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Friday, April 2, 2010

~Yep, That’s Me….

after the doc told me that the test couldn’t have been more normal, thank God, I do have to go back in 5 years because of mom having it but that’s okay. The procedure was a breeze but drinking that “stuff” is horrible, I sure hope in 5 years they come up with something different.LOL

How do you like this, I took this with a setting on my camera. LOL


Well I better get to work, just wanted to let you know everything was okay with me.

Have a great Good Friday today and if I don’t get back on here before Easter ( I work tomorrow too!) Have a blessed one wherever you are:)



  1. Great news Rondell, have a blessed Easter!

  2. great pic Rondell!....I can tell you're happy about the test being overwith and what great news that everything is normal woohoo!

    have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  3. great news! I am so glad :) I love your picture, good to see your face!

  4. Great news Rondell!!So glad everything went O.K. for you even if it tasted foul!!!
    Have a great weekend! x ♦Lynne♦

  5. Glad everything is normal!

    Your haircut looks a lot like mine, Rondell. Enjoy this beautiful Easter weekend with your family!

  6. Hey Rondell,well I certainly am glad you got a great report! Praise God! I just felt it would all be alright!
    Have a blessed Easter!


  7. You are SO PRETTY! I am glad to hear that you have good news with your test. I am planning on making an appointment for my FIRST one....SO it wasn't that bad other than the icky stuff that you had to drink?
    I hope you have a Happy Easter.

  8. Good news and great picture, Rondell!

  9. Great news Rondell! Now you can sit back and enjoy your Easter, have a great one!

  10. glad everything came out all right in the end..;) pun intended..I am dreading going in for one of those..just wish they could knock me out..have a wonderful easter..:)

  11. Two thumbs up on getting a colonoscopy. My Dad had colon cancer, too, so I have had a colonoscopy just to be safe. Not fun, but I would rather deal with that than cancer. Have a great day!! Julie

  12. Congrats! Glad everything turned out just fine. Have a wonderful Easter, Dawn

  13. Glad to hear everythings ok. have a wonderful and Blessed easter.


  14. Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter. So glad your test came back okay. I am trying to catch up on all my old blogger friends! :)

  15. Rondell,
    I'm so happy to hear that everything is ok!! I tracked your package and I think that you should get it tomorrow.
    Have a happy and blessed Easter!!

  16. So wonderful to know that the test came back normal! That is soo good!!

    Thank You, and you and your family have a blessed Happy Easter too!


  17. Rondell,
    I'm so glad your test was normal. Cute pic. Have a lovely Easter.

  18. Great News! I had one last year and I wish someone would have told me drinking that "stuff" was the worst part. Like you said the test was a breeze.

  19. Happy Easter Rondell to you and your family. You will enjoy it so much more now that you know everything is all right. It really makes us appreciate life when we go through these things, eh? Hugs..
    Faye - Primitive Lace

  20. Yay Rondell! *hugs* It is so wonderful to hear things look great. Its also nice to have a picture to put with your name.

    I hope you and your family have a very Blessed Easter.


  21. Hi Rondell...glad all is well. I still gag at the thought of drinking that stuff! Love that pic!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter! ~~Annie

  22. Hi Rondell.. hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. So great that everything is all right. Take care..
    Faye / Primitive Lace

  23. That is wonderful news~
    Happy Easter!
    Hope your day is sunny!

  24. That is GREAT news Rondell! I did one last year, it's the best nap I've ever had! LOL, but oh my, I have to agree with you, drinking that stuff! Gag me! Love your Egg tree. How did the hunt go?
    Enjoy your week!

  25. That's awesome news!! Good picture of you too! I guess it'd be hard to get a pic of you jumping up and down with excitement, so this one will work. Hehe!


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