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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~Picture Time~

Hi Tired Moms!
I don't know about you but I was so tired yesterday from Mother's Day, of course we stayed at my daughter's till 9:00PM to watch the Penguins play, my daughter has a Dish so they were able to get the channel....well yesterday Stush called and got it on ours so he won't miss anymore games, we had to leave right when the game was tied 2-2.:) Then I had to be there again for 7:30AM to watch the girls, I read Katie's blog Cherry Blossom, it"s listed on the left, and I think she said that she got to sleep for 6 hours! Oh, how I envied her when I read that:)
I know that I promised pics of my bathroom and bedroom but I still don't have them decorated to my liking but as soon as I'm done I will post them.
I thought maybe you would like to see other areas of my home that I don't think I've ever posted. The one with the flowers is my entryway, the bench is brown and I got it at a yardsale for $10.00, it's pretty long and heavy but fits perfect there.
The next three pics are of a corner in my keeping room, the towel holder I bought at the fleamarket for $4.00 and it is old, the little socks that I have on there are cotton that I bought new and just tea dyed to give them that old look! The jug lamp I got for $2.00, yes I said $2.00 Lol....I paid and ran with that one! The punched tin shade Michele gave me, the washboard my BIL gave me and I have it there right next to my hoosier. The third pic is my bucket bench that I got at a country store, I'd love to load it up with crocks but I guess I'll do that in time, actually I bought it during Pike Days which is also coming up this weekend, there is nothing but yardsales after yardsales on old Rt. 40, I can't wait.
The last two are pics of across the room, the table I found for $40.00 I have it under the window with flowers on it that I got for Mother's Day and the girls got me the pink geranium plant for when I had my knee done, I have it in a small, galvanized bucket that I got for .25 just tied some black homespun on the handle.:) there is a herb rack too with faux herbs hanging from it, I got the rack for $3.00 at a store that was moving to another location and had stuff really cheap so they wouldn't have to move it.
The barnred bench I also got at Pike Days for $10.00, an older man had made them. It's really low to the ground but I just had to have it, it holds an old jar full of clothespins, a wooden bowel with clothespins wrapped in homespun and also two knitted dishcloths that my friend Lori knitted for me and sent for Christmas, I just can't use them because they are so nicely done. You can also see my wooden spoon collection and the rolling pins that I also pick up here and there, last year I even found one for .25!!!
Well, I hope you liked my little tour...I just hate not to blog because I know how I am wanting to see and read about your great finds or what you made....speaking of making something, check out Leslie's blog My Country Home, listed under my favs, this girl has been sewing up a storm wish I had her energy!!!


  1. I love the little tour of your home! However it also makes me sad because I want more room so I can have more Prims! LOL

    Oh, dear ((blushing)) yes, I have been sewing up a storm. :D I don't feel that I have a lot of energy. I feel like I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I wanted in a day most days. I used to get so much more done some days...I don't know how now! LOL Thanks for mentioning me....


  2. Your welcome Leslie, I think you are doing great!
    Blessings Rondell

  3. Oh my ~ I usually look at photos like yours and pick out my favorite things. I couldn't! I just love it all. And the deals that you got. Such a saavy shopper you are!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. LOL...actually, i got to sleep for 4 hrs...LOL. Honestly though...it felt like i slept too long..know what i mean?
    I love the photos you shared with us!!! Just beautiful!!!

  5. I love it all!!! You have a great home!!! Thanks for sharing it!! Have a Blessed night!!~Wendy

  6. Thanks everyone, I've been doing it since 1983 and just love getting that special deal


  7. Oh Rondell, You are leaving me wanting more pics! You should consider posting an album on Webshots! The prim gals over there would LOVE your home and welcome you warmly. If you already have pics posted somewhere else, please do let us newbies know! hugs, Linda

  8. You have such a beautiful home. I love all the benches and bargain prims!! Nothing like snatching up that bargain!! Keep the pictures coming!!


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