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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~My Textures Part 2~

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd do another texture post because I sure took alot of pictures and figured I'd show you the rest. I know I've been enjoying seeing everyone's texture blogs and you know it seems everyone has the same textures only different pictures of them...anyway it was so fun to see them!

I've been busy, Monday I cleaned, liked even washed the bedding and rugs, I don't know about you but this summer was extremely busy for me and just could not keep up with the housework, so I figured it was time to start the fall cleaning and get it done, even did the blinds which I hate to do!

Today Chris helped me with my blog, if I went on my blog a certain way I kept getting a pop-up named " I Meet Zu" I'd close it and it would come right back, last week Chris took my PC completely down to nothing figuring that would fix it...nope "I Meet Zu" kept coming back but only on my blog no where else! Grrrrr, so finally today he went into blogger and found out it was from a link that I had added recently and it was someone that didn't take care of there website or just didn't care. So I had to remove my favorite links and others because we didn't know which link it was, anyway ladies so far so good:) and to the ladies that said they kept seeing it too when they came on my blog please let me know if it's okay now:)

Okay on to my textures, here is my barrel of faux apples...I think I need to buy some more and I did find some dust on them so I hurried and swifted them then took the picture"0 Berries in a basket that I bought at GW!
A long john basket!

An old child's blouse that I bought on ebay!


Sampler I made!

My first penny rug candle mat!

Dress of stump doll!

Fall berries in a pewter pitcher!

Some blue homespun in a blue basket!

I had some good news today, Dollar Tree called and offered me a job (remember I worked there at Christmas?) It would be afternoon and evenings...that way I could still take Sam to school on Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's only one more year and she will go to kindergarten all day so it's not so bad, only thing I don't know when I will rest if you know what I mean:)
Have a great evening!


  1. What a wonderful post of textures...never really have given it a thought but they really do add to the charm of our homes.

  2. More really great textures Rondell!....and congrats on the job if you decide to take it!....now that you mention it, I do remember that Zu Friend thing popping up sometimes while visiting your blog!....I would click it off right away because I thought it could be a virus but didn't know where it was coming from!

  3. Rondell,
    I enjoyed your 2nd textures post. It's so fun, isn't it? I will have to do another soon.
    No popups when I visited tonight.
    Congrats on the job.

  4. I have really enjoyed all the textures! Sorry about the pop up...I had seen one on some blogs, can't even remember which ones or what it was, but it was a pain because you could not even open up the blogs! Time just zoomed by this summer didn't it? I keep up with everything at home less than I did with a full house! I'm proud of you...fall cleaning! Way to go! ;-D

  5. I see some texture, but better yet I see great treasures.

    Congrats on the job offer.


  6. Great pics! I have been having trouble with blogger also, it will only let me open a couple of blogs and then it freezes the computer. Frustrating. I love all these textures!


  7. love your texture post! those things are wonderful to see here.

  8. More great pics Rondell!
    Thats great about the job, but dont get yourself worn out!

  9. Rondell, I love these texture photos too! But I love everything about your home anyway. And you are right, some of us have a lot of the same things, which just proves that great minds think alike! :D This has really been a lot of fun and I am enjoying seeing all the pics!

    Congrats on your job offer. It's nice that it will work out with your schedule. These days, it's great to be able to make some extra cash, and this is just in time to start saving for Christmas!

    Have a great day, girlie!

  10. That was fun! I'm glad you got the bugs out of your blog, I was kinda scared to visit for fear of a virus? Woking fine now! :)

  11. Great textures, but I thought your apples were REAL:) Hope you have a great day and no, no pop up when I got on your blog!

  12. More goodies Rondell! It has been fun to see the similiarites and differences between us all. Some are all so prim, some more colonial, some more country = all just wonderful!

    Super news on the job!!

    Your blog is not the only one that I have seen that pop up on. It seems a lot of gals have it attached somehow with a link unknowingly. I hope someone can figure out exactly which link!!

  13. Great textures, Rondell! Good luck with your job if you decide to take it!

    Take care,

  14. Enjoyed your texture pics & all your blues! Keep on showing them. The last few times I would go to your site the Zu thing would come up with me also. Not today

  15. Loved your post. My favorite "texture" was the child's blouse. SOOO - are you going to take the job? Have a great day, Dawn

  16. I love the texture pictures. I haven't had pop-ups when visiting you, but I'm glad you got it fixed. Congrats on the job--again! Hope you can still find time for you. Have a great day. Julie

  17. Love all the textures Rondell! I want that pewter pitcher you have~ just love it with those berry pics in it!Hope you have a great day!

  18. Rondell, beautiful textures! Your home is always so beautiful, thank you for sharing.
    I haven't gotten that pop-up on your site for a few days, so hopefully that's all taken care of!
    Have a great day,
    Janet A.

  19. Lovely textures! I think they are all really great! Cograts on the job offer!
    Hugs, Lisa

  20. Hi Rondell, I liked all of your texture pictures. I cannot believe how realistic those apples look! Good enough to eat! Have a great day. God bless, Jamie

  21. Hi Rondell,
    LOVE part 2!! Wonderful textures!
    You have some beautiful stuff!

    I got that pop up on a couple of other blogs too!
    I didn't get it on yours this time! :)

    Have a nice week....


  22. These are all so pretty! Enjoyed seeing your home textures.

  23. Rondell,

    Thanks for stopping by; the sunflowers are $3.00. Thanks for asking.

  24. Great texture pics! Love those apples...makes me want some apple cider.

    Congrats on the job offer...so are you going to take it? You never did say! LOL! ~~Annie

  25. Wish we could get together with those little girls! Abbey starts second grade this year too. Isn't it funny, we have a granddaughter named Sydney too! Have a great day, Dawn

  26. Love your beautiful pictures Rondell!

    Congratulations on the job again...I know you enjoyed it last year...wow, has that time flown by!


  27. Wonderful textures! I had so much fun doing that post. I may have to do a Textures II. Thank you for always coming to my site and leaving such nice comments.
    I was getting that pop up thing too when I tried to get on your site. I had no idea what it was. I saw it on one other site too. I'm glad you were able to get rid of it. Have a great day. Hugs, Loretta

  28. Lovely, as always, Rondell.

    And congratulations on the job offer! I hope you find a way to make everything come together. Good luck!


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