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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~A Beautiful Sunny Spring Day~

Such a pretty day today and we are supposed to have this wonderful weather clear on into Easter Sunday evening when we will get some spring showers but that’s okay:)

Below is a picture of my egg tree, I’ve always wanted to do this but never had a small one to do it to, it’s one of those small red maple leaf trees and you can see the buds just coming out on it. The granddaughter’s haven’t seen it yet so I can’t wait for the Easter egg hunt we have on Sunday .


I’ve been trying to stay busy today, trying to keep my mind off of the colonoscopy test that I’ll be having at 8:15 AM tomorrow! Oh how I hate the thought of it and the stuff you have to drink but I’ll be 59 next Wednesday and I know I should have the test since mom had colon cancer in her much later years. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Here is a cute bunny I found at GW for .99, he is a cutie I just love his face. The homespun carrots I bought at The Country Store to go with him:)


Put my homespun books in the wooden holder with some flowers in my entry way.

100_2641 ?Remember this little make-do chair? I’ve had it all over the keepingroom, livingroom and now it is sitting on the floor by my dry sink and yes, I put a rag doll in it for now at least!


I found this penny rug tray at Barbara’s Country Store when I went shopping with Chris, I always loved it when I saw it as a giveaway on someone’s blog, it’s been a while and can’t remember whose blog it was:) Tried to win it but….


I’m off today and tomorrow hopefully I can do more tweaking in the afternoon, I’ll just be glad when it’s all over.LOL

I hope everyone is having a great Spring day wherever you are:)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

~GW Finds…I know you have seen one but…

Sorry I haven’t been around but I’ve been working alot more than usual and still watching the “girls” as well and well, I’ve just been so tired lately. I’ve still been checking in though reading your blogs and just drooling at all that you have been doing and making, I just don’t have the time right now to be creative or if I do have a day off I want to be outside if it’s warm. Stush and his brother Johnny have been busy cutting up all the trees around here, the biggest one was the one in the back, a 20 ft. pine tree that fell bringing up roots and all.LOL So much fire wood for next winter which I don’t want to even think about right now:D

So yesterday I dropped Samantha off at preschool, she was Munchie Monster and that’s always a good thing in the preschool world, and went to GW. Now I know you have seen these pantry boxes before and I found it in a buggy ( always look in the full buggy’s that they have out waiting to be put on the shelves) for $1.99…



When I turned it over I found this, it’s a kleenex box, I have never even heard of one made into a kleenex box have you? I was sort of disappointed but I figured I could either put it up high so you wouldn’t see it or cover the top somehow. There is a tiny label on the bottom but it’s all worn off so I can’t tell who made it, it’s very well made and seems to have been made this way right from the beginning.


I think my favorite find was a set of these rusty, brown candle holders for $1.99 each, of course I stopped at The Country Store to buy the battery candles to put in them as soon as I got home, they had new ones in they are brown and really grungey with the drippings all around the top part really like them! This one I put right beside my hoosier…


this one in the livingroom right beside my shelf above the couch, after looking at it maybe I’ll put one on each side of the shelf, who knows where they will end up:D

I always run into a friend of mine at Gw she is my sister’s age and we always stop and talk, she is by no means country and asked me what primitive was so yesterday she was there and told me that she wanted to show me something ( out of one of the buggies) she picked up one of these candleholders and said “Is this primitive?'” 100_2615

I’m like “Yes”, so it looks like I have someone to look for prims for me at GW ladies:) What I didn’t get to tell her was I found the other one laying on a shelf after walking around.LOL

I also found this oval, wooden hoop, JoAnn’s doesn’t sell the wooden hoops just plastic ones so I grabbed it for .99, I like the wooden hoops better then the plastic ones to work with…if I ever get to work on anything!!!

Well, that’s about all ladies and gents, sorry not much to tell but I didn’t want to stay away to long:0100_2611

Today we go to Chuckie Cheese for Alex’s 6th birthday party than on to her house for the adults a busy day today as usual.

I’m sure by now you have heard about the new magazine that will be available in August by APP I can’t wait, the photos are going to be fantastic with Margo from Circa 1892 Homestead taking the pictures! So we are going from not having alot of prim magazines available to at least three now and that’s always a good thing:)

I sure hope to be back sooner than a week next time, I hope you are all having a great weekend and warmer weather where ever you are:) Love you guys!!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

“Happy Spring Blogging Friends”

It’s beautiful here in Pa. and I’m so enjoying it, makes you just want to clean everything doesn’t it? Right now Stush is working outside with the chain saw getting all the trees that fell during the snowstorm, yesterday I picked up the smaller branches and twigs and put them in the truck, I was in bed early last night let me tell you:)

So today I thought I’d show you what I do have out for spring and Easter, not alot…


This is the only thing I’ve did in the kitchen, maybe I’ll add more to the room I don’t know yet!



I really don’t like to take pics in the daytime, I like them better at night but had to today because in a little bit I’m going with Michele and the girls to look for a communion dress for Sydney, her communion day is in May!


I added the two spring birds and you can see behind it the wood letters that spell Easter all done in prim colors…that’s why I bought it:)


The rabbit that I painted last year placed between two homespun pillows in a basket:)



This is on my diningroom table…love the blue, prim eggs, grass and grungy cheese cloth:)


I made this bunny angel in the 90’s and always liked her, first time I had ever stiffend fabric before…her wings are from an old quilt:)


80This is in my cupboard on top of my drysink I’m still trying to decide if I should paint the cupboard barn red or not:)



This is on my mantel…the rabbit I bought from Rhonda Melton and the pewter plates I got from Char, love it all!


A prim sampler that I made up as I stitched that’s sitting in my stepback:)



Love the blocks I bought from Kindra, I couldn’t wait to get them out!



Love this sampler that I did last year…it’s a free pattern from Betty:)


Sitting here I can see about two displays that I missed so I’ll take pictures and post them next time.

I hope your all having a wonderful day where ever you are, Sunday is supposed to be colder here but I’m enjoying what we have today.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Happy Birthday Michael~

Happy Birthday Michael…I can’t believe your 35 today, where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday they laid you on my stomach and you turned your head up to look at me, 1975 and you were my third one, and you looked just like me, I can’t tell you how much that thrilled me. You are also the picture of my dad even his build and mannerisms…I miss you both, my dad because he’s in heaven and YOU because your are in Annapolis, have fun in downtown Annapolis eating and walking around it has to be just beautiful in the spring. You have did so well with your life, put yourself thur college to become what you love…a history teacher…I’m so proud of you♥

Love you, MOM

PS. How old were you in this picture? 15?

100_2538 ~Ok, I’m teary eyed here so on to what makes us forget for a little while GW…which was really good to me today. I found these three rolling pins for .99 a piece, I couldn’t believe the price on them. All are very well used, now I think I have to put them in a bigger crock I have so many,LOL


When I first spotted this I thought it was made of wood but it’s a type of pottery but sure looks like wood from far away so I’ll display it for .99:) Just have to see where it will go!


I FINALLY found a light fixture for above the diningroom table and brand new I might add, they had four of them, it came with four globes but I won’t be using them:) Now I just have to spray paint it black and I think the wood part in Barn Red then stain in walnut…I’m open to any suggestions that you might have ladies and gents, what other colors (for the wood part) could I use? I have to get some candle sleeves and I saw those at Barbera’s Country Store last week so at least I know where to get them.


I went to a really cute baby shower Saturday for my friend’s daughter Lesley, the theme was Mother Nature.

The Place Setting, the favor was the birdnest you see at the top, so good with the candy eggs, I think it was some type of pretzel that made the nest.


Look at the cupcakes and they are sitting on burlap with pinecones and the tree too!


On the invitation it said not to wrap the gifts that they would be displayed so that Lesley could mingle with everyone and also because they went with the green theme, I thought this was cute.


This takes the place of a bassinet, it adjusts to the height of your bed so that after nursing you can just lay the baby in it:)


I gave her the white wicker basket and in green on the front is embrodired Baby Things and filled it with things that she was registered for, found the cutest little Ralph Lauren socks ( BTW she is having a boy) the basket I found at TJMax, so adorable! It was different as far as not wrapping the gifts but neat I thought!


Instead of games they had a Chinese auction all themed baskets that you could win if your ticket was drawn.100_2518

Wine Basket


Birdhouse Basket


Spa Products for the bath

100_2521 this

This is the one I wanted to win…Silpada jewlery but didn’t… the lady across from me did!


For the movies at home!


There was more but just didn’t get a picture of them…I loved it although I didn’t win anything:)

Well, that’s about it ladies and gents, I’m posting on my lap top which I got back today.YeYYYYYY! And a big hello to all the followers and the newbies too, I appreciate it so much that you all stop by♥

A beautiful day here in Pa. the birds were singing and you can see the buds starting on the trees, my hostas are up too!

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patricks Day…I have Irish in me my great, great grandparents on my mother’s side were from County Down, boy, what I wouldn’t give to have my mom’s corn beef and cabbage today:)

Have a wonderful evening wherever you are:)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

~Hi Blogging Friends~

I’ve been gone a while I know but not my fault, my laptop is getting fixed, I clicked on something that I shouldn’t have and it really messed it up, hopefully it can be fixed, Chris said I should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday. So I put off posting because I’d have to use this PC which was just fine to use before Christmas:) Isn’t it funny how we get used to something and don’t want to go back to using the “old” PC?

Well, I’ve been to GW at least three times since I last posted and can’t remember what I got first so I’ll just show you…I’ve found more Yorktown dishes, these bowls were .49 a piece and every piece I have found has been in perfect condition.


Candlestick and bud vase…I swear they have a whole set of this in the back room and only bring out a few pieces at a time.LOL I can’t remember what I paid for these two but I know it wasn’t bad.


I was really tickled to find this jewelry box, love the lock on the front, I needed something bigger for my everyday things so of course I painted it black and stained it:)


I really like how it turned out…to the right is pictures of my four children when they were little:)


Neat basket huh? It’s handmade and was only $1.00!!!


Another basket with a flat back for a $1.00 and I think the flowers and greenery were .50:)


I found this which to me looks like a butter mold for .99 it needs stained but I thought it was a neat find:)


I have no idea what I’ll do with this tray but bought it anyway:)


Look at the neat, large, wooden pineapple I found for .99…I’ll have to work my magic on it and can’t wait to get to it. I would have did it today but I got called out to work this morning so maybe tomorrow, I don’t have to take Samantha to preschool she is sick with strep throat poor little thing.


I’ve been reading your blogs and have been enjoying them so much…guess what? I saw my first robin today yehhhhhh! Spring sure is here just has to warm up a little more, I took a walk around our yard the other day and it looks like a battle field, trees down all over, sure have a lot of work cut out for us soon. It’s been raining off and on but not as bad as they said it was going to be, thanks goodness.

Another thing, I’ve been blogging for two years this month, didn’t check but I think it was yesterday:) Two years, I can’t believe it, I’ve had so much fun with blogging and meeting new friends, seeing you decorate your home and also how much we love our families…I think blogging friends are very special people:)

I hope your having a wonderful Sunday evening with your family or friends where ever you are!!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

First I’d like to show you what I purchased from Rhonda she had them on her blog for sale and I just fell in love with the bunny and the BLACK coverlet on him, not to good of a pic so I did it in black & white…I just took it and it’s about 8 PM so the light isn’t to good in here. I have him on the drysink but I know he won’t stay there to long:)


What have I been working on? Not much but I did decide to do some cross stitch on some osenberg fabric so far so good but it sure is hard on the eyes even with the magnifying glass. It’s a free pattern from Stacey Nash and done in black thread…hope I can finish it:0


I’m almost done with Michele’s sofa table I just have to paint underneath it then sand, then later on stain which I maybe able to do next week since the temperature is supposed to be alot warmer. How wonderful it will be to be to open the garage door and work on something, been a long time since I’ve did that!

The watering cans I’ve picked up at GW the one on the right I found today, the one on the left I’ll probably paint.


Well ladies, I’m starting to get tired here, I worked Monday and Tuesday and Oh, I got to see Char too…always good to see her!

Take care and for those who still have snow on the ground (like me) stay warm where ever you are:)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Friday’s Find~

Friday I take Sam to preschool then pick her up, drop her off at the babysitter’s then on to get my hair done…well the weather was iffy and wasn’t sure I’d keep the appt. but I really needed my roots done so I decided to chance it. Turns out the roads were fine but later on that night they were just terrible anyway, there is a consignment shop across the road from the shop and I always try to arrive at least a half hour before my appt. so that I can browse her store to see if I can find anything prim, she really has nice stuff but not prim although she does have crock jugs and railroad lanterns.:) I told her what I was interested in so maybe since I visit her once a month she will think of me when she gets something prim in:)

I was wandering around the store when I spied these two chairs, I stood there looking at them afraid to look at the tags to see how much they wanted for them…ladies and guys, I almost fell over when I finally looked, 10.00 for the plainer one and 12.00 for the other…22.00 for both!!! I couldn’t believe my luck;0

Here is the plainer one, I just love this style!


 Now the other one…they both have a nice patina to them, I won’t be painting either one of them that’s how nice they are.


On the way home I couldn’t decide where I was going to put them believe me I thought of a few million places but when I got them out of the car they just fit so good here with the wood table that I’ve left them I also put two rag stuffed, ticking, pillows on the seats (one has a patch on it) and they just made the chairs look more prim.

I’m really thrilled with them and what a price on them…priceless!!!

100_2477 so

Well, guess what? I just got called out to work for the 3 to 8:30 shift, I’m going makes payday alot sweeter:) So I’ll leave you with two pics of one of my favorite guys my Honey Bunny Buster, that’s what I call him, such a big scardy cat:)


Always hard to get a good picture of him because he will turn his head when he sees the camera:)


He is the best dog we have ever had…he loves kids and we have also found that he is a good watch dog…loud barking if he doesn’t know you and that’s just what I wanted living in the woods like we do…and when he does manage to get away from us in the warmer weather we always head to the playground because there he will be playing with the neighborhood kids, stealing their footballs and whiffle balls.LOL Everyone knows Buster around here:)

Isn’t it just wonderful that it’s now the month of March? I for one am so happy now maybe this white stuff will go away, the weekend here is going to be in the high 40’s YEH!!!

Have a good one wherever you are!