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Thursday, August 27, 2009

~A Teeny Bit of Fall~

Hi everyone,
I decided to start putting some fall things out, it seems really like fall today because it was Sydney's first day of school for 2nd grade, I have pictures of her at the end of this post.

I made this stitchery last year and it's designed by Primitive Betty's love her designs! I have it on the first shelf of my step back cupboard.

This fall garland was given to me last year as a Christmas present and I had to wait till now to use it, the lights are lit by batteries and the berries are fall colored, so neat!

I stained these white pumpkins last year and they kept very nice!

I love this little pumpkin with the black stars!

I also added to my table in the keeping room. I figured I'd start decorating for fall now because I'll be working, it's not so bad, I only work two days next week then more will be added as the holidays come closer...I just want some money in my pocket, if you know what I mean and they called me and asked me if I wanted the job and that doesn't happen now a days to much so I took it! I know at Christmas I'll be happy that I did!

Here's Sydney and Samantha (still in her pj's) Sam will go on the bus next year to kindergarten...they are growing up to fast! I was so blessed to see them born and so now when I look at them I realize just how much time flys by!

Here's Syd...all teeth:)

and there she goes...she called me after school and told me she had fun and liked her teacher and that she sat by her best friend gee, sometimes I'd like to be 7 again... nah! Just kidding:)

I didn't get to do WWW because what I'm working on wasn't finished and I planned on posting it today but I got it stained after I got home from watching the girls and it's not dry enough to bring it in from the garage, so I think I'll keep it for next week.
This week has went by so fast just like last week, maybe it's because school started, I noticed the past few mornings we have had fog then the sun comes out...reminds fall is just around the corner.


  1. Love the pumpkins! Glad school was great! It is nice when they like to go!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Oh, Rondell, your house just looks so inviting! Give me a minute to climb into my favorite boots and brown wool coat and I'll be right over... do pumpkin muffins sound OK for a crisp 'fall' day?

    (I can't wait for fall!!)

  3. Such sweet granddaughters you have!

    I love your fall touches!

  4. Well it doesn't feel like fall just yet here in Central Virginia cuz it's still hot as blazes but I think this weekend I'll start putting away the summer stuff and at least get ready to decorate for fall....plus I have a yard sale to prepare for that I'm planning on having after Labor Day....at any rate, your lovely prim fall items look great and the school girls are cuties for sure!

  5. Love your autumn touches... I did the same stitch pattern as you - the one with the cat and pumpkin! cant wait to put it up even thought its not autumn here but spring!!! how confusing is that??

  6. I love the lights and pumpkins! I have put a couple things out too, it doesnt seem to early for me!
    Im ready for Fall!

  7. That is just the cutest stitchery with the cat and pumpkin!

    All of your autumn touches look so nice!

    So glad that school was a good experience! That makes it so much easier and honestly, I think they learn more when they are happy!

  8. I am getting my fall out this weekend, I cant wait any longer, all of yours looks so great! I am ready for so warm one pot meals too! Bring on Fall!

  9. Rondell, All your decorating looks great. Isn't it fun to get something like the garland, pack it away and when you get out your decorations there it is! Something new to decorate with. I try to buy something AFTER halloween every year that I can do that with. Have a good weekend. ~Ann

  10. Your fall decorations look great, Rondell!! I'm trying to hold out for a couple more weeks - not sure I'm going to make it!!
    The girls are adorable!! I'm so glad Syd likes school!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Fun fun fun to see the bits of fall starting to settle in at your house. I hope to get started maybe even this weekend but next week for sure. The girls are adorable. Have a great weekend

    Hugs - karen

  12. Rondell,
    Love your fall decorating so far. It really feels like fall in Michigan and I have started putting out a few things as well. The stitchery from Betty is the same one I did into a pillow last year. Have a great weekend.

  13. Oh yes, there's nothing more fun than decorating for fall! Your home looks so cozy. What a couple of dollies your granddaughters are! Abbey is getting her new front teeth too, isn't it a hoot? Congratulations on your job, Dawn

  14. Your things look so nice. I need to go up and get my box of things out. I really like the lights. So glad that school went well. Some days it would be nice to be 7 and not have a care, but I wouldn't trade either. Take care and have a good weekend.

  15. I'm ready for Fall too! Love everything so far, Rondell! Those little pumpkins are adorable! Love those tiny little lights!

    And the girls are really growing fast! I can't believe my grandaughter will be 5 in October.
    She started preschool this week and loves it so far. Time flies when you measure it by a child's age and activities!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. hi rondell~
    both girls are adorable~glad school went okay~loving all of your fall items~especially the garland~have a great weekend!

  17. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! I really appreciate seeing Fall beginning to start with everyone's homes.


  18. Your fall decorating is off to a great start!

  19. I'm loving your decorating for Fall!
    What a cute little white pumpkin with black stars - so cute.

    The girls are adorable and isn't it a bittersweet day? Seeing them off to school is so sad but having time to do whatever is not so sad!


  20. Love all your Fall touches Rondell! Your granddaughters are too cute!Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. What lovely grand-daughters! Being 7 yrs old again might be fun - for a little while!!! Can't wait t see what you bring in from the garage.
    Best wishes, Christine

  22. I love the little stitchery! and the bowels, and the white pumpkins, and the lighted garland....Glad Syd had a good first day, hope the rest have been as pleasant. With you working, your weeks will go by faster huh! But you will be glad at Christmas time.:-D

  23. Rondell,
    Love the little touches of Fall that you put out. It's feeling like Fall here in Ohio too!! Josie has her first PeeWee football game to cheer at on Sunday and it is only going to be in the mid 60's. Sounds like Fall to me!! And this grandma is bring out the sweatshirt to wear to the game!

  24. I'm trying to hold out a bit longer but with this pre fall weather, it's hard. Love your fall home, so cozy!

  25. Great fall decorating, Rondell! I love the white pumpkins. I started my fall decorating yesterday too! It's cooled off here and is raining so it really feels like fall has arrived.
    Cute back to school pictures! I miss those days.
    Hugs to you~ Birgit

  26. cute granddaughter..glad she loves school..love the fall items too...have a wonderful weekend..:)

  27. Beautiful grandaughters! Loving the pumpkins; especially the one with the stars! My best to you on your job!


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