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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~Back and Front Yard~

Hi everyone!!! We have been busy with the outside and still have to finish the front....powerwash the porch and sidewalk and new mulch, I think I need a wreath that shows up more on the door. The stool there next to the birdhouse is made from twigs with a patriotic wood flag on top, bought it Sunday for 5.00. In front of it is a piece of cement with the word primitive carved in it, found that last year for 2.00, the duck planter a 1.00 at a yardsale I had it always in the back but this year figured I'd put it out front.
This is the left side of our home.....my plant, clay pots and birdhouses are sitting on an old, weathered side of a wagon where the plant is sitting the wood is cut out for where the wheel would have been. It's neat huh? My brother-in-law is into antiques and gave it to me and I was

thrilled, it's quite heavy.

I love birdhouses and will by any that I like at yardsales so that I can hang them from the tree and yes they use them:)

This is the front, we have alot of trees so there is alot of shade, at the fleamarket last Sunday I bought some Hostas and planted them around the tree I know they will grow there at least. I just did the sign that says Garden on it I nailed it to the tree and on the black, iron hook I hung a beehive birdhouse that I found at Big Lots for 10.00 instead of putting a hanging plant there like I usually do. I'm trying not to have to many plants this year because watering will be a little harder this year because of my knee.

Last year I had nothing but pink impatients planted here but I thought I'd try something different ..... put in snapdragons, petunias and the lavender geranium that the girls bought for me, I can't wait to see it all growed in. Oh, and by the way this is the back yard, I'll show pics of the pool when we get the divingboard on and railings.

The shelf Stush made for me and the sign I made, it says Simple Goods!

This is the side of the pool house by the way, I carried the rocks up from down the end of the property two at a time and paid for it dearly the next day but it was worth it, I think it made it look more primitive. The twig fence I got for 10.00 at a craft show years ago and my clematis is climbing right up next to the watering can:) I can't believe it survived the winter, I even forget what color flowers it has:) I hope you enjoyed the pics, Stush is so used to seeing his property but not me, I get up every morning and thank God for letting me veiw this in every season!


  1. Great things! I love the side of your shed :)

    I have been trying to reorganize and hang things on the side of my shed in my head but finally decided to try it yesterday. I just don't think I like it yet! Maybe I need a few more things, maybe it's how I hung everything...I'm not sure. I have also been working on the beds beside the shed. There weren't any before so it's been a process. I laid shingles down for weed cover last night and hope to get mulch this weekend. I want rocks to line the bed, too! The only rocks we have are slate and shale so I may have to convince Jer that we need to make a trip to camp :)


  2. I just love all your prim decor in your yard!! I have birdhouses in my tree too. I don't know if the birds use them but they look good. :) The side of your garage is just great. What a lovely arrangement of prims!!! POOL, did you say pool?!! When's the pool party for your blog buddies??!!

  3. Gee, Leslie we a so many of the rocks, Stush said they were all over the property when he built the house!!!

    Kindra, the pool is always open for my blogger buddies and kids!

    Blessings to you guys!

  4. love your yard and all the prim goodies you have collected over the years...i cant wait to see your pool...i am the new owner of a pool and i cant wait to get the deck built so i can prim it up...i have an old door and some old shutters i am going to use as a wall on one side of the deck for shade and some private space...

  5. Your yard looks great :0) I love how you mix flowers with everyday things! Its so nice to see color in peoples yards!! Have a wonderful day!!!~Wendy

  6. Hello...I love your cute little blog!
    Your plantings and yard decorations are so fun. My house/property in Utah were decorated very similar. Since moving to Arizona almost 2 years ago, I just can't get used to the landscaping here. Not much grass as you can imagine...just a lot of rock and cactus. Not my favorite, so I enjoyed looking at all your green grass and trees! :):)

  7. Everything looks beautiful and Iove all the special little touches you've added. I'd like to relax on the comfy chairs!
    P.s. I'm looking forward to your show and tell this coming Friday!

  8. Thank you for visiting my posting and kind words.I have managed to up load 1 picture and hopefully today post some more of my pictures.Love all your outside decorating, i would love to do what you do but i live on top of a hill and its like a wind tunnel, so nothing stays put but i have good views all around.Great to see all your pictures.Maybe i will try and arrange some nick knacks around my new shed this summer and see how it goes.Kate

  9. Leslie,
    Seems like a big blank wall would be so easy to decorate but it's not I've moved everything around so many times and I'm still not satisfied with it:)
    I can't wait to see your pool, I know it will be wonderful!
    I just started to mix flowers with different things and I like the visual effect it has!

    Blessings to you all!

  10. Rondell,

    Everything just looks beautiful! I love the primitive touches to your landscaping! We've been working on ours this past weekend all the way through today. It's been quite a job! You're making me excited about getting to the fun stuff....enough mulching and painting!

    I just love your twig fence, your shelf your husband made and the way you decorated it! Oh, and you know I love birdhouses!

    It all looks great!

  11. I love everything on your blog but I REALLY love this arrangement! Looks awesome!


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