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Friday, May 30, 2008

~Show & Tell~

Hi Everyone!
This is my first time to do Show & Tell so I'm going to give it a shot:) BTW Kelli at http://kellishouse.blogspot.com/ hosts this every Friday so if you want to join in on the fun visit her blog she always has some interesting posts, recipes and projects for you to try! Kelli's idea for this week was the master bedroom, mine is still not decorated to my liking so I'm going to share my guestroom. The patriotic quilt my daughter gave me for my birthday one year and I've always loved it and imagine my surprise when I opened my latest issue of Country Sampler and saw one like it used on a owners bed, of course she had the matching pillowshams which I wish I had but I instead bought these pillowcases on ebay, loved the extra long length of them. The nightstand I found at a yard sale, painted white, for $15.00 and then I painted it black:) On the pegrack, to the right is an old, blue, baby Amish dress and the sign I made that says Herbs & Thyme ,the patriotic angel doll I found for $3.00. The lamp is like one I just fell in love with at one time in a prim catalog but to expensive for me so.....I found the lamp part at Walmart already black and the lampshade I already had, you can't tell by the light but it is a barnred check. Oh, and the repro 1940's clock radio that I just love! Well, I've had fun doing this and I hope all of you enjoyed it, hopefully I'll be able to post the master bedroom soon. Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

~Ebay Win~

Good morning!

I wanted to show you what I won on Ebay, I've been wanting one for so long for my bathroom, it's called a candle rack and has such great smelling candles (apple pie) hanging from it. It came very well packaged and boy did it smell good when I opened the box:) I found it on Saw-Dusty's Cabin...she has such neat and well made prim items in her shop, I was very pleased and will go back again!

This takes me one step closer to finishing in there, I'm still leaning towards a black, checked or plaid shower curtain and I'm going to make a sampler too for the wall in redware with a black frame or black thread with barnred accents.....it's fun planning everything isn't it? Now just to find the time to do it:)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~Give Away at Kindra's~

Hi, it's a little chilly here in PA but that's okay the sun is shining away and it is beautiful out 'here!
I wanted to get my friends give away posted before I get into the chores of the day, Kindra from
http://3guysagirlandaprimplace.blogspot.com/ is giving away two, yes, I said two prizes for her grand opening of her Etsy store... she is selling her wonderful handmade prims , so please stop in and check her out you will just love her prim stuff... so well made!!! I just love the blocks with the names on them and that birdhouse is to die for!
Have a good day everyone and enjoy this wonderful weather because the 80's & 90's aren't to far off!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~Back and Front Yard~

Hi everyone!!! We have been busy with the outside and still have to finish the front....powerwash the porch and sidewalk and new mulch, I think I need a wreath that shows up more on the door. The stool there next to the birdhouse is made from twigs with a patriotic wood flag on top, bought it Sunday for 5.00. In front of it is a piece of cement with the word primitive carved in it, found that last year for 2.00, the duck planter a 1.00 at a yardsale I had it always in the back but this year figured I'd put it out front.
This is the left side of our home.....my plant, clay pots and birdhouses are sitting on an old, weathered side of a wagon where the plant is sitting the wood is cut out for where the wheel would have been. It's neat huh? My brother-in-law is into antiques and gave it to me and I was

thrilled, it's quite heavy.

I love birdhouses and will by any that I like at yardsales so that I can hang them from the tree and yes they use them:)

This is the front, we have alot of trees so there is alot of shade, at the fleamarket last Sunday I bought some Hostas and planted them around the tree I know they will grow there at least. I just did the sign that says Garden on it I nailed it to the tree and on the black, iron hook I hung a beehive birdhouse that I found at Big Lots for 10.00 instead of putting a hanging plant there like I usually do. I'm trying not to have to many plants this year because watering will be a little harder this year because of my knee.

Last year I had nothing but pink impatients planted here but I thought I'd try something different ..... put in snapdragons, petunias and the lavender geranium that the girls bought for me, I can't wait to see it all growed in. Oh, and by the way this is the back yard, I'll show pics of the pool when we get the divingboard on and railings.

The shelf Stush made for me and the sign I made, it says Simple Goods!

This is the side of the pool house by the way, I carried the rocks up from down the end of the property two at a time and paid for it dearly the next day but it was worth it, I think it made it look more primitive. The twig fence I got for 10.00 at a craft show years ago and my clematis is climbing right up next to the watering can:) I can't believe it survived the winter, I even forget what color flowers it has:) I hope you enjoyed the pics, Stush is so used to seeing his property but not me, I get up every morning and thank God for letting me veiw this in every season!

Monday, May 26, 2008

~Our Anniversary~

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, the weather here was just beautiful and we were busy getting the back yard and pool ready. It was a special day for us as today is our anniversary! It's been two years..... goofey me thought it was three and Stush said "no it's just two" and this morning brought out the marriage license, and he was right:) I had to take a picture of it. Stush and I have known each other since he was in 8th grade and me in 7th all thur Jr. high and highschool, but went out separate ways until we met up again about seven years ago. We dated for 5 years because we both wanted to be sure this time around!!! Oh and by the way his birthday is April 8th and mine is April 7th.....I always thought that was pretty neat!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

~Memorial Day Weekend~

Hi everyone, I hope you are all
having a great weekend, sorry I
haven't posted since Tuesday but
I just have been so tired lately
and the ole knee acts up when I do to much... such as watching
the girls and today working out in the yard trying to help get
everything ready summer.
On this weekend I count myself really blessed....both my
brothers served in the army...Dave was a paratrooper in the
early 60's and Mike served in Veitnam, he made it home all
in one piece which is amazing since
he saw alot of action. My dad served in the Navy during WWII and never
in all my years of knowing my dad did he ever talk about the war.
My dad and Dave are both gone now, Dave died of cancer about twelve years ago
and my dad has been gone close to twenty years , they all served their country, Dave joined
and Mike and my dad were both drafted. A big thank you to them and all who served to keep
our land free!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

~New Bathroom~

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know by reading some of your blogs that you had warmer and dryer weather then we did here in PA. I did manage, Sunday, to plant some flowers between rains and the windy weather, this weekend is supposed to be warmer and sunny. So guess what it is doing right now? Your right raining:(

I thought I'd show you some pics of the bath since it is going to take longer to get some prim things to decorate with than I thought. This is my light fixture, we saved a few dollars by purchasing the back of it and the globes seperately, I wanted clear glass so it would shed more light in there because we don't have a window in the bathroom.
This is the medicine cabinet, I just love the doors.....one wide and one skinny!
I just love my sink, it is called a European sink....this is the best shot I could get with the camara but I think by looking on the right you can see how the bottom of the sink shows above the doors. I think I could have got a better pic if I would have laid on the floor but with this knee who knows if I would have got back up again.LOL Also new faucet and toilet paper holder...just slides right on! This is the cupboard that I found at the fleamarket for $5.00 and painted black. I've decorated it with what I have around here, can you see the grungy jars? The one behind the glass doors says Cotton and the one on the shelf says Pins, they are an Ebay find and so very well done. Also on the bottom shelf are soaps in a wood bowel...one has a log cabin on it and the others I won and smell like pumkin!!!
I'll be showing more, I'm thinking on a black checked shower curtain and I also didn't get a pic of the new flooring so when I finally get the curtain I'll take more pics to show. Well, I want to check out some posts before I have to pick up Samantha at pre school, I hope the sun is out where ever you are because it sure isn't here...it's still raining!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

~Aren't They Neat?~

I just had to post these pics of the Patriotic Pears I won from Trudy ...Crows in The Attic Primitives, I recieved them today and I'm so thrilled. I've had them in every wood bowl that I own and finally decided to use this one, which is one of my favorites, a Christmas gift from my friend Lori, she bought it in St. Charles, Missouri. I put them up on my mantel, don't they look neat? They were packaged so prim and smell so good, thanks Trudy I'm really enjoying them!

~Rainy Friday~

Hello! It's a rainy and windy Friday, I'm pretty sure this is the 3rd weekend in a row that we have had rain and I'm getting a little tired of it, I know the plants need the rain to grow but I also need it to quit raining so that I can plant some:) The really huge pine trees in our back yard are waving their arms in the wind sending the needles down on our pool cover which causes extra work when opening the pool. Usually I'm the one to clear it off putting the "stuff" in a wheelbarrow but this year because of the knee Stush will have to do it, believe me I won't miss doing it:)
The other evening I did a redo on my mantel which is a challenge because the brick is brown and the mantel measures a good 71/2 ft. long, so finding alot of prim things that show up against the brick is tricky.

In the middle you can see the wooden planter box with faux greens that I got at JoAnn's for half off, I paid $10.00 for it, I thought it was worth it since it looks very real and I can use it year after year. As I've said before I've made my grandaughters their very own sampler with their names on them and this one I put in a ???? I don't know what it is only that I found it at the fleamarket last year for $2.00, even the man who sold it to me didn't know, he could only tell me that he got it at auction in a box of stuff used for removing wool from sheep! I bought it because I liked the color of it, sort of a blueish gray, for a while I just had it sitting out then put it away but here lately I've been looking for different prim things to use to frame my stitcheries instead of the usual black frame. Alexandra's is on the mantel too, her's is mounted on a breadboard useing rusty nails, Samantha's isn't framed yet just looking for something to use for it. That's why I wish it would quit raining long enough to get to some yardsales so I can hunt for some unusual things to use as frames. Well, I'm going to go and have my cheerios, I've lost about half of what WW wants me to lose and I can really tell the difference in my spring and summer clothes from how they fit last year. Have a great day and blessings to you all!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

~My Morning~

Well, I was up early to take Stush to work, his work car is in the shop, on the way back I stopped at my daughters to drop off white tights for Sydney, this morning is her spring concert. I had picked up the tights yesterday evening at Walmart after getting my nails, toes and eyebrows done, in the rain I might add.:)... Came home to get ready to go to the concert, Michele was picking me up, the school is closer to where I live. Syd is in kindergarten, this year has flown by it seems, here she is at the concert, she is the one standing behind the little girl with the black dress on, they have so improved since the Christmas concert.

We left right after because my daughter had to go to work so she dropped me off at my home with the youngest one Samantha, so now she is painting, I have a whole drawer full of paper, paint, crayons and magic markers, soon I'll take her home for lunch then her nap, usually I fall asleep too:)
The weather here today is at least sunny, a little cool though but better then the rain we have had the past two days, but I guess that's spring!!! I hope your day didn't start as rushed as mine but I'm almost sure it did.:) Be back later!
Oh I almost forgot, on Three guys a girl and a Primplace , listed on my favs list Kindra invited any of us to join in on this meme so.......What was I doing ten years ago?
  1. Lets see that was 1998? I was living in Roscoe, I can't remember if I was divorced then or not. I seem to push that out of my mind, believe me I can't even tell you what year our divorce was final.LOL He had to pay me alimony and child support so I didn't have to work then.
  2. I was seeing a guy that I'm glad I got away from, with age does come some wisdom!
  3. I was driving a big Buick, pumpkin colored, that had been my dad's, I swear it was built like a tank...the kids called it the "Hooptie"
  4. Learning how to be on my own after 25 years of marriage.
  5. My mom was still living then and I would take her with me to get groceries and to go to Walmart which she loved to do.

Well, I better go check on Samantha, have a great day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~Picture Time~

Hi Tired Moms!
I don't know about you but I was so tired yesterday from Mother's Day, of course we stayed at my daughter's till 9:00PM to watch the Penguins play, my daughter has a Dish so they were able to get the channel....well yesterday Stush called and got it on ours so he won't miss anymore games, we had to leave right when the game was tied 2-2.:) Then I had to be there again for 7:30AM to watch the girls, I read Katie's blog Cherry Blossom, it"s listed on the left, and I think she said that she got to sleep for 6 hours! Oh, how I envied her when I read that:)
I know that I promised pics of my bathroom and bedroom but I still don't have them decorated to my liking but as soon as I'm done I will post them.
I thought maybe you would like to see other areas of my home that I don't think I've ever posted. The one with the flowers is my entryway, the bench is brown and I got it at a yardsale for $10.00, it's pretty long and heavy but fits perfect there.
The next three pics are of a corner in my keeping room, the towel holder I bought at the fleamarket for $4.00 and it is old, the little socks that I have on there are cotton that I bought new and just tea dyed to give them that old look! The jug lamp I got for $2.00, yes I said $2.00 Lol....I paid and ran with that one! The punched tin shade Michele gave me, the washboard my BIL gave me and I have it there right next to my hoosier. The third pic is my bucket bench that I got at a country store, I'd love to load it up with crocks but I guess I'll do that in time, actually I bought it during Pike Days which is also coming up this weekend, there is nothing but yardsales after yardsales on old Rt. 40, I can't wait.
The last two are pics of across the room, the table I found for $40.00 I have it under the window with flowers on it that I got for Mother's Day and the girls got me the pink geranium plant for when I had my knee done, I have it in a small, galvanized bucket that I got for .25 just tied some black homespun on the handle.:) there is a herb rack too with faux herbs hanging from it, I got the rack for $3.00 at a store that was moving to another location and had stuff really cheap so they wouldn't have to move it.
The barnred bench I also got at Pike Days for $10.00, an older man had made them. It's really low to the ground but I just had to have it, it holds an old jar full of clothespins, a wooden bowel with clothespins wrapped in homespun and also two knitted dishcloths that my friend Lori knitted for me and sent for Christmas, I just can't use them because they are so nicely done. You can also see my wooden spoon collection and the rolling pins that I also pick up here and there, last year I even found one for .25!!!
Well, I hope you liked my little tour...I just hate not to blog because I know how I am wanting to see and read about your great finds or what you made....speaking of making something, check out Leslie's blog My Country Home, listed under my favs, this girl has been sewing up a storm wish I had her energy!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

~Happy Mothers Day~

Hello Mom's,
Today is our special day! If you are a young mom give your little ones an extra hug & kiss...because one day you will close your eyes and open them and they will be grown and gone, believe me time flies with them. If you are an older mom like me I sit and remember the good memories of having them and give myself a pat on the back for raising four wonderful kids and enjoy the grandchildren they have given me, such blessings! I always wear the pin that says "Mother" on it that my daughter bought me in grade school from Santa's Secret Shop, she's now 38 with two daughters of her own! I remember my mom and all she did for me and how I wish I could put my arms around her and give her a hug and kiss, in my mind I will do that today. Have a wonderful day, you all deserve it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

~Like Mother Like Daughter~

Hi everyone,
I promised to take some pics of my daughters (Michele) home and this is all I had time to do. Do you think we decorate alike?:) We do go to craft shows together and yes we take the two girls with us sometimes that's hard to do. I think the last one we went to was in December. Anyway this is her diningroom, the hutch she bought at a craft show and I just love it, so neat!! The dishes in it she got a yard sale for $5.00. Oh, and Michele used to collect black and white cows but has weeded them out and only kept the ones she still likes. The light over her table she also got at a craft show and they are tealights so pretty when they are lit. The patriotic picture is quilted and I soooo love it too, love the black frame. There is also a shelf she also has some favorites on. The picture of her table I did, Michele didn't have anything on it so I took a berry wreath and added some rag balls onto a wood bowl and plate that her husband had made in highschool in shop class. Little did he know that one day they would be on his wife's table. LOL
I hope you enjoyed seeing some pics of her place, she is an assistant manager at a bank and drives an hour to work and back, then when she comes home she has two little ones waiting on her ages six and two. I honestly don't know how she does it....so I try to help out as much as I can.
Well, my DH and I are going out to eat.....it's Friday...have a great one!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

~I Won, I Won, I Won~

I'm so thrilled, I won these patriotic pears and I can't wait to recieve them. Trudy from Crows in the Attic Primitives (listed on the left in my favs)contacted me that I was the winner and it's funny all morning I kept thinking about the contest and I just had a feeling that I had won.....Gee, why can't I get this feeling when I play the lottery. LOL Thank you so much Trudy, I had so much fun and congrats on your 100th post!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sorry Ladies, I forgot my camara when I left to pick up Sydney off the bus, I'll take it with me when I go in the morning!
Soon Stush and I are going out to eat so I can't even take pics of the bath, I'll do that tomorrow too!!!


Hi everyone!!!
I recieved the best award this morning.....The Excellent Blog Award.....how neat is that? Especially since I'm so new at this idea of blogging, but I try is all I can say!LOL Debbi from *******Prim 'N Stuff******* gave it to me and I'm very honored to recieve it...so neat, thanks Debbi.(hugs) Now the rules say that I have to pass this on to 10 other people.... the only thing is Debbi has already passed it on to some blogs that I visit too sooooooo I think this time I'm going to give this award to any of my visitors that have their own blogs and would like to add this wonderful award to their blog. I, in fact think all the bloggers deserve this award too...making friends, getting to read about each others crazy, hectic lives is great and I'm sure you agree with me. Oh, there is someone I'd love to give it to come to think of it... Shirlee from the Painted Pairie, she is a buddy of mine from a forum that we both go on and I'm pretty sure she has been a visitor to my blog from the very beginning. Stop on over and visit her, she is redoing her home and has lots of ideas that we can all use.
Later on today I'm going to take pics of my daughters home and I'll post them, I didn't get the bathroom ones yet, just to hectic around here to do it, I promise though that I will. I'll be back later on...have a great day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

~Made it More Prim~

I hope everyone had a good weekend, we did, Stush's daughter is here till Tuesday and my son Michael is here for another week until his apartment in Shadyside (a suburb of Pittsburgh) is ready. Stush took a week's vacation just so he could get things done around here, redoing the bathroom has put him behind in all the yard work. I also just got back from watching my youngest grandaughter, Samantha so I'm trying to get somethings done that I couldn't do before. Oh, went to the doctor Friday and I'm doing great I don't even have to have PT, believe me that is such a relief, I'm just taking it slow and easy!
I did this a little while ago, I have this muslin that I've had for years that I got at the flea market, it's the crinkley kind and coffee dyes really well, I stitched the words Prims, Soap and Stars and used mod podge to glue it on the boxes, of course I'm useing these in my bathroom. I saw this done somewhere but they used different words, I wanted my words to fit in the with the bath theme but still be prim. So I came up with these, this project was very easy to do, I'm putting them on top of the cupboard I redid, well I'm going to go and take pics of the bathroom and I'll try to post them tomorrow. Have a great day!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

~Happy May Day~

I can't believe it is the 1st of May and all I can say is thank goodness....LOL I'm sure everyone feels the same way, it's so nice just to go outside and not freeze and to see all the beautiful color that is popping out everywhere, I'm even enjoying the dandilions!!!
I've been blog hopping today and found this great blog that is also having a give-away for her 100th post........ here is her link and she is also listed under my favorites to the left, stop by and see what she has, they are so neat!!! http://www.crowsintheatticprimitives.blogspot.com/ I really enjoyed reading and seeing all the creative, prim things that she does... I know you will too.
Have a great day...I'm going to try and venture outside to see how my Clematis is doing!!