy!


    PS love the pic of Buster.

  6. Oh lovely post! very action packed!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. You got some great stuff! Love the owl!
    The towels were my first experience with stitching on Linen....at least I got some extra practice! LOL, Beth

  8. oh Rondell... a Polish wedding? oh that sounds like fun? what made it so polish? was it the food? ?? I am curious now.

    love the new background its so prim and cute!!

  9. Gee, I finally got on without that nutty popup taking over! Love the goodies, makes me hungry for fall now! :)

  10. Congrat's on your winning from Judy. I was very lucky to go to her shop this past week with a friend. It is sooo awesome, and oh how I wished I lived closer. 2 1/2 hours from me. Next time I go out to my friends, I'm making sure to go there again.
    And congrat's to the lucky couple who got married!!

  11. Buster has the right idea~! Scout and I would like to jump in the pool w/ him! I just love that Owl you got!!!


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