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Thursday, August 6, 2009

~I Need Your Help Lady's~

As I've said before I'm doing alot of uncluttering and tweaking but I'm stumped at what I should do with this wall, it's a high ceiling above the shelf and slopes down toward the fireplace. What should I add, it looks a little bare to me but I don't want a cluttered look. I like the picture that I have above the lamp, looks great when the lamp is lit at night. This is the right side of my living room... and this is the left
Is this sampler board to tall for the shelf? Should I take out the pewter goblet and replace it with a smaller pewter mug that was Michael's when he was a baby? I do know I want to keep the black doll on there that Beth made me for our textile swap and also the pewter pitcher that I found for $5.00, there is a little store where I get my hair done and went in there and found it:) Oh, and also the plate I'd like to keep.

To the right of the shelf it's just bare, there isn't any room for another table because there is doorways on both sides of the sofa. Any ideas would be appreciated girls:)

I've been tweaking my stepback cupboard trying to get it just so...on the top shelf is a pickle jar with a label that says "drygoods" I keep matchbooks in there from the all restaurant's that Stush and I have been too since we started to date. In the grain scoop on the top shelf I have the blue star ornies:)

Here is a Yankee Candle that I got at GW for $1.49 I think it was used only once and it's called Vanilla Cookie, smells so good too, I already had the star punched tin lid:)

This is the candle mat I bought at The Country Store that I have the jar sitting on.

When I showed the great prims that I got from Beth in our textile swap I forgot to show the picture of the sweetest "Sweet Annie" ticking pillow that she made, it smells so good too. I needed something to put in spice rack that Janene sent me and it sure looks as if it were made for it doesn't it?

Like I said this has been one busy summer for me and my family...here are a few pictures of Kennywood, Kennywood is made of memories that's their theme and it's so true it has been around forever... I'm sure my great grandmother had been there of course back then it was and looked alot different then it does now.
We have movies of my dad and I riding this ride when I was about Samantha's age here, now here I am doing the same thing with my granddaughter's:)

I have the pictures backwards here:

A pic of us getting on the ride, I know I'm getting old when I had trouble getting in and out of the car.LOL

This is part of the park that's called New Kennywood, beautiful fountain but the flowers weren't what they used to be in years past because of all the rain Pa has got this summer plus cooler temps.

Here's Samantha riding the merry go round, she just loves this ride, she was tapping her finger to the music as everyone was getting on.:) She said that she loved the ride and the music:)

Here is the merry go round, it's said to be the oldest one in the country:) It's beautiful when it is lit at night.

I remember riding this ride too it's called the Whip and there is a bigger one outside of kiddyland but Samantha and Alex were happy just to stay in kiddyland and ride the rides that don't scare them. Now Sydney was out and about with her Uncle Chris riding all the thrilling rides, they grow up to quick!

I have more pictures of Kennywood that I'll post later, we had a great time and sure were tired when we got home at about 11:30 PM that night. It's a great park that we go to every year, ever since I was a baby and on thur my teenage years up until now a grammie:)
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hi Rondell!....your stepback is looking quite wonderful!....and I like the shelf above the sofa but if you feel the wall looks bit bare how about just adding a twelve inch barn star on each side of the shelf?....that's what I did above my sofa because the picture I have there isn't big enough to be on its own....just a thought to throw in the pot! LOL Janet

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I'd have SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN helping you tweak!!! (used to work for a sew/vac shop that expanded to gift/decor just after I went to work there and I got to live the dream I'd yearned for years before when working for Marshall Field's in Chicago and wanting the display merchandiser's job :>) First thing I would do with what I see thus far is move your sampler board to your step back cupboard in the lower shelf on a slight angle 'just' a scosh behind that little candle bulb lamp. Then. what does that bowl you have the backside facing on the top of the spice rack look like inside??? I'm thinking I'd use it as background for your little plate, keep your pewter pitcher AND goblet and bring in the mug you mentioned as well. I have a little twig rocking chair your doll would fit quite nicely...wonder if you have anything hiding that's similar??? Failing that - a cup or mug or small pottery bowl you can turn upside down and raise that doll up a bit??? Just thinkin'...sorry you asked????


  3. I think it looks great the way you have it!! Im not all that good at staging, I have a problem putting things here n there and change it out so much I just give up! Thats why my walls are bare:)

  4. Gosh, I'm hopeless at decorating. I mean, I can't visualize anything and just have a pretty empty house, LOL...I hope the other ladies come up with some good ideas, many of the prim-n-rustic ladies are so talented in interior design!!!

    I think your house is very pretty already, too!!!

  5. Maybe add a small stack of textiles, to soften the look of the shelf like have the doll sitting on them?

  6. Hey Rondell!

    I love what you have done. I think one thing that might be throwing you off is that the side with the fireplace seems "heavier" because it is so big and the wall above the sofa can't compete with it. They are opposite even in color.

    So if it were me, I would add a long picture or sampler above the shelf to help fill the space. I don't mean a tall one, I mean one that is wide and short, or you could add 2 or 3 in a row above the shelf. Or a big tobacco basket above it would be perfect. Or a quilt, or a hooked rug. Anything that makes the wall feel as weighty as the fireplace to balance them out.

    I like the pewter on the shelf, but I would put the pieces next to each other in their own little grouping, a tuck the plate in behind them. And then make another grouping on the other side with maybe one lager piece in the center, or slightly off center.

    Your cupboard looks great as is. And you have the shelf from Janene decorated just right. But your doll would look really cute holding that little sweet annie pillow! :D

    Can't wait to see more!

    And I wanted to mention that I have never heard of Kennywood, but it looks like a great palce to go.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I like how you have your shelf decorated..maybe put some sweet annie in the pewter picture for height or sunflowers or something seasonal..otherwise..it looks really nice..;)

  8. How about a little grouping of samplers above the lamp? I love odd number groupings. Sure would be fun to do this together! Dawn

  9. Rondell,

    I think your stepback cupboard display is perfect....love everything. I don't think the gameboard is too tall. I think that having something a little taller than the shelf itself gives it more interest (I don't know why..it just pleases my eye that way). I like the pewter pitcher on there too. I do like Lisa's idea of adding the textiles to soften it. I've found that helps alot.

    I love all your blue! Your tweaking is great!

    Enjoyed your family pics too!


  10. I sure can't come up with ideas for that wall! At my own house I have to keep tweaking before I'm satisfied!
    Just wanted to note - when I feed your blog name into the address bar, I get some weird web-page about "meeting people." I can only get to you by clicking on your name from another blog. Anyone else having this problem?
    Have a great day,
    Janet A.

  11. hi rondell,
    here is my thoughs, so dont shoot me. :)
    i am thinking maybe move the shelf down a little so that it makes it look like there is more room at the top of the wall toward the ceiling. i used to rep the home interior parties( remember that stuff?) . one of the keys to proper placement is within eye level. now that means average eye level which is about 5'4' - 5" 7". the bottom of the pic shouldnt be at eye level but about half way down.
    the doll needs something to sit up on something, its lost on the dark shelf or could you move it to the step back?. try adding something bigger to the shelf. pretty much everything is at about the same level.
    try grouping things, like the cup(mug, not goblet) and pitcher and maybe a textile?
    the sampler( or book?) and the doll ) plus something else, maybe some drieds? how about putting the sampler board on a plate holder? that way it would be taller and call your eye to the area.
    the basket hanging below is too small. its lost on such a big white wall. i know you like the pic above the lamp but it looks like it drifted away from the rest of the grouping( the shelf and contents) maybe set it on the table so that when the lamp is lit , its shows it off?
    the stepback looks great!! you did good!! see how you grouped things together that go correlate? i am talking about the stoneware.:) then you added some "fillers" (the candle, scoop, etc.)it is pulled together. ;)
    if it was my shelf. i would use the picture from the wall, the pitcher, the mug, some textiles, a bit of drieds and maybe the hanging seed bag. but i wouldnt hang it though. i would lay it on the shelf with some drieds on top.
    i would put the plate somewhere else. the sampler board i would place on the desk (near the tv)

  12. I wouldnt change a thing!I love your home so much ! I wished I lived closer , I can almost smell that yummy candle burning :)
    Thanks for sharing, Im afraid Im not much help !

  13. Hi Rondell, stepback cupboard looks great! your shelf....Do you have any sweet annie, tallow berries, or just some prim fall foilage that you could use in your pewter pitcher? If so, do that and move your sampler to other end. Use your pewter goblet next to pitcher then your plate and then your little prim doll sitting on the textiles would make a great look or better than that, sit her on a little stack of books. i think a barn star would look neat in the area that has nothing. Just keep playing with it til you get the look you want. May want to add an old grubby candle somewhere on that shelf...have fun! Sherrie

  14. Hey Rondell,

    How about a a larger type sign above the shelf. Or a sampler grouping of 3 above it. Originally I thought about twig wreaths on either side, but you already have one in your space. I agree with the others with having some "greens" coming out of the pitcher. LOL I should've read everyones elses comments first because they pretty much summed it up.


  15. I will tell ya, everytime I visit your blog I rekindle my love for that color blue!
    As a matter of fact I just painted and primmed a wooden bowl in that color....and I am loving it!
    You have had such a busy summer...When are you going to slow down? Probably when you are dead!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. I love seeing photos of your home - I think you have everything arranged so nicely so I guess I'm the last person to ask if you should move something - LOL!!

  17. I think everything looks great...but I read one other gal that thought maybe a large sign would be a good addition....and that was my thought also when I looked at it. Wish we all lived closer...we could visit each others homes and HELP each other!!! Now wouldn't that be fun!! I know I need it! I am needing a new start! Great job Rondell!

  18. Rondell,

    I'm behind on my Wednesday posts...Whoops!

    Your step back cupboard looks great!

    I think your shelf is looking fine. My only suggestion may actually be to add something long and skinny, like a sign above the shelf to fill up that empty area. I think it will really bring it all together!

    Also maybe add a small runner or something to the shelf to soften the look. You can just cut homespun and use it as is or find a candle mat or something you already have and drape it.

    Have a great day!


  19. Oh - thought about it some more and I was only 'tweeking' a little bit in my earlier comment - for a real impactful change and OOOMPH - a quilt on that wall would ROCK! The easiest thing to do if you're a bit timid would be to raise the shelf up ever so slightly and then use loops of twine to gather and tack a draped quilt or two from those pegs of the shelf. Or move the entire shelf over to the left at a bit of an angle above the picture by the lamp and hang a fully open quilt over the couch.

  20. I like the way it is. I think it looks really nice and not cluttered at all.

    There was one comment about a barn star and that would look great.

    Your home is beautiful.


  21. I think something above the shelf would look very

    Pamela in OH

  22. Thanks for your kind words. I know we are moving for the right reasons and I'm trying to make this kind of fun. I found an old beadboard cupboard today to use for an island/counter between the kitchen area and living area. I'll be glad when the drywall is up and we can actually "see" the rooms! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  23. Well, at this point it appears that you have plenty of suggestions and another day of tweaking to try them all out! LOL! I am only going to tell you how nice the stepback looks. Love the display, the bowls, the blues. Love how you put the stars in the scoop! Had to try it myself! All the rest will come in time! Will be waiting for the finished product. Jayne

  24. Hi Rondell! Thank you for stopping in at The Red Door. I have been a very bad blogger this spring/summer and not posted enough...but between the shop and my other job(which is full time) things have been allowed to slide some! About the cupboard and bed...still haven't gotten to them but I will be posting pics of the work in progress so stop back in again. Now for your wall...I think that one BIG barn star high on that bare wall might be the right touch. Fill the space simply without a lot of clutter. I might have other ideas but it's early and I've only just had one cup of coffee...that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!!
    Hugs from The Door

  25. Being a quilter, I would move the whole shelf and hang a quilt there instead!

  26. Oh Rondell - your room is just great looking how it is!
    I don't think the sampler is too tall - you need something that makes the eye flow.

    Love the vacation pictures...thanks for sharing.


  27. Oh yes, it I only decorated with blue that sofa would have been mine! Oh well, it's a great addition to the shop. Can't wait to see what we find at the trade shows this weekend, should be loads of fun. Terri is also busy creating more goodies - it's like Christmas when she comes in with her boxes! Have a great week, Dawn

  28. Rondell,
    I remember awhile back you were having "troubles" figuring out how to respond to comments. Should you reply on your blog or on the blog of the person it came from, etc. Well, just in case you didn't know something that I am so slow that I just came around to realize, if you get your comments sent to your e-mail, you can just hit reply and respond away! It's SOO Much easier that way. I just e-mail the person and it's done :)



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