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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~A Beautiful Sunny Spring Day~

Such a pretty day today and we are supposed to have this wonderful weather clear on into Easter Sunday evening when we will get some spring showers but that’s okay:)

Below is a picture of my egg tree, I’ve always wanted to do this but never had a small one to do it to, it’s one of those small red maple leaf trees and you can see the buds just coming out on it. The granddaughter’s haven’t seen it yet so I can’t wait for the Easter egg hunt we have on Sunday .


I’ve been trying to stay busy today, trying to keep my mind off of the colonoscopy test that I’ll be having at 8:15 AM tomorrow! Oh how I hate the thought of it and the stuff you have to drink but I’ll be 59 next Wednesday and I know I should have the test since mom had colon cancer in her much later years. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Here is a cute bunny I found at GW for .99, he is a cutie I just love his face. The homespun carrots I bought at The Country Store to go with him:)


Put my homespun books in the wooden holder with some flowers in my entry way.

100_2641 ?Remember this little make-do chair? I’ve had it all over the keepingroom, livingroom and now it is sitting on the floor by my dry sink and yes, I put a rag doll in it for now at least!


I found this penny rug tray at Barbara’s Country Store when I went shopping with Chris, I always loved it when I saw it as a giveaway on someone’s blog, it’s been a while and can’t remember whose blog it was:) Tried to win it but….


I’m off today and tomorrow hopefully I can do more tweaking in the afternoon, I’ll just be glad when it’s all over.LOL

I hope everyone is having a great Spring day wherever you are:)



  1. Good luck with the test tomorrow Rondell! You're a braver woman than I! I hope it goes well!


  2. Love that platter plate - all your things are lovely and cozy!

    Happy Easter,

  3. Rondell,
    Your Easter tree is so cute and I'm sure the girls will love it. Love your bunny & tray, too. You should be fine for your test ~ I had one last year & I don't remember a thing about it. It is sure better to be safe than sorry.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. Hi Rondell, Just wanted to reassure you that the worse part of the colonoscopy is the drinking that you do at home! I am so happy that you are going to have that test done. I told my kids when I had the first one that it was ---"a piece of cake"! ....And honestly it was. Good luck but try not to worry.


  5. Rondell, love, love, love that little make-do chair!

    Hubby had a colonoscopy last year and it really wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. He has to have another one in 3-5 years.
    I'll probably have one sometime this year...dr. has been after me to have one for years.

    I love those yellow flowers you have with the books. Are they real, dried or what? I have looked a couple of different places for them and no one knows what I am talking about.

    Take care, Happy early Birthday and Have a Blessed Easter!!


  6. Hi Rondell, I am only 55 and I have had several colonoscopies and there are a lot worse things than that. The prep is the worst part. They sedate you so you don't even know or care what is happening so don't worry too much about it.

    That little make do chair is so darned cute - it looks great there.

    LOL I won that tray from My Yellow Farmhouse 2 years ago. It really is a touch of spring, isn't it? Enjoy yours!!

  7. The GW bunny is so cute, and I love the penny rug bowl. I hope every thing goes well with your test tomorrow. Good Luck!

  8. Rondell~

    I love your egg tree! It looks great! I like all of your spring decorations. You did a wonderful job. Good luck with your test tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.


  9. Good Luck on that awful test. let us know how it went and what the trick is to getting thru it all!
    Love your Easter tree. How do you get the eggs to hang like that?

  10. Praying for good results from you test. You are so right, better to be safe if it runs in your family.

    What a cute tree! Your granddaughters are going to think that is so fun! I love the homespun carrots and rabbit.. cute, too!

    I've never seen a penny rug tray. That is so neat!! I can see why you wanted to win one.

    Loving your tweaking and all your prim goodies! Have a wonderful week~

  11. Hi Rondell...love your egg tree, so cute! Your little chair is so sweet with the rag doll on it...love that chair!! All of your spring decorations are so nice.
    Monday I had my first colonoscopy and it was a breeze, Sunday was the hardest with all the prep that had to be done...the procedure it self is over before you know it! Glad I did it.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  12. Your home sure looks like spring! Those little granddaughters will love it all. Good luck with your test, I had one once too - just hated the prep. That little makedo chair is adorable. Happy Easter, Dawn

  13. Hi Rondell, everything looks so "Springy" and I love your Easter tree. The kids will think you are pretty cool. I don't blame you...I would move that precious little make-do chair from room to room too...it is too cute!

    Hope everything goes well tomorrow and the results will be good. I am the same age of you so I guess that is something I might need to look into. Prim friend, Sherrie

  14. Rondell,
    Love your Easter egg tree!! I know your grandkids will love it...I know that Josie sure would.

    Best Wishes on your test. My hubby had one last year and he said it was a lot better than he thought it would be. I will be thinking of you.

    I'm mailing your goodies from my giveaway today, so you should get them in a couple of days.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  15. Praying that your test will go well. It is always the anticipation that is worse than the procedure. Hubby and I are to each have one this year. We are thinking of making it a party day and making one of our kids take us. All your decorations look great!
    Happy Easter.


  16. Hi Rondell,
    Your Colonoscopy should be done by now. I hope it wasn't too bad. I will be having my first one on the 13th. I'm not looking forward to it, either, but I've heard they aren't bad at all and it's something that should be done. Love your little bunny! So cute.
    Happy Easter!

  17. Good luck with your test Rondell...you know we are all with you....(well in spirit I mean..lol)

    Love your wonderful new treasures...especially the Penny Tray...very nice.

    Happy Easter to you and your family Rondell.


  18. You always say the nicest things when you comment on my posts! Thanks! :)
    I would LOVE to have our home in Country Sampler...waiting for a specific prayer to be answered first...
    Praying all went well with your tests and for a good result...Have a blessed Easter with your family!


  19. Love all your prims! Hope your test went well!

  20. just catching up with blogs... so glad you had the test and that all is Ok!!! I too have had this yukky test - not pleasant, but such a good thing to have, and now you wont have to worry about it! love all your photos too!!
    krissie from winterwood blog


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