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Friday, April 23, 2010

~Friday Already?~~

It’s Friday already, this week flew by didn’t it? So much to do but so little time, Samantha will be done with preschool next month so maybe I’ll find more time to get some things done around here, still have to do the flower bed out back but figure I’ll do it in May when we start planting flowers aroung here:)

Here is the sampler with the painted black frame, it was a little tricky doing the inside but I did it:) It’s now hanging in my bedroom and looks good in there since I tweaked the room.


I also did some tweaking in the entryway, took out the chair and stand with the drawers and put the black bench in and primmed it up:) The crock on the right on the floor Stush bought me for my birthday:)


After I took Sam to school I went to Gw I hadn’t been there since last Friday so it was time.LOL This is a tin pineapple wall decoration that I plan to hang outside by the front door, it’s a bronze color which is okay but the brick on my house is brown so I doubt it will show up very well even if I paint it black which I probably will end up doing:) Cost $1.29 :)


Also found this old bottle for .99 and I’ll be adding a label to it:)






Well tomorrow is Samantha’s fifth birthday and this is what Grammy bought her…


Felicity the Colonial, American Girl Doll. Last year Sam and I were looking at the catalog and she said she liked her because “ Here dress is pretty” won’t she be surprised when she opens it up, I can’t wait to see her face:)


Here are the accessories, mop cap, purse and the necklace plus a brush for her hair!

We also got Alex one for her birthday in March, I got her Rebecca and she took her to bed with her that night:) The dolls are expensive but when you hear that they are that thrilled to take it to bed with them… then they are worth every penny spent:)

Friday’s here so tonight brings going out to dinner with friends, Linda and Mike…Mike sat behind me in math class in highschool and not to long ago he told me he used to copy off of me…I was thrilled because no one has ever told me that before.LOL

Have a wonderful weekend prim friends…where ever you are!



  1. I love the stitchery in the black frame and the display on your bench, makes me want to go home a do a bit of redecorating. Though my daughter is now 24 I remember the American Girl dolls, what fun Samantha will have!
    Kimberly: )

  2. I love Felicity! I bought one a few years ago in the hopes that I would have a GDaughter someday. LOL I have 2 GDaughters now, 4 months, and 12 months.....Pleanty of time to get another doll huh! :-D
    I did enjoy your tweaking pics.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. The frame looks nice on the piece. I still need to mount mine into the frames. She is going to love her present, think it is neat that they have dolls that can also learn about the past, with.


  4. The week did fly by, didn't it? I've been plugging along with the flower gardens but it is too early to plant here, too. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter. What a fantastic present.Your entryway looks wonderful. Enjoy your weekend, Rondell.

  5. boy, i remember those days of american girl dolls. my daughter had 3 now they will be my granddaughter's. sure hope Maddy loves them,too.

  6. Your entry looks so great! Love what you did with it. The sampler also looks wonderful. Isn't it amazing what a little paint and stain can do??? Enjoy your dinner out with friends, Dawn

  7. We have 7 of the 8 original American Girl dolls--one to go. Each of our girls has 2. It is a treasure to them, and one nice toy they will have from their childhood. You are right, they are worth every penny. Have a nice weekend, Rondell. Julie

  8. Yes, the American Girl Dolls are expensive but they are wonderful! My daughter still has hers and she is 17 now.
    Your sampler looks great! Love your bench display!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. You sampler looks so much nicer this way! Great job. The entryway looks so inviting. I love the chair on the bench. Did you make it? I think how great your grouping would look in my homestead with one of my rag dolls sitting in it.

  10. Love all your tweaking, Rondell! Everything looks wonderful! And Samantha will love her Felicity doll! She's one of Joy's favorites! We love American Girl dolls in this house!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Your sampler with the frame painted black looks really nice..Amazing how a little bit of paint can change the look of something..My girls had the American Girl dolls and loved them..Have a great weekend..

  12. Rondell,
    I really like the welcome pineapple!! I think it will look great on the outside of your home.

    Josie has an American Girl Doll that she got when she was five years old...she is about to turn 10 and she still loves her doll. I agree that they are worth every penny when our granddaughter's love them that much!!

    Hope you had a great time with your friends. Have a great weekend.

  13. The bench in the entry way looks great! I have mine in there,too, and you're giving me some ideas for decorating the top and bottom of it!
    Happy Birthday to Sam - won't she be so pleased to open up her doll!

  14. I love how the sampler turned out Rondell! I like the pineapple too. For some reason I find myself drawn to them lately. I am going to have to get one for displaying somewhere in the house for sure.

    I hope Samantha has a wonderful birthday. I am sure she is going to love her new doll! Such a sweet grandma! *hugs*

    Take Care and enjoy your weekend,

  15. Hey Rondell! Everything looks great as always. Love the dolls! I actually collected those for awhile (as an adult!). LOL! I love how they are tied to history. I no longer have them, but my granddaughter has a set of Bitty Twins, a Bitty Baby and Molly. Their clothing and accesories are awesome! I know she will be thrilled to get her doll.
    Have a great day and Happy Birthday to your sweet little granddaughter!

  16. Ah yes, I love the sampler! The frame looks great. I'm sure it looks wonderful in your bedroom.

    I was going to tell you that I like your new header picture... your tweaking looks great!

    Sam will be so surprised when she sees her doll! What a wonderful keepsake for her to have although they are expensive. Definitely something she will always treasure, I'm sure!

  17. What a sweet Gramma you are! Your Buster is too cute! Thanks for stopping by.


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